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The Core of WTC 1 was
Solid After the Aircraft Impact

We are told that there were no survivors from above the aircraft impact level of WTC 1...

The jet fuel caused the fire to spread so far and so fast that it effectively cut the building into two. For the 6,000 people below where the plane had hit the staircases still offered a means of escape, but for the 950 caught above the point of impact and the fire there was no way out. [BBC Horizon]

...but the following interview aired on 9/12/2001 proves this is untrue as it documents Mary Baldizzi's escalator descent from the 104th floor of the building.

Interview with Mary Baldizzi, WTC 1 survivor who was located on the 104th floor of the building when it was hit by Flight 11. Confirmation that Mary Baldizzi is a WTC survivor can be found here.

1.3 MB WMV video download

There were no passenger lifts directly to the ground floor from floor 104, but there was a freight lift...

In addition to normal freight service one freight elevator in each of the towers will serve a total of 112 stops from the fifth basement to the 108th floor. [Otis.com]

...so it appears this is how Mary Baldizzi and her fellow survivors escaped the building.

Their escape demonstrates there was little fire in the building after the initial impact of Flight 11.

Now take a look at the scale of the WTC core in this construction photograph...

Click for full sized image

...and ask yourself how the building's core could withstand a 470 mph aircraft impact... ...but not office fires.

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