Biblical Contradictions

1. Gen 1 God made animals first then man. Gen 2 God made man then animals.

2. Gen 6:19 two of every animal on ark. Gen 7:2 14 of every clean animal on ark (clean is the majority of animals).

3. Gen 7:17 Flood 40 days. Gen 7:24 Flood 150 days.

4. Gen 8:13 earth dry on first month, first day. Gen 8:14 earth dry on second month, 27th day.

5. Mat 2:14 Joseph and Mary went to Egypt immediately after Jesus' birth. Luke 2:22 They went immediately to Jerusalem and then to Galilee after birth.

6. Mat 1:16 Jesus' paternal grandfather was Jacob. Luke 3:23 Jesus' paternal grandfather was Heli.

7. Mat 27:5 Judas died by hanging himself. Acts 1:18 Judas died by falling headlong to the ground and bursting his bowels asunder. I've read an apology that Judas must have hung himself and then fallen to the ground, but it is generally recognized that men only die once. If another book had said that Judas died by drowning, some apologist would say: Judas hung himself, then fell to the ground and burst and then rolled into a stream and drown. Some people aren't searching for the truth. If you check your brain into storage when you read the Bible, then you won't be able to tell truth from lies, you won't find the truth or know it when you see it.

8. Mat 28:16 Resurrection into a mountain in Galilee. Luke 24:33-36 Jesus resurrected in Jerusalem. Both refer to the same Saturday night and the distance is too great for both to have occurred.

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