Foreign Currency Traders
Profit From WTC Collapse

Der Spiegel is reporting that foreign currency traders working in the WTC helped themselves to 100 million dollars or more on their way out of the ruined buildings!

Here is a translation of the above article.


The 100-Million-Dollar Robbery

The thieves were both bold and cunning. Shortly before fleeing the World Trade Center on September 11th, foreign currency managers of First Equity Enterprises made themselves richer by 100 million dollars.

New York - Fear and chaos reigned in Southern Manhattan that morning: smoke, fire, people screaming, rescue vehicles, policemen. But the men around the boss of First Equity on the 15th floor of the World Trade Center were working fast and precisely, feverishly clearing their customers' accounts before leaving the building. Their bounty: around 225 million Deutsche Mark.

These are the events, investigators in New York think, must have taken place in the minutes prior to the collapse of the South Tower. According to US media reports, all of First Equity's staff managed to leave their offices safely. However, ever since the day of the attacks, the director and some leading staff-members of the company founded just four years ago, have been unaccounted for. And 105 million dollars with them.

It was only on September 17th, as Wall Street reopened trading, that the story of missing investment money was discovered. According to reports, around 1.400 investors from 14 different countries (Australia, Great Britain and New Zealand are among them), are among those missing their investment money.

According to the "New York Times", First Equity Enterprises was a Clearing Company for a currency exchange company called Evergreen International Spot Trading. As such, it handled the assets of Evergreen's customers and paid out cash to others.

The state (district?) attorney of Brooklyn, where the company was registered, has opened an investigation on the whereabouts of the fled managers of First Equity.

As stated by press releases, US federal offices were able to confiscate part of the missing money as soon as the beginning of the month of October. According to the "Australian Financial Review" money magazine, an account was frozen in Melbourne.

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