The greatest enemy of truth is very often not the lie - deliberate, contrived and dishonest - but the myth - persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. --JFK, June 11, 1962

You know I am a juggler, and I never let my right hand know what my left hand does. I'm perfectly willing to mislead and tell untruths...FDR, May 1941 (Morgan p 550)

Karl Marx is going to win this war.-- Father Coughlin


FDR & Lucy Mercer Rutherford: Lucy was Eleanor's social secretary in the period before 1918. In September, 1918, Eleanor discovered a packet of love letters from Lucy to FDR. Eleanor later admitted, "the bottom dropped out of my own particular world & I faced myself, my surroundings, my world, honestly for the first time." FDR and Eleanor immediately stopped living as man-and-wife. Lucy was dismissed but came back during FDR's later years.

FDR & Marguerite 'Missy' LeHand, his "other wife." FDR's son Elliot wrote in his book about his father, "everyone in the close knit inner circle of father's friends accepted it as a matter of course. I remember being only mildly stirred to see him with Missy on his lap as he sat in his wicker chair in the main stateroom holding her in his sun-browned arms...He made no attempt to conceal his feelings about Missy." FDR left Missy half of his 3 million dollar estate. Note: before FDR got polio, he was widely known as a womanizer and playboy.

FDR & his floozy cousin Margaret Suckley. As early as 1920 she was missidentified as his wife in a newspaper photograph of them at a ball game. Eleanor who was sitting behind them was cropped out of the picture. FDR built a secret lovenest on his estate for their trysts. For details of their affair see MARGARET SUCKLEY CLOSEST COMPANION, by Geoffrey Ward, 1995.

FDR blackmailed Princess Martha of Norway, mother of three small children, into having sex with him in return for war aid to her husband Crown Prince Olav and Norway during 1941.

Eleanor & Lorena Hickok lesbian affair- Hickok was an unattractive 5' 8" 200 pound reporter who moved into the White House to be near Eleanor. Some of the content of their letters to each other: "Hick longed to kiss the soft spot at a corner of Eleanor's mouth; Eleanor yearned to hold Hick close; Hick despaired at being away from Eleanor; Eleanor wished she could lie down beside Hick and take her in her arms." (Goodwin p.222) On March 7, 1933, Eleanor wrote to Hickok: "Oh! I want to put my arms around you. I ache to hold you close. Your ring is a great comfort. I look at it and think she does love me, or I wouldn't be wearing it." Enough?

Eleanor and the much younger Joseph Lash- in a very funny scene, military intelligence on FDR's orders bugged Eleanor's room in the Chicago Blackstone Hotel in March 1943 where she was having sex with Joe and sent the recordings to FDR for his listening pleasure. This led to a row between ER and FDR because she was told about the bugging afterwards by the hotel. FDR also read Joe's intercepted love letters to ER. Eleanor also had a long affair with Earl Miller, FDR's bodyguard.


COMMUNIST STOOGE Hammer and Sickle


To do so, FDR trashed the four freedoms, the Atlantic Charter, his promises and commitments to small democracies, his oath of office, the moral standing of the United States, and he created a perpetual cold war that bankrupted US. To understand the treason at Yalta, is to understand Roosevelt. All of his actions were bent in the same direction - dead left. He unceasingly promoted Communism at home and abroad to the full extent and possibility of his office. FDR was a hard-core Marxist as proved by his speeches - in his first inaugural he proposed 3 planks of the Communist Manifesto. In his first inaugural address, he proposed national land redistribution! Karl Marx explained his plan to destroy all constitutional government: "The surest way to overturn the social order is to debauch the currency." FDR carried that out with a vengeance by taking the US off the gold standard and confiscating all gold.

Through 3 declarations of National emergency - March 1933, September 9, 1939, and May 27, 1941, FDR usurped as much dictatorial power as Hitler had on paper. The first was codified in HR 1491, No. 1 and gave FDR the same powers as in war.


Stalin is my "brother" - FDR after Tehran

FDR and Eleanor's political views were shaped by a political leech named Louis Howe who attached himself in 1912 and was always very secretive about his political beliefs. Similarly, FDR has often been called 'non-ideological' because he could not admit his ideology. Howe saw in FDR an ambitious, ruthless young man with no moral compass or ideas. Over years of conversations, and speech writing and agenda planning, and especially during the onset of FDR's polio when Howe lived with them and they depended on him, Howe shaped both FDR and Eleanor. He was their brain. They were his disciples. He taught them an ideology. They became ideologues. In a Cosmopolitan article in April 1934, Howe wrote quoting his protege FDR "that the time has arrived to build a new kind of government founded on the doctrine of the good neighbor and not the cruel doctrine of 'rugged individualism.' " In other words, FDR stood for the obliteration of individualism at the hands of a ruthless, all powerful state.

In early 1939, FDR tried to become a card-carrying communist. He applied for membership in the front League of American Writers but Earl Browder, General Secretary of the Communist Party USA, returned his application saying, "Don't get mixed up in this. There is going to be a lot of controversy about it." That was the understatement of the decade. Recall that FDR's choice, when he was aware that he was dying, for vice-president was Henry "The people's revolution is on the march" Wallace, a communist; that FDR had supported the communists in the Spanish Civil War and had tried to get the neutrality act repealed for them, that FDR sold out Eastern Europe to the Soviets at Yalta; that FDR made Karl Marx's primary goal, redistribution of income, his primary goal; that he was against loyalty oaths; that remarkably there was not a single prosecution of any Soviet spy during his Presidency; that when 12 communists were arrested by the FBI in Detroit in 1940 that he removed the FBI's power to make arrests; that he vetoed a bill to deport communist aliens in 1940; that he several times blocked the extradition of communists; that he constantly sent "greetings" to various Red organizations and took every opportunity in public to praise Stalin's regime.

When he returned to the United States from Yalta, FDR told his Cabinet that he had found in Stalin "something else in his being besides this revolutionist, Bolshevik thing." FDR said it might have something to do with Stalin's early training for the priesthood in the Russian Orthodox Church. "I think that something entered into his nature of the way in which a Christian gentleman should behave," Roosevelt declared. On Sept 30, 1941 FDR told reporters that there was freedom of religion in the USSR, right after 2 million Christians had been butchered and the churches were still burning: religious control was "essentially what is the rule in this country; only we don't put it quite the same way." "I may say that I got along fine with Marshall Stalin. He is a man who combines a tremendous relentless determination with a stalwart good humor. I believe he is truly representative of the heart and soul of Russia; and I believe that we are going to get along very well with him and the Russian people - very well indeed." --FDR after Teheran Conference.

FDR lived by the maxim "the ends justify the means" and endlessly preached class warfare - profit was evil, investors were parasites and businessmen were scoundrels. FDR stocked his government with communists. For example the OSS, the forerunner to the CIA, had so many communists that it was jokingly said that OSS stood for "Oh, So Socialist and Office of Soviet Stooges." Joe Kennedy complained to FDR that he was surrounded by "Jews and communists." FDR made sure that the atom bomb project was crawling with communists. When the FBI started tracking communist leaks from the project, they were ordered to stop investigating. Earl Browder praised FDR to the Executive Committee of the Communist Party, USA, in September 1934 and they officially threw their support behind him. Prior to that time, they had refrained because they knew the value of communist opposition - the public would support what communists attacked. However, by 1934 that ploy had worn thin so they had no reason not to openly support FDR. The Communist international conference in Moscow in 1935 ordered support for FDR. In the Fall of 1936 Moscow ordered support for FDR in the election. The communist-controlled unions were FDR's main constituency and power base. In 1936 a communist union put up 1/2 million dollars for his campaign and an unlimited number of labor campaign workers. It is a statistical fact that FDR could not have won his last two terms without the Red vote. Therefore, FDR was a wholly-owned subsidiary of those communist unions (not all unions were controlled by communists, but many were through Stalin's agent Joseph Zack). FDR spent millions on propaganda for Stalin like the nonsense book and movie Mission to Moscow which had these fine lines: "Stalin's brown eye is exceedingly kind and gentle. A child would like to sit in his lap and a dog would sidle up to him." Your tax dollars at work. The House Un-American Affairs Committee in 1940 released the names of 563 communists in his administration. Both Republican candidates for President Landon and Dewey accused FDR of being a communist, as did Hearst who called FDR's administration "more communistic than the Communists."

Roosevelt showed the liberal's willingness to side with Communist infiltration and treason, to glamorize the brutality of Communist governments. Liberalism and Communism are both infected with the same materialistic secular virus and have such philosophical affinity that usually they can not be distinguished. Their identical world-view creates a "strong affinity between the Communists and New Dealers; between the progressive and totalitarian visions of the maximalist state." (Professor Herman)


Churchill came away from the Atlantic Conference on August 14, 1941, observing the "astonishing depth of Roosevelt's intense desire for war." Before we entered the war, FDR sent a delegation to the Vatican to get the Pope to endorse Godless communism - he refused. With lend-lease, a.k.a. Lenin-lease, before Pearl Harbor FDR pressed his aides to allocate and speed shipments to the Soviet Union in the strongest possible way. FDR exerted frenetic personal devotion to the cause of lend-lease to the communists, distinctly favoring Russia over Britain (and US) and if you read page 549 volume 3 of The Secret Diaries of Harold Ickes, Ickes makes it clear that in a choice between England and Russia FDR would have abandoned England: "if the (public) attitude had been one of angry suspicion or even resentment, we would have been confronted with the alternative of abandoning Great Britain or accepting communism..." On August 1, 1941 FDR said about planes for Russia, "we must get 'em, even if it necessary to take from our own troops." Ickes said "we ought to come pretty close to stripping ourselves in view of Russian aid." The US sent 150 P-40's (the newest) when we were woefully short. In 1944 Churchill publicly complained about Britain being treated worse than the Soviet Union (in 1943 we sent 5,000 planes to Russia; overall we sent 20,000 planes and 400,000 trucks - twice as many as they had had before the war, 9 million pairs of boots, complete factories as part of $11 billion in aid that was never expected to be paid back). FDR's oil embargo of Japan forcing them South to take oil-rich Dutch Indonesia, is incomprehensible unless you realize FDR did it to relieve Japanese military threats to the Soviet Union.


  1. Not for moral reasons - Stalin was worse than Hitler.
  2. Not to defend European democracies - they were flattened years before.
  3. Not to defend America - we were totally safe.
  4. Not to defend Britain - FDR was anti-British and didn't want to get into the war until long after they were safe, had won the air Battle of Britain and Operation Sea Lion, the proposed German invasion, had been canceled.
  5. FDR became deranged, hysterical and white-hot for war in May 1941 when the Luftwaffe was transferred to the EASTERN Front! FDR was so distraught that he not only totally lost control of his emotions but also control of his body functions- he was bedridden for a month. FDR declared a national emergency and put the country on a war footing. In May, he ordered a 25,000 man Expeditionary Force to be ready to fight anywhere on June 22 - the date he knew Russia was to be invaded! FDR said: "My own thought is that perhaps there is one word that we could use for this war. The word SURVIVAL. The Survival War." The only country fighting for survival was the Soviet Union. Only FDR wanted it to survive.

Lenin Lease, unconditional surrender, 2nd front, and Yalta all point to Russia. But by his actions in May 1941 when he knew Russia was to be attacked, Franklin Roosevelt bared to the world the fact that he was Stalin's agent.


I Want You to Save Communism If you think that FDR's lying to get us into the war was in our interests or a good thing because of the result, the unleashing of Communism on a mighty scale, (it's hard to see how we could have been worse off, especially considering that Japan was third-rate and Germany had lost the Battle of Britain and in N. Africa and was losing in Russia already) consider this: if lying for the peoples' good is permitted and FDR had the right to do it, to whom is the right denied? It is a total repudiation of our democratic institutions and Constitutional form of government. It is personal and arbitrary government - the principle of totalitarianism. FDR broke all commitments that he had made - not to go to war, the 4 freedoms, the Atlantic Charter and limitlessly misrepresented his foreign policies and his commitments at Yalta both publicly and privately. A problem for mythmakers is that if Pearl Harbor was a surprise to FDR, then he was a victim, not a maker of history; he did not lead the nation into war for reasons of world morality but was forced into it or drawn into it or compelled to take up arms against his will, by circumstances beyond his control. If Pearl Harbor was not a surprise, FDR was a traitor.

Leftists like FDR believed that they were creating a new world order and that the Soviet motherland was its center. FDR, who defined himself as an internationalist, envisioned using the UN with himself and Stalin as co-leaders to bring New Deal Hitlerism to every corner of the world. On September 3, 1943 FDR had a conversation with his friend Cardinal Spellman which is reported in The Cardinal Spellman Story by Robert Gannon pp 222-24. FDR explained how he would divide up the world after the war--

Stalin would certainly receive Finland, the Baltic states, the eastern half of Poland and Bessarabia (Romania)...Britain and Russia get Europe and Africa. But as Britain has predominating colonial interests, it might be assumed that Russia will predominate in Europe...The European people, which includes France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, and Norway and of course our wartime enemies Germany and Italy, will simply have to endure the Russian domination in the hope that in ten or twenty years they will be able to live with the Russians.
He also told Spellman that the population of Eastern Poland "wanted to become Russian...I look upon the Russians as our strongest ally in the years to come...Stalin is a great leader." After Yalta FDR told Averill Harriman that he didn't care if the countries bordering on Russia became Communized.

At every turn FDR bungled the war from Lenin Lease, to the treason at Pearl Harbor, the gross strategic mistake of the second front, the senseless invasion of the Philippines, not taking the fruits of victory, handing the fruits of victory to Stalin, and giving atomic secrets to the Russians. In a word, FDR was a disaster. America, the greatest power on earth, lost the war and it was won by the brutal Soviet Union which had been flat on its back and inches from extinction. FDR achieved the worst possible result - Karl Marx did indeed win the war.


Roosevelt - Anti-Semitic Racist

FDR had some other personal flaws besides being a Stalinist - he was an anti-semite and a racist. Here is his thinking about blacks from his discussion of the Caribbean Islands during the bases for destroyers swap in the summer of 1940 -

I told Winston, listen Winston, those places are nothing but a headache to you – you know that. They cost the British Treasury five million pounds – nearly 25 million dollars - every year. They are nothing but a headache. If you think I want your headaches, you are mistaken. I don’t. Furthermore those places are inhabited by some 8 million dark-skinned gentlemen and I don’t want them coming to the United States and adding to the problem we already have with our 13 million black men. I tell you, Winston, it’s just a headache and you can keep it. - Ward pp. 526-527
FDR deliberately hurt Jews by restricting their immigration to nearly zero and opposing opening refugee camps in N. Africa (Wyman p 117). In June 1939, FDR refused to save 900 Jews aboard the ship St. Louis. FDR repeatedly endorsed the Holocaust - he suppressed news about it (Treasury Report) and would not permit bombing of deportation railways or crematoria at the camps even when it could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives (Wyman p 295). FDR delayed the freeing of prison camps in the Netherlands as long as possible so the Jews would die. Report to the Secretary on the Acquiescence of this Government in the Murder of the Jews, Treasury Department, January 13, 1944, said FDR was "guilty not only of gross procrastination and willful failure to act, but even of willful attempts to prevent action from being taken to rescue Jews from Hitler." Just one fact of many that are in the report - "By the act of 1924, we are permitted to admit approximately 150,000 immigrants each year. During the last fiscal year only 23,725 came as immigrants. Of these only 4,705 were Jews fleeing Nazi persecution."

For more on this gruesome FDR horror see Abandonment of the Jews by David Wyman, 1984; and PBS's The American Experience | America and the Holocaust.

When NY Governor Lehman opposed FDR's court-packing scheme, FDR said to reporters: "What else could you expect from a Jew?" He also told King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia in February 1945 that the only offer he might give him was the six million Jews in the US. Finally, although FDR was a warmonger, he bungled the build-up to the war. His failed diplomacy set the foundation for the cold war. Stalin in the White House would have done nothing different than Roosevelt did. FDR's actions can only have one explanation - he was Stalin's agent.


Apologists say that FDR wanted a personal relationship with Stalin. Preposterous! Why would FDR beg Stalin for that which he could have forced him to do? FDR wanted a relationship with Stalin, if he did, for the same reason that he implemented the Communist Manifesto, for the same reason he put Earl Browder, Chairman of Communist Party, in the White House, for the same reason as Lenin-Lease, for the same reason that he wanted war to save Russia and for the same reason he committed treason at Yalta - Franklin Roosevelt was a Communist.

Here are some ideas for the FDR Memorial by J. GELT:

How about a group of statues that form a human pyramid with the ones on top looking looking somewhat pleased while the ones in the successive lower stacks appear increasingly distressed by their crushing burden. I mean shouldn't his greatest achievement, social security, be memorialized also?

Or perhaps we could also section off an area with chain link fence with razor wire on the top and hire Asian- Americans to sit in the area as a tribute to the humanitarianism he showed some of our citizens during the war?

Or perhaps the statue of him in his wheelchair could be enhanced by placing a copy of the Bill of Rights under the tread of his tires?

Hammer and Sickle


Here are the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto which should be engraved on every statue of FDR, every school named after him, and every book about FDR:

1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes. (FERA acquired 25 million dollars of land by mid-1935; the Resettlement Administration later bought many millions of Acres; FDR called for national land redistribution in his 1st inaugural)

2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. ("...the duty rests upon the government to restrict such incomes by very high taxes." FDR, PPA 1935:274; 1935 Wealth Tax Act; FDR imposed a 90 percent rate on corporations and issued a decree that no one could make more than $25,000 after taxes - overridden by Congress.)

3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance. (1935 Wealth Tax Act with its confiscatory inheritance taxes)

4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels. (cf. 117,000 Americans of Japanese descent 1941 which the ACLU calls "the worst single wholesale violation of civil rights of American citizens in our history." FDR wanted to put ethnic Germans in concentration camps too, but there were too many.)

5. Centralization of credit in the banks of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly. (Banking Act of 1935, gold confiscation by Proclamation 2039 in March 1933 and formalized in the 1934 Gold Reserve Act, etc.)

6. Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the state. (Federal Communications Act of 1934, Railroad Coordination Act, ICC, FTC; FDR put private air mail carriers out of business and had the Army deliver mail in '34)

7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the state; the bringing into cultivation of waste lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan. (TVA (FDR proposed 7 other TVA-like projects), Rural Electrification; the NRA was business and industrial planning; on 8/14/41 the House rejected FDR's Property Seizure Bill passed by the Senate which would have given him dictatorial power over all business and industry as well as confiscated all private arms; Resettlement Administration)

8. Equal obligation of all to work. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture. (CCC, CWA, PWA, WPA, etc)

9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of all the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the populace over the country. (Subsistence Homestead Division, Rural Rehabilitation Division of FERA, and the Resettlement Administration)

10. Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children's factory labor in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production, etc. (NRA)


  1. ABUSE OF POWER Usurped the power of Congress to wage war and make treaties. Attacked the Supreme Court. In 1942 he stated that if Congress did not repeal a provision that it had duly passed that he would on his own authority repeal it.
  2. TREASON--PEARL HARBOR Provoked and facilitated the attack. Details on my Pearl Harbor Homepage - Mother of All Conspiracies.
  3. TREASON--YALTA FDR sold out numerous countries at Teheran and Yalta against US interests and used US resources thru Lenin-Lease to enable Stalin to take Berlin and Prague and various countries, the most significant of which was China. The sacrifice of China to Communism was so destructive of US security interests that we still suffer from it today and for the foreseeable future.
  4. TREASON--ATOMIC SECRETS TO SOVIETS FDR gave at least 1,465 pounds of uranium (about 4 times as much fissionable U-235 as the US kept for itself), 417 tons of cadmium, 437 tons of cobalt, 12 tons of thorium, and 1100 ounces of heavy water as well as all the designs for the atom bomb and reactor to create plutonium. Without this assistance it would have taken the Soviet Union 10 years and all of their economic resources to make a bomb. See the shocking story in From Major Jordon's Diaries and The US House of Representatives, Eighty-first Congress, Second Session, Committee on Un-American Activities, Hearings Regarding Shipment of Atomic Material to the Soviet Union During World War II (Washington, DC: US Government Printing Office, 1950).
  5. CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY Roosevelt threw 725 million human beings to the slave drivers of Communism.


On Christmas Day 1942 Frenchman Bonnier de la Chapelle, a paid U.S. agent under the control of the State Department's Robert Murphy, assassinated our ally the French leader Darlan. After seeing how that went down FDR cabled Churchill with a copy to Eisenhower on New Year's Day 1943 stating that if Free French leader Charles De Gaulle did not "play ball" that they would have to assassinate him. Eisenhower was horrified and told aide Harry Butcher that if directly ordered to do it that he would set the assassination in motion and then resign from the Army. Churchill also was shocked by the idea and managed to nix it.

FDR ordered the assassination of Chiang kai Shek because he was not knuckling under to Mao and the Communists fast enough for FDR. In December 1943, FDR's military representative in China, General Joseph Stilwell told a subordinate, Col. Frank Dorn, that FDR was "fed up with Chiang and his tantrums, and said so. In fact, he told me in that Olympian manner of his, 'if you can't get along with Chiang, and can't replace him, get rid of him once and for all. You know what I mean, put in someone you can manage.'" Col. Dorn prepared a plan for an airplane mishap, in which there would be engine problems and, in the process of bailing out of the plane, Chiang and his wife would be given faulty parachutes. Fortunately Chinese security was too good and foiled the plot.(Freidel, p 561)

On August 12, 1944, Ensign Joe P. Kennedy, Jr. volunteered for a highly risky mission officially called "Operation Aphrodite" (also known as "Project Anvil") to pilot a PB4Y-1, the Navy version of the B-24, loaded with 21,470 pounds of explosives – a flying bomb -- across the English channel towards the German V-2 rocket sites on the other side. His orders were to aim his plane at the sites and bail out before the plane was exploded by radio from an accompanying plane. Immediately after take-off from Winfarthing-Fersfield airfield a mysterious radio signal on the secret military frequency came up from the ground for a few seconds and detonated the plane killing Kennedy and the other officer on the plane, Lt. Wilford J. Willy. Joe Kennedy, Sr. always believed that FDR had arranged the death of his son to hurt him - really the only possible explanation. We have the anomolous case of a US President murdering the brother of a future US President. In 1974, after Truman's death, Merle Miller published a 1961 interview with Truman done on tape in front of three witnesses in his best seller entitled Plain Speaking: An Oral Biography of Harry S. Truman. Truman, according to Miller, was in Boston in 1944 in the Ritz-Carlton hitting up Joseph Kennedy for campaign funds for FDR's run for fourth term, and "Old man Kennedy started throwing rocks at Roosevelt, saying he'd caused the war and so on. And then he said, 'Harry, what the hell are you doing campaigning for that crippled son of a bitch that killed my son Joe?'"


Cook - Eleanor Roosevelt, vol 1, 1992, Blanche Cook, NY:Viking.

Flynn - The Roosevelt Myth by John T. Flynn, NY, 1948, has many of the facts on this page.

Freidel - FDR A Rendezvous with Destiny, Frank Freidel, 1990.

From Major Jordan's Diaries by George Racey Jordan, Harcourt, Brace 1952. It gives a complete listing of Lend Lease to SU.

Goodwin - No Ordinary Time, 1994, Doris Kearns Goodwin. Pathetically bad book by the well-known plagerist.

Morgan - FDR A Biography, 1985, Ted Morgan.

Nisbet - Roosevelt and Stalin, Robert Nisbet, DC:Regnery, 1988, covers FDR's betrayals at Teheran and Yalta.

Roosevelt's Road to Russia by George Crocker, Chicago 1959, is an excellent book also online.

The Yalta Betrayal by Felix Wittmer, 1953. The single best resource on FDR. WWW.rooseveltmyth.com has the book online as well.

Ward - First Class Temperament, 1989, Geoffrey Ward.

Wyman - Abandonment of the Jews, 1984, David Wyman.

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt died on April 12, 1945, while sitting for a portrait by his Russian companion Elizabeth Shoumatoff. Stalin, to his dying day, believed that FDR had been poisoned by nationalists who wanted to deprive Stalin of his best man in Washington.
When MacArthur learned of FDR's death, he said: "Well, the old man has gone, a man who never told the truth when a lie would suffice."