JULY 1941

 #July  7  A ____  _____   I. B. 1-155     "The Jap Govt."do not at present

                                           feel compelled to modify their

                                           policy towards the USSR." (JD


 *July 24  N ____  _____   ___________     Memo to Naval Aide to the

                                           President re withdrawal of Jap

                                           merchant vessels from the

                                           Atlantic Ocean.

                           AUGUST 1941

 *Aug.  4  N ____  _____   GZ-1            Jap Decisions at Imperial

                                           Conference, July 2, 1941"to break

                                           British-American encirclement and

                                           arm for all-out war.

 #Aug.  9  N ____  _____   GZ-4            Preparation for the southward

                                           advance shall be reinforced.

                           OCTOBER 1941

 #Oct.  8  A 5693  23220  Tokyo 647       The internal situation here"would

                                          not permit further delay.

  Oct.  9  A 5696  23260  Tokyo #83       Area designations in Pearl Harbor

                                          (for spy reports).

  Oct. 10  N 5730  23312  Honolulu #41    Dock & Mooring designations in

                                          Pearl Harbor (for spy reports).

 #Oct. 10  N 5738  23318  Harbin 129      Promise of American aid

                                          to Russia.

 #Oct. 13  N 5779  23421  Tokyo 658       "The situation at home is fast

                                          approaching a crisis."

 #Oct. 13  N ____  _____  GZ-9            Crisis in Japan (see JD 5779).

  Oct. 17  N 5898  23629  Rome 661        Evacuation of Japanese merchants

                                          from Europe.

  Oct. 18  N 5923  23677  Tokyo 682       Resignation of Jap cabinet.

  Oct. 23  A 6017  23859  Wash.           Nomura submits his resignation. "I

                                          don't want to continue this hypo-

                                          critical existence deceiving

                                          other people . . . As a man of

                                          honor this is the only way open to

                                          me." (This is why Kurusu was


  Oct. 27  A 6084  23996  Wash. 989       "The Chief of Staff has sent the

                                          Military Attache some secret

                                          advice. Is this the future policy

                                          of the Government."

  Oct. 26  N 6118  24070  Mex. City 422   Sec'y Knox's statement that there

                                          would be imminent action in the

                                          Far East.

 *Oct. 28  N 6138  24125  Tokyo 674       Japanese nationals evacuating the

                                          N. E. I.

  Oct. 30    6175  24192  Wash. 1004      Talk with Adm. Pratt "Stark

                                          cannot de said to be a 'strong'

                                          individual, Admiral Pratt said.

                        NOVEMBER 1941

DATE       JD#     SIS#   OTHER           BRIEF

  Nov.  4  N 6238  24322  Tokyo 343       Japanese nationals evacuating the


 *Nov.  4  A 6248  24330  Tokyo 725       Counter proposals will be given

                                          in #726 & 727. Conditions are so

                                          tense that no longer is procras-

                                          tination possible. This is our

                                          last effort The success or fail-

                                          ure of the pending discussions

                                          will have an immense effect on

                                          the destiny of the Empire of


 *Nov.  4  A 6249  24334  Tokyo 726       Proposal "A" Submitted in Part

                     to                   State Dept. on Nov. 7, 1941. "How

                   24337                  have we fought in China for four

                                          years. What tremendous sacrifices

                                          have we made. They must know this

                                          ... In any case, our internal

                                          situation also makes it impos-

                                          sible for us to make any further


  Nov.  4  A 6250  24338  Tokyo 727       Proposal "B" Never submitted. "A

                                          last effort to prevent something


 #Nov.  4  A 6251  24339  Tokyo 730       "Ambassador Kurusu is leaving by

                                          clipper on the 7th.  He is car-

                                          rying no additional instruct-


**Nov.  5  N 6254  24373  Tokyo 736       It is absolutely necessary that

                                          all arrangements for the signing

                                          of this agreement be completed by

                                          the 25th of this month. (Of ut-

                                          most secrecy.)

 #Nov.  6  A 6302  24439  Tokyo 739       We are sending Ambassador Kurusu

                                          to show our Empire's

                                          *sincerety...To make it sound

                                          good* we are telling the

                                          public... Both the Army and Navy

                                          are pleased. (Note: See JD


  Nov.  7  N 6320  24479  Wash. 1040      There is danger that America will

                                          see through our condition.  If we

                                          have made up our minds to a final

                                          course of action it would be the

                                          part of wisdom to keep still

                                          about it.

  Nov.  8  N 6335  24533  Manila 722      Spy report on U.S. aircraft in

                                          the Philippines and analysis.

  Nov. 12  N ____  _____  _____________   "Dissemination to White House."

                                          (This memorandum in Kramer's

                                          handwriting records reasons for

                                          giving original translations to

                                          Pres. Roosevelt (& Sec'y Hull)

                                          after Nov. 12, 1941. Prior to

                                          that time Memoranda forwarding

                                          Paraphrases of important messages

                                          had been furnished.)

 *Nov. 12  N 6415  24373  Tokyo 762       The United States is still not

                                          full aware of the situation here.

                                          The  date set in message #736 is

                                          a definite deadline. The situa-

                                          tion is nearing a climax ... time

                                          is indeed becoming short.

 #Nov. 12  N 6416  24654  Tokyo 763       Germany putting pressure on Japan

                                          to get tough with the U.S.

 *Nov. 17  A 6541  24854  Hsinking #2     Manchukuo-Soviet Relations. (It

                          (Appended to    would impossible for us to fight

                            #1)           the Soviet Union unless something

                                          unforeseen happens.  The Kwantung

                                          military command is restraining

                                          the forces there from any rash

                                          action. The Soviet is also endea-

                                          voring not to antagonize our


**Nov. 17  A 6553  24877  Wash. 1090      Nomura's swan song. (Nov. 14,

    &  22.         24857                  1941.) The policy of the Ameri-

                     &                    can Govt. in the Pacific is to

                   25139                  stop any northward. They are

                                          contriving by every possible

                                          means to prepare for actual


  Nov. 17  A 6638  24878  Tokyo           Reply to Nomura. (The fate of our

                                          Empire hangs by a slender thread

                                          of a few days. I set the deadline.

                                          There will be no change.)

DATE       JD#     SIS#    OTHER           BRIEF

 *Nov. 22  A 6710  25138  Tokyo 812       There are reasons beyond your

                                          ability to guess why we wanted to

                                          settle Japanese-American

                                          relations by the 25th, but if the

                                          signing can be completed by *the

                                          29th, we have decided to wait

                                          until that date*. This time we

                                          mean it that the deadline abso-

                                          lutely cannot be changed. *After

                                          that things are automatically

                                          going to happen*.

  Nov. 26  A 6801  25322  Tokyo 2319      Should negotiations collapse...we

                                          will completely destroy British

                                          and American power in China. Keep

                                          absolutely quiet the existence of

                                          these decisions. (Circular to

                                          China Net-Nov. 14, 1941.)

 #Nov. 26  A 6841  25344  Tokyo 836       Telephone Code (see JD 6890)

  Nov. 26  N 6850  25392  Tokyo 2354      Winds Code -Morse (Nov. 19, 1941-


 *Nov. 28  N 6875  25432  Tokyo 2353      Winds Code -Voice (Nov. 19, 1941-

                          Appended to     J19).

                          JD 6875         (Singapore version of the Winds

                                          Code. (N. E. I. (Thorpe) version

                                          of the Winds Code. (N. E. I.

                                          (Foote) version of the Winds Code.

                                          Japan-U. S.=East Wind Rain.

                                          Japan-U. S. S. R.=North Wind


                                          Japan-British=West Wind Clear

                                               (including N. E. I.).

  Nov. 28  N 6890  25443 ______________   Washington-Tokyo Telephone Con-

                                          versation Nov. 27, 1941 (2327-

                                          2334 EST)-The South, southward

                                          matter. A crisis does appear

                                          imminent. Regarding negotiations

                                          do not break them off. We have a

                                          crisis on hand and the Army is

                                          champing at the bit (See JD 6841.)

 #Nov. 26  A 6891  25435  Wash. 1180      Our failure and humiliation are

             6869  25436   "     "        complete.

 #Nov. 28  A 6898  25445  Tokyo 844       The United States has gone ahead

                                          and presented this humiliating

                                          proposal (of Nov. 26th). Negoti-

                                          ations will be de facto ruptured.

                                          Do not give the impression that

                                          negotiations are broken off.

  Nov. 30  N 6921  25496  Tokyo 857       Make one more attempt. Please be

                                          careful that this does not lead

                                          to anything like a breaking off

                                          of negotiations.

                           DECEMBER 1941

 #Dec.  1  N 6939  25545  Tokyo 2436      Destroying codes with chemicals.

 *Dec.  1  N 6942  25556  Berlin 1393     Ribbentrop said  "It is essential

                                          that Japan effect the New Order

                                          in East Asia without losing this

                                          opportunity." "Should Japan

                                          become engaged in a war against

                                          the U. S.  Germany, of, course,

                                          would join the war immediately."

                                          Foreign Minister Ribbentrop

                                          requested that the contents of

                                          our talks be kept a strict


**Dec.  1  A 6943  25552  Tokyo 985       The conversation between Tokyo

                   25553                  and Washington now stand rup-

                                          tured-broken. Say *very secretly*

                                          to Hitler and Ribbentrop that

                                          there is extreme danger that war

                                          may suddenly break out between

                                          the Anglo-Saxon nations and

                                          Japan, and this war may come

                                          quicker than anyone dreams. Will

                                          not relax our pressure on the

                                          Soviet, but for the time being we

                                          would prefer to refrain from any

                                          direct moves in the north.

                                          (Nov. 30, 1941.)]

                                          Note: Coded message forwarded by

                                          Com 16 as GYROF 010001, 010014,

                                          or 010027.

                                          Also forwarded from London as

                                          Admiralty #104 and #105. Admir-

                                          alty advised "Tokyo to

                                          Berlin #985 of immediate interest


DATE       JD#     SIS#    OTHER          BRIEF

 *Dec.  1  A 6944  25554   Tokyo 986      The Imperial Govt. can no longer

                   25555    "     "       continue negotiations with the U.

                                          S. The proposal presented by the

                                          U. S. On the 26th contains one

                                          insulting clause. It is clearly a

                                          trick. *The U.S. has decided to

                                          regard Japan as an enemy*. (Nov.

                                          30, 1941.)

  Dec.  2  A 6974  25572  Hsinking 781    In the event that war break out

                                          with England and the U.S. persons

                                          to be interned: (a) British nat-

                                          ionals, 339; (b) American citi-

                                          zens, 81; (d) Nationals of the

                                          Soviet observed to be obnoxious

                                          characters with pro-British and

                                          American leanings are to be

                                          suitably taken care of.

 *Dec.  1  N 6983  25605  Tokyo 865       To prevent the U.S. from becoming

                                          unduly suspicious we have been

                                          advising the press and others

                                          that the negotiations are con-

                                          tinuing. The above is for only

                                          your information. (GY Log #6428.)

**Dec.  1  N 6984  25606  Tokyo 2444      The four offices in London, Hong

                                          Kong. Singapore, and Manila have

                                          been instructed to abandon the

                                          use of the code machines and to

                                          dispose of them.  The machine in

                                          Batavia has been returned to

                                          Japan. (GY Log #6432.)

 *Dec.  2  N 6985  25609  Tokyo 2409      Hidden Word Code (Nov. 27, 1941-


  Dec.  3  N 6991  25644  Tokyo 111       Make your "ships in harbor"

                                          report irregular but twice a

                                          week. (Nov. 15, 1941-J19).

**Dec.  4  N 7001                         JD #7001 or #6975 is believed to

                                          be the (missing) translation of

                                          the Winds Message.

 *Dec.  3  A 7017  25640  Tokyo 867       Washington burn all codes except

                                          one copy of "Oite" (Pa-K2) and

                                          "L" (LA). Stop using the code

                                          machine and destroy it com-

                                          pletely when you have finished

                                          this, wire back "HARUNA."

                                          Destroy all messages files and

                                          other secret documents. (Dec. 2,


 #Dec.  4  A 7029  25694  Tokyo 114       Investigate fleet air bases in

                             or 111       Hawaii (Nov. 20, 1941-J19.)

 #Dec.  5  A 7063  25773  Tokyo 113       Report ships in Pearl Harbor,

                                          Manila Bay, etc. (Nov. 18, 1941 -


 #Dec.  5  A 7064  25772  Honolulu 224    Spy report. (Nov. 18, 1941)

 *Dec.  5  N 7086  25823  Tokyo 122       In the future report even when

                                          there are no (ship) movements

                                           (Nov 29, 1941-J19.)

 #Dec.  5  N 7091  25787  Tokyo 2443      London discontinue use of code

                                          machine and dispose of it immed-

                                          iately. (Dec. 1)

 **Dec.  4  N 7092  25783  Tokyo 893      Manchuria will take the same

                                          steps toward England and America

                                          that this country will take in

                                          case war breaks out. American and

                                          British consular officials and

                                          offices will not be recognized as

                                          having special rights. Great care

                                          shall be exercised not to antag-

                                          onize Russia. (Dec. 1st.) [Note:

                                          Intercepted by Army at Fort

                                          Shafter, T. H. Received by Navy

                                          in late afternoon of Dec. 3,

                                          1941, LCT. (GY Log #6498.)]

DATE       JD#     SIS#    OTHER           BRIEF

 #Dec.  6  A 7111  25817   Honolulu 222   Spy report on Naval vessels in

                                          Pearl Harbor. (Nov. 18, 1941-


**Dec.  6  N 7143  25843  Tokyo 902       Japanese Declaration of War.

   (1-13)                                 (Parts 1-13.)  (See GY Log #6619,

                                          6620, etc.)

**Dec.  7  N 7143  25843  Tokyo 902.      Japanese Declaration of War (Part

   (14)                                   14.) (Very Important.)

**Dec.  7  A 7145  25850  Tokyo 907       Re My #902-Submit our reply to

                                          the U. S. Govt. at 1:00 p. m. on

                                          the 7th your time. (Urgent-Very


 *Dec.  7  A 7147  25854  Tokyo 910       After deciphering Part 14 of my

                                          902 and also 907, 908, and 909,

                                          destroy at once the remaining

                                          cipher machine. (Extremely


**Dec.  7  N 7148  25856  Tokyo 2494      Relations between Japan and

                                          England are on the brink of

                                          catastophe (In Hidden

                                          Word Code.) (See JD #6985.)

 *Dec. 10  N 7280  26029  Honolulu 252    The following ships were in port

                                          on the afternoon of the fifth: 8

                                          battleships, 3 light cruisers, 16

                                          destroyers. Four ships of the

                                          Honolulu class were in dock.

                                          (Dec. 5th-PAK2.) [Note: Army

                                          intercept forwarded (by mail?)

                                          from San Francisco.]

 DATE       JD#     SIS#    OTHER          BRIEF

  Dec. 11  N 7335  26108   Pek. 625       Coincident with the beginning of

                                          the war against Britain and

                                          America (*Dec. 5th*). [NOTE:

                                          Intercepted at Fort Shafter T. H.

                                          Received Dec. 10 1941-see GY Log


 *Dec.  8  A 7178  25877   Honolulu 253   There is considerable opportunity

                                          left to take advantage for a

                                          *surprise* attack against these

                                          places. (Dec. 6th-PAK2.) Army

                                          intercept forwarded by teletype

                                          from San Francisco.]

 *Dec.  8  A 7179  25874   Honolulu 254   It appears that no air recon-

                                          naissanee is being conducted by

                                          the fleet air arm. (Dec. 6th-

                                          PAK2.) [Army intercept forwarded

                                          by teletype from San Francisco.]

**Dec.  7  A 7184  25866   Budapest 104   On the 6th the American Minister

                                          presented to the Government of

                                          this country a British Govern-

                                          ment communique to the effect that

                                          a state of war would break out on

                                          the 7th. (LA).

 #Dec.  8  A 7212  25928   Honolulu 238   Honolulu spy report. (Nov. 28 -J19.)

 *Dec. 12  A 7381  26158   Tokyo 128      Honolulu wire immediately move-

                                          ments of the fleet subsequent to

                                          the 4th. (Dec. 6-PAK2) [Note:

                                          Intercepted at Fort Shafter T. H.]

DATE       JD#     SIS#    OTHER           BRIEF

**Dec. 30  A 8007  27065  Tokyo 123       To Honolulu: In view of the

                                          present situation, *the presence

                                          in port of warships, airplane

                                          carriers, and cruisers is of

                                          utmost importance*. Let me know

                                          day by day. Wire me in each case

                                          whether or not there are any

                                          observation balloons above

                                          Pearl Harbor. Also whether or not

                                          the warships are provided with

                                          anti-mine nets. (Dec. 2-J19)

                                          [Note: Intercepted at Fort

                                          Shafter, T. H. Reason for long

                                          delay not known, but apparently

                                          some one fumbled the ball. Note

                                          on translation says: "This mes-

                                          sage was received here Dec. 23."]