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Osama bin Laden: The Newest Fake


The latest "Osama", seen in a clip from the 9/11/07 video


Real Osamas

Close (closer than the last phony) but no cigar. Note the shape of the cheeks and the width of the nose.

His arms and hands are in view and appear uninjured, whereas it was reported that the real Osama's left arm was severely injured at Tora Bora.

Another Fake Osama

In this closeup of the latest "Osama", seen in a clip from the 9/11/07 video, not the obvious line at the top of the beard under the mouth. Notice also that while the real Osama has a straight beard, this "Osama's" beard is very curly, thin enough to show the shape of his face, and more than anything looks like 'crepe' hair used by theatrical makeup artists.

Dying one's beard is strictly forbidden under Islamic law. Any devout (Sunni) Muslim would be aghast at an image of a purported spokesperson with a dyed beard. It's okay to tint it with henna (only), but in that case gray hair appears orange. Pakistan is full of guys sporting huge orange beards, but there is no market whatsoever for Grecian formula, at least not among the Wahhabis.

Other "Al Qaeda" videos are sharp and clear, but the new "Osama" tape is soft and indistinct

In this morph between the real Osama and the new one, the eyes and ears have been aligned, which shows that the mouth and brows are clearly not the same.






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