"The United States is
no Friend of Israel"

The United States is no friend of Israel. She is more dangerous to Israel now than an enemy, for she operates in the guise of a friend, all the while knowingly weakening Israel more and more until she will no longer be able to protect herself against the coming final Islamic onslaught.
[Arutz Sheva 9/5/2005]

That's not what you were saying when you took all that money from us, now totaling more than four times the entire cost of the Apollo Moon program.

I have no problem if Israel wants to think of the US as their enemy. All I ask is a refund of all the money poured into Israel for the last half-century, and for Israel to send back all those weapons we gave them.

Because frankly I have had it with Israel buying our politicians with our own money, spying on us, tricking us into their wars, then turning around and declaring we are their enemy because we didn't bow quite low enough to suit them.

Israel says that Israel and the US are enemies? Fine. So be it. Let us consider that the war began with the attack on the USS Liberty. Let us freeze Israel's assets in the US the way Palestinian and Arab assets have been frozen. Let us treat suspected Israeli spies and terrorists the way suspected Arab spies and terrorist are treated. If Israel wants to call the United States an enemy, let us treat them as enemies of the United States. I don't have any problem with that.

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