WTC Firefighters Tape:
Explosions and Aftermath

The above wma file is edited from the 9/11 radio transmissions of North Brunswick Volunteer Fire/Ladder Company #3. The file begins with the collapse of the WTC 2, @3:23 there are three beeps - this signifies a ~20 minute tape edit, and time has moved on to the collapse of WTC 1.

Numerous explosions are reported by firefighters in the transmissions...

"Tower two has had major explosion and what appears to be a complete collapse"

"...those involved in the secondary explosion at tower 1, 'kay, I've got five patients..."

"We have got numerous people covered in dust from the secondary explosion..."

"We've got another explosion at the tower..."

...maybe that's why the OEM issued a World Trade Center collapse warning.

Why were only a select few warned?

Listen to the firefighters transmissions and ask yourself that question.

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