By Michael Rivero

Let's start with some basic concepts. You live in an age of lies. Every day of your life you are literally being drowned in lies. Lies by government. Lies by advertisers. Lies by the corporate media.

Truth has become such a valuable commodity that the government is economizing it!

Liars, meaning good convincing liars (i.e. sociopaths, who evince no guilt when they lie) , lie because they are able to get what they want from people, especially if those people are conditioned from childhood to tell and to believe that others will tell the truth.

It may seem that I am stating the obvious, but the point I want to make is that all ruling power is, is the willingness and ability to do things the ruled may not, or have been conditioned to believe they cannot do.

You are taught not to steal, yet government reserves to itself the right to steal, obfuscating the theft with words like excise, confiscation, pillage, taxation, and in the extreme, conquest.

You are taught not to murder, yet government reserves to itself the right to murder, obfuscating the killing with words like capital punishment, assassination, terminate with extreme prejudice, and in the extreme, war.

You are taught not to lie, and it stands to reason that in this area of human behaviors, rulers are as averse to the rules imposed on you as any other. As eager as rulers are to steal and murder, they are equally eager to lie to their people to get what they want.

In today's enlightened age of alternative media and global internet communications, lies by rulers are quickly laid bare. Yet most people remain trapped by their beliefs of what they imagine their rulers to be, and greet each new revealed mendacity with, "What? Our ruler lied to us?" The question more properly ought to be, "When don't rulers lie to us?"

The historical fact is that all rulers lie pretty much all of the time, and each newly revealed lie ought not to be thought of as a shocking isolated incident, but merely a continuation of standard operating bullshit! In short, the vast majority of what you are told by rulers is a lie, and the rare moment of absolute truth a rare and precious gem worthy of celebration.

Here are some examples from history.

The Biggest and First Lie: Divine Right: Rulers speak for the gods.




Rule by Divine Right is the oldest of the frauds perpetrated by self-declared rulers upon those they wish to rule. It is a simple system; merely claim there is an invisible power in the sky that has appointed yourself as his or her agent on Earth and promptly torture and burn at the stake anyone who demands to see the paperwork on such an absurd deal.

The most potent form of the scam, exploited by the Pharaohs to get the masses to build pyramids, was a promise of life after death, pleasant if one did as one was told, and quite unpleasant for anyone with a more independent spirit.

Once the dominant mode of rulership in primitive societies, this form of governance remains in a vestigial state in the many commercialized religions around the world that extract obedience and wealth from the masses based on some imaginary playmate in the sky.

Collection plate

Speaking of the Pharaohs...

Ramses "victorious" at Kadesh

In 1274 BC, Ramses II, or Ramses the Great (by his own admission) , was in the middle of his campaign to expand Egypt's territory, not unlike the behavior of present day Israel and the United States. So, Ramses invaded the Hittite empire to the north, and fought a decisive battle at the city of Kadesh in May of that year. Tricked by two Hittite spies, Ramses led his men into a trap and almost lost his entire army at Kadesh.Ramses was forced to sign the Treaty of Kadesh, history’s earliest known non-aggression pact, and retreat back to Egypt, ending Egypt’s period of expansion to the north.

Treaty of Kadesh

Ramses the maybe-not-as-great-as-he-thought-he-was headed back home and started building huge temples to prove how manly he was. But Ramses II had a problem. The Egyptian people were brainwashed into thinking that Ramses II was the instrument of the gods, and that indeed he was a god himself, and therefore infallible. So Ramses II, knowing that the people of Egypt were hardly likely to ever travel into the Hittite Kingdom and find out what really happened, simply lied to his people. The walls of Ramses' temples, the ancient Egyptian version of CNN, were covered with carved depictions showing Ramses DEFEATING the Hittites at Kadesh. (The Canaanites did find out, and emboldened by Ramses' lack of victory, revolted, thereby ending Egypt's dominion beyond the Sinai.) So successful was Ramses propaganda on his temples that his "victory" at Kadesh became the accepted version of history in the west, until the Hittite’s copy of the treaty was discovered in 1906 by Hugo Winkler!

Ramses' temple at Abu Simbel

Ramses' propaganda carved in a temple wall. At least there are no commercials for anti-depressants in between the lies.

So today, if you visit Egypt, you will see carved in stone a lesson for the ages. Rulers bullshit their own people, spend vast wealth to do it, and they have been doing it for thousands of years!

The Donation of Constantine

Pope Sylvester I and Constantine

Prior to the time of Constantine, Kingship was either won in battle or inherited from father to son. There was no specific ceremony upon taking the throne (although one finds records of some very wild parties held in celebration involving lots of intoxicants, naked women, and the heads of enemies impaled on lances). But in the time of Constantine, the church invented for itself the ritual of coronation, in which the Bishop of Rome prayed over Constantine and then slapped a crown on his head (catching Constantine by surprise, by all accounts) , thereby sending out a clear message that the church claimed credit for Constantine 's earthly power and authority.

Following Constantine's death somewhere between the 8th and 9th centuries (he was baptized on his death bed, too weak to refuse), a document appeared popularly known as the “Donation of Constantine.” This document purportedly donated the imperial regalia of Rome to the church, with the request that it be “loaned” to all future rulers of the Roman Empire . From that day on, the loan took the form of the ritual of coronation, in which the holy oil of anointment created the king, rather than conquest or the bloodline. Coronation added the imprimatur of God's will to the legitimacy of the monarch, and as an inevitable corollary, nobody could ascend to the throne without the permission and blessing of the church.

It is now known that this document, which literally reshaped the political history of Europe for half a millennium, was a complete forgery, created to steal for the church the “right” to declare who would or would not be kings of Europe. The “Donation of Constantine.” also legitimized the church’s overthrow of the Merovingian Kings and transfer of rulership to the Carolingians, whose bloodlines were not a threat to the “Apostolic descent” of the Papacy. In exchange for helping the Carolingians usurp the throne, King Pepin the Short gave Pope Stephen II most of Northern Italy, which became the Papal States temporal power base for the next eleven centuries.

There is another lesson here. Bullshit is shoveled out of places besides the civil government.

The (Un)Holy Crusades and Prester John

Muslim siege during the crusades

In the 1130s, the Turkish Empire under the leadership of Imad ad-din Zengi began to encroach on the Crusader Kingdoms of the Holy Land, stolen during the First Crusade. Most of the European Crusaders had gone home, considering their vows to the church fulfilled. They could sin and still get into heaven because they had murdered a bunch of Saracens. This departure of the main military force left the Pilgrim road from Jaffa to Jerusalem under the guard of the newly emergent Knights Templar (who actually seemed to spend all their time digging under the Temple Mount).

Prester John

The Knights Templar, although able to guard a road when not shoveling dirt, were insufficient a force to hold off an entire invasion, and in 1145, Hugh, Bishop of Jabala, was sent to meet the newly enthroned Pope Blessed Eugene III to ask for help. Pope Eugene, far less bloodthirsty than his predecessors, balked at a new and costly crusade so soon after the last one. Hugh told the Pope that a new crusade to preserve Christian dominion over the Holy Lands would be easy and cheap, because somewhere far to the east of the Holy Lands was the Kingdom of Prester John.

Map to Prester John's Kingdom, after it was "moved" from the far east to Africa

Prester (or Presbyter) John was a Christian King; a direct descendant of one of the Magi who had visited the infant Jesus, and reportedly whose kingdom was powerful, wealthy, and peaceful. According to Hugh, Prester John was committed to preserving Christian rule over the Holy Lands, and awaited only a sign of equal commitment from the armies of Europe .

Rumors of the impending intervention of Prester John bolstered the courage of the Christians of the Crusader Kingdoms and of Europe, and based in part on the promise of Prester John as an ally, Pope Eugene launched the Second Holy Crusade, led by Louis VII of France and Conrad III of Germany .

But Prester John did not show up as promised. The Second Crusade ended in the rout of the Crusader armies at Damascus, and the Christians found themselves holding less of the Holy Lands.

In 1165, just as the situation in the Holy Lands began to deteriorate further, a letter began to circulate around Europe purportedly from Prester John. The letter again promised support for the Christian armies of Europe . The letter included descriptions of the wonders of Prester John's kingdom. The letter was so popular it was copied far and wide, and portions of it set to music!

But again, Prester John did not show up when promised, and in 1187 Jerusalem fell to Saladin. This prompted the start of the Third Crusade. Once again, rumors of Prester John's armies attacking the Muslims from the East bolstered the invading forces.

Fanciful illustrations of the wonders of Prester John's lands

Baron Munchausen

Prester John was the invention of the church; a propaganda device to trick Europeans to join a war in which they were clearly outnumbered by the opposing force. As Marco Polo and other travelers brought tales of the Orient back to Europe in the 13th century, church leaders grew alarmed as Christians learned of powerful and advanced civilizations to the east that existed without any awareness of Christianity. Following a brief period when the Dominicans unsuccessfully denounced Marco Polo‘s writings as heresy and fraud (and threw Marco Polo into prison to silence him), the church again revived the legends of Prester John to prove that Christianity did rule in the far east. Highly fanciful maps were produced of just where Prester John's kingdom would be found.

The legends of Prester John persisted from the 12th to the 17th centuries even though John himself could not have lived that long. Numerous expeditions to find the Kingdom of Prester John were mounted, all without success. As the map of Asia became filled in accurately with no sign of the fabled Christian Kingdom, the legend was altered to claim that Prester John's Kingdom was actually in Ethiopia, then as the African map started to fill in, further south in “Darkest Africa.” The realm of Prester John eventually became one of the fabled “Lost Kingdoms of Africa ” that lured explorers into the Congo, often to their deaths.

As for the letter purportedly from Prester John; like the Donation of Constantine it was a clever forgery. In its original version it was apparently derived mostly from Otto von Freisingen's historical account of the story told by Hugh, Bishop of Jabala to Pope Eugene. The story of Prester John's palace was actually a description of the palace of St. Thomas the Apostle. As the letter was recopied through the centuries, the stories it contained grew ever more fanciful, filled with strange and wonderful creatures and amazing feats of magic and science. In the 18th century these stories of the land of Prester John were revived as part of the tales of Baron Munchausen. In 1988, the stories of the land of Prester John again surfaced in Terry Gilliam's film, “ The Adventures of Baron Munchausen .”

The motto here is: A really good pile of bullshit can last a long time, and there may even be a movie deal in it!

Columbus did NOT discover America

The Pinta

Columbus did not “discover” the New World. That bit of verbiage was used by Spain to claim ownership over the Americas. The fact is that Vikings had shared the knowledge of the far side of the Atlantic with the Arabs, the Arabs shared it with the Templars, Templar families had survived in Portugal, including Columbus’ wife (and one of my ancestors) , which is where Columbus got his maps (or did you not wonder why Columbus’ ships had the Cross of the Templars on the sails? )

The Seven Cities of Gold

The treasures of Cibela,one of the Seven Cities of Gold

In the year 711, General Tarik ibn Ziyad led his forces across from Africa to Iberia, and commencing with ‘Tarik's Mountain' (Gibraltar) conquered all of Spain in mere months. As would be the case with the Templars following their arrest and execution by Philip Le Belle, stories abounded of the treasures of the Spanish Churches smuggled away from the invading armies by seven Bishops and hidden from view.

Spain was eager to conquer and exploit their new lands, but Columbus had brought back reports of a coastal civilization barely out of the hunter gatherer phase, with little in the way of useful resources. Convincing soldiers to make the dangerous voyage to conquer cornfields was difficult. Rather than offer more pay in what was already looking to be a low-profit venture, the Spanish government resurrected the old story about the seven Bishops who had fled Spain in 711 had somehow made their way to the New World, and used their treasure to found seven Christian cities. Like the Kingdom of Prester John, these were rumored to be cities of immense wealth.

Map supposedly showing the location of the Seven Cities of Gold

The lure of these mythical cities aided the Spanish explorers in recruiting men for the dangerous business of sailing the Atlantic followed by conquest of an unknown land. A shipwrecked sailor, Cabeza de Vaca, claimed to have seen cities decorated with huge gems. Following Vaca's descriptions, Fray Marc os de Niza in 1539 claimed to have seen cities with tall gold buildings. It is possible that Niza actually saw adobe buildings shining with silica and pyrite in the sunlight from a distance, but following the killing of his servant avoided close approach to the indigenous people. Despite the absence of provenance, the stories of the Seven Cities of Gold drew both Cortez and Coronado deeper into the new world. The natives quickly realized the lethality of denying the existence of the cities of gold, and simply pointed the Spaniards further inland, promising that the cities were just over the next mountain range. While they never found any Bishops, the Spanish did find and conquer the Mayan and Aztec empires, which were then looted of their gold, in His infinite mercy.

In the end, there were no cities of gold. They were a propaganda device used to motivate the explorers' crews in the conquest of the New World, and while they did find gold, the real result of the tale of the Seven Cities of Gold was that Spain pushed all the way into what is now California and New Mexico.

The motto here is that even with gold plating, bullshit remains bullshit.

The Witches

Torturing a witch

In the year 1200, Europe entered a period of prolonged cooling which lasted until the mid 1800s. This is called the “Little Ice Age.” Europeans did not understand climate, and owing to theocratic rule following the collapse of Rome had turned their backs on science. All that happened was presumed the will of God. Priests prayed to God to halt the glaciers advancing on the villages. But as the villages succumbed to the ice, the church, rather than admit to failure (not unlike Al Gore), began to blame supernatural magical forces for the increasing cold. Seeking a scapegoat, the church set upon those individuals who still held knowledge outside that allowed by the churches. These educated and wise people, people with “wit” were declared heretics and “witches.” A phrase in the Bible, “Thou shalt not suffer a poisoner to live” was re-translated into “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live”, and the church now had the perfect scapegoat to blame the unstoppable cold on.

For the next three centuries, up until the incident at Salem, Massachusetts, innocent people were blamed by the church for everything that went wrong. If something bad happened that God could not make go away, it was because of the witches. Cold weather? Blame the witches. Plagues? Blame the witches. Failed crops and livestock? Blame the witches. Waxy yellow buildup on your kitchen floor? Blame the witches.

Witch-hunting became a full time profession. The accusers and prosecutors grew rich on the confiscated wealth of the condemned. Politicians, business competitors, and even jealous wives quickly learned that they could dispose of a rival with impunity with a simple accusation of witchcraft.

Joan of Arc being burned at the stake

We all know today that there are no witches, at least as they were conceptualized by the church. No witches able to hop on a broomstick and interfere with passenger jets. No witch was ever able to transform himself or herself into an animal. It is all make-believe, and it makes for great books and fun movies, but the evil crimes depicted in the Maleus Malificarum never occurred. The confessions on which the church assurances of witchcraft were based were extracted under torture, some forms of which are sadly still in use by the United States today.

Waterboarding in 1651

For three centuries religiously induced terror and horror stalked across the landscape in Europe. As the grains and cereals on which Europe had fed failed, much hardier potatoes were introduced. But the church declared them the food of the devil because they grew in the ground. Millions starved standing on an abundant food supply, afraid that eating the potato would condemn their souls to hell. When the plagues hit Europe, religious flagellants traveled from town to town, spreading the disease in the droplets of blood flung from the ends of their whips. As the epidemic accelerated in the wake of such rituals, the church fanned the blood-lust for the witches.

Nobody really knows how many people were tortured and killed during the witch trials. The numbers increase and decrease depending on the agenda of who is reporting the numbers. Conservative estimates of victims executed for being witches is a quarter of a million. Estimates of those tortured and then released are considerably higher.

Of all the madness and self-delusions man has collectively engaged in, the search for and execution of witches stands as a monument to all that is dark and fearful in the human mind. A few grew rich and powerful while around them a million people writhed in agony and death. If there is a moral to be found here it is that the execution of accused witches in Mexico in the 1990s (and the evils of Guantanamo Bay) proves that we are not as far from the rack and the stake as we would like to pretend. We comfort ourselves with the idea that the dark ages are long ago and far removed from our modern enlightened age, but the truth is that fanatics can tear down civilization rather quickly. You burn the Library at Alexandria, flay the librarian alive, burn the rest of the books to heat the public baths and set fire to anyone who refuses to bow to the bovine excrement.

Napoleon in Egypt

In 1797, Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Egypt as part of a campaign to economically weaken England by cutting her off from trade with “The Orient”, an agenda echoed by Hitler and to a lesser extent today by the European Union. The French People were told this was a “scientific mission” and drawings of Egypt’s wonders were printed in the French newspapers while the Rosetta Stone was put on display.

The Rosetta Stone

Left unsaid in France was Nelson’s destruction of the French Fleet at the Nile, which together with a popular uprising ultimately led to Napoleon’s abandonment of Egypt after the battle of Abukir.

Nelson's victory over Napoleon at the Nile

News report of Nelson's victory

The Sinking of the USS Maine

Wreck of the USS Maine

On February 15, 1898, the USS Maine exploded and sank in Havana Harbor. President McKinley told the American people via the Hearst newspapers that the USS Maine had been sunk by a Spanish mine. The American people, outraged by this apparent unprovoked attack, supported the Spanish American War. The Captain of the USS Maine, Charles D. Sigsbee, had insisted the ship was sunk by a coal bin explosion, investigations after the war, in particular an expedition led by Admiral Hyman G. Rickover, the father of America's nuclear Navy, proved that such had indeed been the case.

Admiral Hyman G. Rickover

Rickover built a coffer dam around the wreck of the USS Maine and drained it.

Excavation of the wreck of the USS Maine

Inspections confirmed there had been no mine. Captain Charles D. Sigsbee, excoriated by the Hearst newspapers for not seeing the "obviousness" of a Spanish attack, was proven to have reported accurately on the loss of his ship.

"No Spaniard would be guilty of such an act (sinking of the USS Maine). The explosion must have been caused by some accident aboard the ship." -- Spain's Ambassador to the U.S. Enrique de Lome


Lysenko and his wheat

In 1928, in the USSR there was a man named Trofim Denisovich Lysenko, a favorite of Stalin, and ultimately, a con-artist. He was as popular then in the USSR as Al Gore is in the US today.

Lysenko's prize theory, which suited Stalin's political needs at the time, was that plants and animals could inherit traits acquired from the environment in a single generation. That is, if you used cooling to trick Winter wheat seeds to germinate and grow in the Spring ( a technique already used in the US at the time) the seeds from the chilled plants would go on germinating in the Spring in perpetuity.

There was very little science in Lysenko's science, but this "revolution" suited Stalin's desire to outdo the accomplishments in genetics which had occurred under Lenin. Honor upon honor was heaped on Lysenko (just as is done with Al Gore today) and real scientists who questioned his theories were shunned, vilified, and removed from their positions (not unlike the experiences of those modern "heretics" who question the basic beliefs of the global warming cult). The state media of the USSR proclaimed the virtues of the Lysenko method beyond all doubt and question, just as the state media of the USA proclaims the "Science is settled" regarding Human-Caused Global Warming. But Lysenko had no more real science training than Al Gore, and his theory that the environment could permanently alter the genetic structure of crops in a single generation was completely wrong.

However, for political reasons, the USSR mandated that all farmers had to use the Lysenko method (just as the present government intends to force us all to use the "Al Gore Cap and Credit" method) and the result was widespread famine when, during the following spring, the second generation wheat refused to germinate.

This illustrates the problems which can result when the government thinks it understands science, or that science can be subordinated to political agenda. You still end up with bullshit.

The sinking of the Lusitania

Sinking of the Lusitania

On May 7th, 1915, a German U-Boat U-20 torpedoed and sank RMS Lusitania, a passenger ship operated by the Cunard line. Like many ships built during that time, Lusitania was heavily subsidized by the British Government and designed to be easily converted into a military auxiliary cruiser in time of war. Although the United States was officially neutral, Germany declared that Lusitania was being used to transport military cargoes to England, which made her a legitimate target of war. Germany even went so far as to take out ads in the American newspapers warning civilians not to take passage on the Lusitania.

The ad placed by Germany warning passengers not to take passage on the Lusitania

Lusitania was sent across the Atlantic without escorts and directed to sail into an area where German U-Boats were known to be operating, where she was spotted and sunk by the U-20. The United States and Britain denied that Lusitania carried war materials, and the story of the Germans sinking a helpless passenger ship turned public opinion against Germany and allowed the United States government to convince the American people to enter WW1 against Germany.

War munitions recovered from the wreck of the Lusitania

In 2008, divers finally entered the hold of Lusitania, and proved once and for all that she had been smuggling military munitions to England. Germany had been legally in the right to sink her.

"Six Million Jews"

Changed plaques at Auschwitz

One of the most protected lies in modern times is "Six Million Jews". Indeed so fanatical are its defenders that their very actions make it obvious they are hiding something. The above photograph is a good example. Following Russia's release of captured Nazi documents, the museum at Auschwitz had to revise downward the number of people who died in that slave labor camp of all causes (mostly the typhus epidemics that swept Germany in the closing days of the war) by 2.5 million. But to dare suggest that WW2's "Six Million Jews" be revised downward by the same number will land you in prison in many countries where free thought and the truth are illegal (and indeed if you are reading this article in one of those countries you might want to get out the bottle of white-out and blank your computer screen down to the Reichstag Fire). Likewise, mentioning that the crematorium at Auschwitz was actually built after the war by the Russians to deal with the aforesaid typhus epidemics will cost you your career in Hollywood (trust me on that one).

Click for larger

If you look in the left-most story on the above newspaper from 1933, it reports Germany's entire Jewish population only numbers 600,000. Mentioning that little fact will also bring the wrath of "those who may not be spoke of except in a whisper" down upon your life.

But we will not challenge the sacrosanct story of "Six Million Jews" in WW2 (lest Israel's jackboots kick down our doors and burn us for heresy), nor do we need to! The historical fact is that "Six Million Jews", like Prester John, is a very old propaganda device revived time and time again when needed, without regard to reality. The origin of "Six Million Jews" lies in a Talmudic prophecy that when Six Million Jews are lost, Israel will be restored to the survivors. "Six Million Jews" is thus a religious metaphor for any great calamity, just as "forty days and forty nights" is a metaphor for a really long time and hey we don't have calendars anyway. And as a metaphor, "Six Million Jews", gets recycled a lot! Below are some examples.

From 1905

From 1914

From 1918

From 1919

From 1920

From 1921

Then came the 1930s and "Six Million Jews" was revived once again to build political support to steal part of Palestine and create a Jewish state.

From 1936

Click for larger. From 1936

From 1944

And there is the motive for the Talmudic myth of "Six Million Jews" to be recycled into modern times. The world had just united against Nazi Germany on the principle that one nation does not have the right to march into another nation and steal it for their own. But the founders of Israel proposed to do just that, march into Palestine and take it for their own. They needed a propaganda device so powerful it would trick the world into allowing Israel to do exactly what Nazi Germany had been prevented from doing. And that propaganda remains one of the most fiercely protected secrets of modern times, enforced by laws in many nations.

And that in and of itself betrays the lie, for truth needs no law to support it. Truth is self-evident to all. Truth withstands re-examination. Truth survives questions. Throughout history, from Galileo to Zundel, only lies and liars have resorted to the courts to enforce adherence to dogma.

The Reichstag Fire

The Reichstag Fire

The Reichstag Fire

On February 27th, 1933, the German Reichstag burned down. Declared an act of terror, the false-flag attack led to the passage of the  Reichstag Fire Decree and eventually the Enabling acts, NAZI Germany’s version of the USAPATRIOT act. Despite an obvious show trial , debate over just who was really responsible continues to this very day.  Marinus van der Lubbe, the only accused found guilty at the trial, was officially pardoned posthumously in 2008 by the German government.

The Gleiwitz Incident

Twin radio towers at the Gleiwitz radio station

On August 31, 1939, Hitler’s agents, led by a fake Pole named Alfred Naujocks, attacked the radio station in Gleiwitz, Germany, which had a pair of the highest towers in the nation.

Alfred Naujocks

Naujocks even took along a known Polish sympathizer, Franciszek Honiok, killed him and left the body as “proof” that Poland was behind the attack. Hitler told the people of Germany that Poland had attacked first and staged fake attacks against German targets.

Hitler rehearsing a speech

The Germans, convinced they were being threatened, followed Hitler into Poland and into World War 2.

Pearl Harbor

Remains of the USS Arizona

FDR claimed Pearl Harbor was a surprise attack. It wasn't. The United States saw war with Japan as the means to get into war with Germany, which Americans opposed. So Roosevelt needed Japan to appear to strike first. Following an 8-step plan devised by the Office of Naval Intelligence, Roosevelt intentionally provoked Japan into the attack. Contrary to the official story, the Japanese fleet did not maintain radio silence, but sent messages intercepted and decoded by US intercept stations. Tricked by the lie of a surprise attack, Americans marched off to war.

Honolulu newspaper warning of the attack on Pearl Harbor one week before it occurred. It was no surprise.

Assassination of John F. Kennedy

The moment after the head shot from the Zapruder film

President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963, in Dealey Plaza, Dallas Texas. The American people were told it was a "crazed lone assassin" acting alone. Yet signs of a cover-up were obvious, leading New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison to bring charges against Clay Shaw (later admitted to have been a contract CIA agent) regarding his linkages to Lee Harvey Oswald. In 1976, the United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations, intended to reassure the American people that the official story was trustworthy, was forced to conclude based on audio recordings of gunshots from multiple locations that there had indeed been multiple shooters in Dealey Plaza, and therefore a conspiracy. Left ignored by the government is why the Warren Commission was created, given that under US law at the time the murder investigation was properly in the jurisdiction of the Dallas Police, or why John J. McCloy, President of the Chase Manhattan Bank and President of the World Bank, was a member of that Commission.

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Gulf of Tonkin

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

President Johnson lied about the Gulf of Tonkin to send Americans off to fight in Vietnam.

USS Maddox

On August 4th, 1964, an inexperienced sonar operator on the USS Maddox, rattled by an encounter with North Vietnamese patrol boats trying to keep US ships out of their territorial waters just two says previously, picked up the sounds of his own ship's screws and mistakenly interpreted them as incoming torpedoes. Although the Captain of the Maddox immediately reported the error up the chain of command, the initial report of an attack garnered headlines which President Johnson used to goad Congress into escalating the Vietnam War.

USS Iowa explosion

USS Iowa fires her guns

Although the Carrier Battle Group has drastically altered the doctrine of fleet operations in the modern age, four WW2 battleships which had been mothballed were given extensive modernization upgrades and returned to active duty during the Reagan years.

One of these ships was the U.S.S. Iowa.

The chief armament of the Battleships are her sixteen inch guns. Little changed from WW2 days, they are loaded by first ramming, with a pneumatic ram, a mission specific projectile into the bore followed by the propellent. The propellent is bundled in silk bags, with the number of bags determining the total charge in the gun (normally 6). The propellent is rammed in behind the projectile and the breach is closed.

Upon command to fire, the center gun on the number one turret fires, and radar tracks the projectile. A correction is computed and the remaining guns adjust themselves and fire.

On April 19th 1989 was 330 miles northeast of Puerto Rico on a training cruise. At 9:55 A.M. during the loading cycle, the center gun in the number 2 turret exploded with an open breach, sending a blast wave into the turret that killed 47 sailors.

The combination of a close friendship with one of the dead sailors, Clay Hartwig, plus some lead foil and a "Gung Ho" magazine led the Navy to accuse 21 year old Seaman Kendall Truitt (who was married) of having been one half of a failed homosexual love affair with Clay Hartwig, with his jilted lover then committing suicide in the number 2 turret.

The ferocity with which the Navy pursued this line of investigation made it apparent that there was another line of inquiry being hidden. Deliberate press leaks by the Iowa's Executive Officer to the Washington Post painted a picture of an unhappy gay sailor blowing himself and 46 of his fellow seamen into eternity. The story was then picked up by The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. The Newport News Daily Press and Times Herald interviewed Truitt, promising him anonymity, then ran his name as page one news anyway.

Meanwhile, the Navy had discovered that the bags of propellent, dating from the Korean war, had been improperly stored for 5 months in temperatures exceeding 90 degrees, the point at which the propellent becomes unstable.

The Navy's investigation also showed that the freshman sailor operating the rammer had over-rammed the propellent, 5 bags instead of the expected 6, slamming it into the warhead.

In response to accusations that the propellent was unstable, the Navy decided on a demonstration, and built a "drop test" rig. This was a simulated 16 inch gun barrel, with a ram at the base, that was dropped onto a concrete block to simulate over-ramming. The intention was to drop test the configuration again and again until it was evident that the propellent inside was safe from accidental detonation from over-ramming. Exactly the opposite was proven. On being dropped, the device detonated. The Navy then destroyed the remainder of the Iowa's propellent store and established new rules for the storing of propellent.

Despite this and other facts, the Navy's official report, issued on Thursday, September 7, 1989, concluded that the disaster was caused by a "wrongful intentional act ... most probably committed" by Clay Hartwig.

Killer bees

A killer bee

One of the fastest ways to get attention and funding is to announce the imminent doom of the world, then ask for money and/or obedience to study and perhaps "solve" the problem.

Real killer bees

In the 1970s, alarmists warned that a deadly strain of African Killer Bees, accidentally released in Brazil in 1957, were slowly moving towards the United States. The media was filled with lurid stories of vengeance-minded bees slaughtering innocent humans. Movies and TV were filled with killer bee horror films (or comedic skits such as the Killer Bees on Saturday Night Live).

Starting in 2002, the Killer Bees did in fact arrive in the United States. And contrary to the warnings, they do not attack people at random. Like any other bee, they will act to defend their hives when attacked, but since most Americans are smart enough not to do that with ordinary bees, the prophecies of doom and death never materialized.

As a side note, Apiculturists already knew that the Killer Bee alarm was overblown. Worker bees, killer or otherwise, can only sting once, and usually die afterwards. Only the Queen Bees, which never leave the hive after their mating flight, are able to sting multiple times and survive. So bees, killer or otherwise, do not sting unless they are provoked to the point of a Kamikaze suicide attack on the enemy.

The shoot-down of TWA 800

On the evening of July 17th, 1996, shortly after the sun had set, but while the sky was still light, hundreds of witnesses along the southern coast of Long Island New York saw a bright object rise up from the surface of the ocean and destroy TWA Flight 800, a Boeing 747 on its way to Paris. The initial claim by the United States Government was that terrorists had destroyed the aircraft with a Stinger-type man portable anti-aircraft missile, although at the time, TWA 800 was above the range of all known such weapons.

Notification of the active warning area

Then the story took a dramatic change when it revealed that the bright object rising up towards the 747 had come from an ongoing US Navy exercise, testing a fleet defence system called Aegis-CEC. The US Navy had activated a military warning zone, which included a ceiling of 10,000 feet, indicating the US Navy expected to deploy something in the sky.

So the story changed, the "terrorists missile" went away, and the new story was that fuel vapors inside the center wing tank of the 747 spontaneously exploded, and what the witnesses who reported seeing a military missile actually saw was the 747 pitching up and climbing into the sky, trailing burning fuel.

There were two problems with the story. The debris field did prove that portions of the wing box, surrounding the center wing tank, had broken away from the 747 first, but without the wing box, the wings would collapse, leaving the 747 unable to fly, let alone climb thousands of feet. This explanation for what the witnesses saw has become known as the "Magic Wingbox Theory." Following the obvious impossibility of the zoom climb theory, the official story changed once again and the US Government explained away the witness sightings by saying they were all drunk (no kidding, that was the final version of the story to explain the witness sightings), even though the missile had been tracked on civilian radar.

The second problem is that 747s use highly refined kerosene as a fuel because it does not explode.

The most likely explanation, and one that was admitted (then retracted) by the US Navy Master Chief on USS Trepang, is that the US Navy was testing an anti-missile system, and the radars locked onto the wrong target, the 747, instead of a test drone in the vicinity.

There was additional evidence, including strange residues on the wreckage which turned out to be consistent with combustion products from a military rocket engine.

More about TWA 800 is here.


Y2K book


As the 20th century wound down, concern was raised over the fact that most calendar functions inside computers were "hardwired" with the leading "19", and that as of midnight, December 31, 1999, computer date functions would leap backwards one hundred years to Jan 1, 1900.

The media was filled with dire forecasts of passenger jets falling out of the skies, banks unable to operate, a stock market crash, power grid collapse, etc. etc. etc. etc.

Now, while it was true that some dedicated clock and calendar chips did in fact have the hardwired "19" problem, the reality is that most calendar functions were already being handled totally in software and for those that were not, a changeover to software calendars able to deal with the year 2000 was a trivial exercise.

But so convincing were the scare mongers that the public started pulling their money out of banks in anticipation of a crash. As a result, corporations had to spend far more money on demonstrations to convince the public that Y2K was fixed than they spent fixing Y2K. In the end, Y2K turned into a 6 billion dollar enterprise that reaped huge profits for the scaremongerers-turned-software patch and "assurance testing" entrepreneurs.

Y2K came and went, and none of the doom-and-gloom prophecies came to pass. But the flood of bullshit succeeded in tricking millions of Americans into purchasing books and software they did not really need.


Bill Clinton’s diet

Bill Clinton chows down in Kailua, Oahu

Rulers lie so much and so often, they lie about trivial matters! Bill Clinton publicly declared he had quit eating junk food. One week later he was caught on Oahu at a local McDonald’s. Nobody really cares about what he was eating. He lied just because that is the habit of rulers to do. If they tell the truth, there is a risk the people may learn to spot the difference between lies and truth.

Stolen Kuwaiti Incubators

During the run-up to the first invasion of Iraq, Americans were treated to a tear-filled statement made by a supposed nurse, Nayirah, from a Kuwait hospital that the invading Iraqi troops had stolen the incubators from the maternity section of the hospital and left the babies on the cold floor to die.

The story was created by public relations firm Hill & Knowlton. The "nurse" was actually the dausghter of the Kuwati ambassador to the United States.

The Dodgy Dossier

Spoof on the Dodgy Dossier

Then there were the lies used to trick the US into war with Iraq.

First off was Tony Blair's "Dodgy Dossier", a document released by the Prime Minister that made many of the claims used to support the push for war. The dossier soon collapsed when it was revealed that much of it had been plagiarized from a student thesis paper that was 12 years old!

The contents of the dossier, however much they seemed to create a good case for invasion, were obsolete and outdated, having been plagiarized from a 12-year old student thesis paper.

Iraq lies: Mobile Bioweapons Labs

Balloon inflator system, sold to the public as a mobile biological weapons lab

Then there was the claim about the "Mobile biological weapons laboratories". Proffered in the absence of any real laboratories in the wake of the invasion, photos of these trailers were shown on all the US Mainstream Media, with the claim they while seeming to lack anything suggesting biological processing, these were part of a much larger assembly of multiple trailers that churned out biological weapons of mass destruction.

Illustration on how a balloon inflator is supposed to be part of a system to make weapons of mass destruction

The chief proponent of this hoax was Colin Powell, who presented illustrations such as this one to the United Nations on February 5th, 2003.

This claim fell apart when it was revealed that these trailers were nothing more than hydrogen gas generators used to inflate weather balloons. This fact was already known to both the US and UK, as a British company manufactured the units and sold them to Iraq.

Colin Powell's speech to the UN was itself one misstatement after another. Powell claimed that Iraq had purchased special aluminum tubes whose only possible use was in uranium enrichment centrifuges. Both CIA and Powell's own State Department confirmed that the tubes were parts for missiles Saddam was legally allowed to have. Following the invasion, no centrifuges, aluminum or otherwise were found.

Arial photos with fictitious labels

Powell also claimed to the United Nations that the photo above showed "Decontamination Vehicles". But when United Nations inspectors visited the site after the invasion, they located the vehicles and discovered they were just fire fighting equipment.

Powell claimed the Iraqis had illegal rockets and launchers hidden in the palm trees of Western Iraq. None were ever found.

Powell claimed that the Iraqis had 8,500 liters (2245 gallons) of Anthrax. None was ever found.

Powell claimed that Iraq had four tons of VX nerve gas. The UN had already confirmed that it was destroyed. The only VX ever found were samples the US had left as "standards" for testing. When the UN suspected that the US samples had been used to contaminate Iraqi warheads, the US moved quickly to destroy the samples before comparison tests could be carried out.

Powell claimed that Iraq was building long-range remote drones specifically designed to carry biological weapons. The only drones found were short-range reconnaissance drones.

Powell claimed that Iraq had an aggregate of between 100 and 500 tons of chemical and biological warfare agents. Powell gave no basis for that claim at all, and a DIA report issued the same time directly contradicted the claim. No biological or chemical weapons were found in Iraq following the invasion.

Powell claimed that "unnamed sources" confirmed that Saddam had authorized his field commanders to use biological weapons. No such weapons were ever used by the Iraqis to defend against the invasion and, of course, none were ever found in Iraq.

Powell claimed that 122mm warheads found by the UN inspectors were chemical weapons. The warheads were empty, and showed no signs of ever having contained chemical weapons.

Powell claimed that Iraq had a secret force of illegal long-range Scud missiles. None were ever found.

Powell claimed to have an audio tape proving that Saddam was supporting Osama Bin Laden. But independent translation of the tape revealed Osama's wish for Saddam's death.

"That dot is a chemical weapons dump. Honest!"

Colin Powell's UN debacle also included spy photos taken from high flying aircraft and spacecraft. On the photos were circles and arrows and labels pointing to various fuzzy white blobs and identifying them as laboratories and storage areas for Saddam's massive weapons of mass destruction program. Nothing in the photos actually suggested what the blobby shapes were and during inspections which followed the invasion, all of them turned out to be rather benign.

In at least one case, the satellite Powell claimed had taken one of the pictures had actually been out of operation at the time. And many questioned why Powell was showing black and white photos when the satellites in use at the time over Iraq took color images.

Forged Niger uranium sales document

Another piece of evidence consists of documents which President Bush referenced as in his 2003 State of the Union Speech. According to Bush, these documents proved that Iraq was buying tons of uranium oxide, called "Yellow Cake" from Niger.

Since Israel had bombed Iraq's nuclear power plant years before, it was claimed that the only reason Saddam would have for buying uranium oxide was to build bombs.

This hoax fell apart fast when it was pointed out that Iraq has a great deal of uranium ore inside their own borders and no need to import any from Niger or anywhere else. The I.A.E.A. then blew the cover off the fraud by announcing that the documents Bush had used were not only forgeries, but too obvious to believe that anyone in the Bush administration did not know they were forgeries! The forged documents were reported as being "discovered" in Italy by SISMI, the Italian Security Service. Shortly before the "discovery" the head of SISMI had been paid a visit by Michael Ledeen, Manucher Ghorbanifar, and two officials from OSP, one of whom was Larry Franklin, the Israeli spy operating inside the OSP.

In July, 2005, the Italian Parliament concluded their own investigation and named four men as suspects in the creation of the forged documents. Michael Ledeen, Dewey Clarridge, Ahmed Chalabi and Francis Brookes. This report has been included in Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation into the outing of Valerie Plame, and Paul McNulty, the prosecutor of the AIPAC spy case.

A recently declassified memo proves that the State Department reported the fact that the Niger documents were forgeries to the CIA 11 days before President Bush made the claim about the Niger uranium based on those documents.

In the end, the real proof that we were lied to about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction is that no weapons of mass destruction were ever found. That means that every single piece of paper that purported to prove that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction was by default a fraud, a hoax, and a lie. There could be no evidence that supported the claim that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction because Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction. In a way, the existence of any faked documents about Iraq's WMDs is actually an admission of guilt. If one is taking the time to create fake documents, the implication is that the faker is already aware that there are no genuine documents.

What the US Government had, ALL that they had, were copied student papers, forged "Yellow Cake" documents, balloon inflators posing as bioweapons labs, and photos with misleading labels on them. And somewhere along the line, someone decided to put those misleading labels on those photos, to pretend that balloon inflators are portable bioweapons labs, and to pass off stolen student papers as contemporary analysis.

The President of the United States and his Neocon associates lied to the people of the United States to send them off on a war of conquest.

Saddam’s Nuclear Weapons did not exist.

Propaganda of Osama Bin Laden's mountain fortress, which did not exist.

Assad's Sarin Gas

In 2013, 2014, and 2017, the US accused Syria's President Assad of gassing his own people. In all three cases the claims were used to justify escalation of war in Syria. In all 3 cases, the UN either discovered that the US-backed rebels had committed the crime, or (in 2017) could not verify the source or even that Sarin was actually used.

Human-caused Global Warming

Photo of temperature measuring station set next to a trash incinerator

Perhaps the biggest and thankfully most obvious pile of bullshit ladled into the public by the rulers is the Human-Caused Global Warming hoax, intended to trick people into obedience to a self-declared global environmental authority, to accept reduced standards of living so that the wealthy may have greater riches, and to pay for a carbon tax, to be used to fund the rise of a global government.

The entire claim of crisis by the "carbonazis" rests on the idea that Earth's climate is stable, never changing, and it is only recently that human activity has begun to drive global temperatures higher, with disastrous consequences if we fail to obey and pay as demanded.

First off, Earth's climate is always changing and always has. In all of Earth's four billion year history, there has never been a time when the climate was not changing. Earth's climate changed long before humans evolved and will go on changing long after humans become extinct. The primary forces controlling Earth's climate are solar output and the slow oscillation in the shape of Earth's orbit, from circular to elliptical and back. When Earth's orbit is elliptical, we get ice ages. When Earth's orbit is circular, we get the inter-glacial, or warm periods.

The evidence regarding the fraud of Climategate is far too large for the present document. It deserves and indeed has, a page all of its own.


White House aid Andrew Card informs President Bush of the second airplane crashing into the World Trade Towers. Despite a supposedly unknown number of hijacked planes crashing into buildings, Bush's presence at Booker Elementary School being announced in the media three days previously, and an airport just four miles away, the Secret Service did not remove Bush from the school, proving they knew in advance he would not be a target.

World Trade Center Building 7, although not struck by an airplane, collapsed into its own footprint, exactly like a controlled demolition.

BBC reported on the collapse of World Trade Center Building Seven 26 minutes before it actually happened. In this clip from the live BBC report on the collapse, Building Seven is visible still standing in the background. Someone got off of the 'script'.

Like Global Warming, the lies regarding 9-11warrant and have their own pages. Here are a few.

The Secret Service at Booker Elementary: The Dog That Did Not Bark


BBC reported collapse of WTC 7 26 minutes before it actually happened.

Shaped Charges and the World Trade Center Collapses

The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9-11

Odigo Says Workers Were Warned of 9/11 Attacks

The Israeli Spy Ring connection to 9-11

9-11 Thermite and the WTC Collapses

When the liars get caught

In hindsight of history, the lies about 9-11, or John Kennedy, of the climate, or the economy, are not unique, nor are they even all that unusual. It is for this government, aided by the corporate media presstitutes, business as usual.

It must be very frustrating for the liars in government right now. Lying to the people has worked for thousands of years.

But not recently. Sometimes the liars are exposed, and face the wrath of their people, angered at the lack of respect being lied to shows.

Death of Charles I

Death of Louis XVI

Death of Napoleon

Death of Nicolae Ceausescu

Death of Hitler

Death of Benito Mussolini

Modern Gutenbergs

Illuminated manuscript, produced by hand for the very rich.

In ancient times, the labor intensive book was an item of great value; a status symbol for the rich.Literacy was the province of the rulers. The ruled were not educated to be able to read. Indeed it was actively discouraged.

Gutenberg press

Gutenberg changed that when he rediscovered movable-type printing (the Chinese had it 400 years earlier). His printing press made books inexpensive and available to the masses, fundamentally altering the basic flow of information between rulers and ruled. Those institutions that could evolve to meet the new reality survived and those that could not, despite a fierce fight of repression on their part, went extinct.

We are repeating that same profound social change today. The Internet has changed the fundamental way in which information flows through society. Those institutions that can evolve to meet the new reality will survive and those that cannot, despite a fierce fight of repression on their part, are doomed to go extinct.

All of history is a war between those who would use imposed ignorance coupled with lies to turn free men into mindless obedient slaves and soldiers.

What do we do about the lies and liars?

These are just a few well-known examples of how rulers have lied to the ruled throughout history. A brief search will reveal many more to those who are interested. But the point here is that We The People are being lied to constantly, unrelentingly, insistantly, to sell us a new product, a new President, a new war.

The founding fathers had a dream of an America where the people and the government worked together towards a common good, in mutual respect.

A government that lies to the people does not respect the people, and the America of the 21st Century is not the America dreamed of in 1776.

The Declaration of Independence states government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed. I do not consent to live under a government that lies to me. I will have a truthful government or I will have no government at all!

And you need to decide whether or not you will continue to live under a government that lies to you.

The good news is that with technology on our side the age of rule by lies is fading into history, and an age of government that must earn, rather than simply demand, the trust of the people is coming into being.

The way you end an age of lies is to simply refuse to believe any longer. Beliefs are chains used to enslave free minds. No chain of steel or iron ever bound a human tighter than the chains built of the beliefs with which we are indoctrinated as children.

It is time to break free of the chains of belief and demand the truth.