A Plane Identified in the
9/11 Pentagon Security Video

1. This is the wide view of the one frame showing something approaching at the the right side. An arrow points to what is claimed to be the approaching aircraft.

2. This is a close-up of the shed seen in the above shot from an earlier, pro-crash frame

3. In this close-up from the top frame, we see that what the arrow points to is not an aircraft, but what appears to be a trail of smoke from the aircraft, or possibly dust being sucked up by the passage of the aircraft.

4. Note carefully the area inside the red triangle, and compare it to the same region as seen in image 2. Clearly, there is something projecting upwards into the sky that was not there before. Note also how the foliage seen above the left side of the shed roof is now much thinner than as captured in image 2.

5. Is this where the passenger jet was when the camera snapped this image?

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What Really Happened

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