From http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/ap/20010924/us/attacks_bush_2.html

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush on Monday backed off the administration's
pledge to quickly release evidence against Osama bin Laden. He said doing so could
``make the war more difficult to win.''
The entire case against Osama Bin Laden rested on the claim that the identities of the hijackers were known. That claim fell apart when even the US admitted that the hijackers had used phony identifications with the stolen identities of mid eastern arabs on them. Moreover, the hijackers had made a conspicuous display of themselves in various locales to make sure that the stolen identities would be remembered.

The forged IDs wreck any chain of evidence that leads from the hijackers to those who controlled them.

So, where are we? Well, it looks like we're about to invade Afghanistan. We don't know for sure that Osama actually had anything to do with the attacks on the World Trade Towers but we are still going to invade Afghanistan. We don't even know that Osama is still inside Afghanistan but we are still going to invade Afghanistan.

It is rapidly becoming clear that Osama was just the excuse; the real goal all along was to invade Afghanistan, which is, of course, what the US was telling other countries it intended to do last summer.

So, without proof of any Afghani's guilt, without proof that the prime suspect is even there, we will invade Afghanistan.

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