The recent bombings in London have prompted me to create a database of information from various news sites. This page will be used for that collection at the present time. I do not believe these attacks were at all what the mainstream media and government officials want us to believe they were.

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Points tell about how many pieces of information it contains.

Update: July 9th, 2005 at 6:00pm

Immediately following my learning of the bombings, I went to all the major news sites I visit several times a day. I get my news from online sources, because I can get the information faster and in a greater amount than radio or TV. That, and the sources have been consistant when it comes to telling more truth than everyone else.

Its important to point a few things out that were going on before the bombings took place. First is that the UK was preparing the withdrawl of its forces in Iraq. At this time, they amount to most of the soldiers in the southern part. Couple this with the Downing Street Memo, a series of documents that gives a summary of meetings held in 2002 that proves the intelligence was being fixed around the policy of going to war in Iraq, or in other words, we were being lied to about the Iraq- Al-Qaeda link, the WMDs, and pretty much everything else. The Brits aren't too happy with Tony Blair, and he faces a "no confidence" vote in Parliment over all of this. Unlike most Americans, the Brits aren't daft and won't march to the sound of a political drum.

Secondly, there was to be a meeting right near one of the explosions with the Israeli Finance Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, about investing in Israel. While on any other day this would have been nothing to blink at, whats interesting is the conflicting stories that came out the first day. Apparently, Netanyahu got some kind of warning not to go out because of possible terror attacks. The conflicts arise in when he was warned and who warned him. The original story appears to be that the Israeli embassy got a call from Scotland Yard, and it was passed on to him, all before the first bombing. This was initially backed up by the embassy staff. Shortly afterward, Israel backpeddled their story, saying Netanyahu was warned after the first attack (which at the time no one knew what it was, although it was reported as a transformer explosion).

But then we have a news website in India claiming that Israel had warned the UK about a pending terror attack. Interesting to note since Israel did the same thing before 9/11 occurred.

Except the Brits deny having told anyone about anything, and that they had no idea there were to be terrorist attacks. There are a couple of possibilities here:
  • 1) The Brits are lying about not telling the Israeli Embassy to cover up the fact they didn't warn any British citizens or police.
  • 2) The Brits aren't lying, and that Netanyahu got a warning from somewhere else, possibly pretending to be Scotland Yard
  • 3) Someone is trying to cover up who carried out the attacks by protecting both the Israeli's during the attack and by denying an foreknowledge of such attacks.
It doesn't make sense at the moment, does it?

Ariel Sharon called Netanyahu shortly after the first bombing to see if he was ok. Again, the original thought was it was just a power transformer since there was a power failure in the tunnel. What's really interesting is what Netanyahu said to Gordon Brown:

"If there is anyone who understands what you are going through, it is Israel."

What makes that statement interesting is what Brian Kilmeade said on FOX News.
"I think that works to our advantage, in the Western world's advantage, for people to experience something like this together, just 500 miles from where the attacks have happened."

Let's get back on topic here with all the denials of who was warned about what. Everyone in the highest positions is denying everything that would give any inclination that it was a staged attack. But now we need someone to pin the blame on, if it wasn't staged, right?

So of course, Tony Blair immediately blames the "terrorists." And who comes out saying they did it? A completely unknown group claiming the attack in the name of al-Qaida. They post on a website of course, rather than release a video interview or audio tape. But someone picks up on this when they noticed that one of the verses from the Koran has an error in it. MSNBC translator Jacob Keryakes suggests that it might be a fake claim, since "This is not something al-Qaida would do."

Back to square one. Cui Bono? Whats the motive behind this? Somehow I'm finding it hard to believe that right after Britian declares its pulling its troops out of Iraq, bombs go off. Again, who is to blame? Blair and some "analysists" see an Islamic link (before we know any more than what buses were blown up, they're pointing fingers). So who are these analysists? Boaz Ganor, director general of Israel's International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism, and Mordechai Kedar, a counter-terrorism analyst for Israel's public television. Now would be a good time to mention Brian Kilmeade's comment again on sharing experiences.

There are only a few political motives for this attack that are possible.
  • 1) Gain support for attacks on Iran. The White House has been talking about how al-Qaida leaders are in and out of there, including bin Laden and Zarqawi. It was the British MP, George Galloway who said that public opposition to a war with Iran would change if there were a staged terror attack. It's also no secret that Israel wants Iran to be dealt with, as they've been the ones pushing for harsher dealings and making bold lies about Iran's nuclear facilities. Those lies have been countered by the U.N. and the IAEA, but regardless of this the United States government has continued to repeat what Israel is saying.
  • 2) Political revenge for this:
    Sharon Grants Egypt Military Rewards in Sinai, Is Outmaneuvered by a Secret UK-Egyptian-Palestinian Gas Transaction
    Basically, the Israeli government made a deal with Egypt, but didn't know about another deal Egypt had with the UK. Apparently it will bring in $150-200 million for the Palestinian Authority.
  • 3) Help save Tony Blair's ass, boost Bush's poll numbers, and keep the "War on Terror" going just a bit longer.
  • 4) Revenge for supporting Bush's war in Iraq.

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Update: July 10th, 2005 at 3:30am

Since then, Israel has ordered no one to discuss the matter of the London bombings, saying that it's a British thing, and Israel should not be involved. While that makes some sense, it's an order that comes a bit too late as enough has been said to fuel investigations by various individuals.

Then there is the statement from Juval Aviv, former Israeli Counterterrorism Intelligence Officer and President/CEO of Interfor Inc. He says that the United States will be attacked within 90 days of the London bombings, and that the attack will be carried out on the transportation systems in multiple cities. That puts the deadline at October 5th.

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Update: July 10th, 2005 at 1:30pm

As it turns out, the FOUR cameras on board the bus that blew up weren't working. They don't know what happened, if perhaps they forgot to turn them on or if there was a technical problem. Imagine that.... So now we can't get an image of the bomber, which would have been so helpful. Instead, we'll sort through several million bus tickets in hopes of getting a finger print.

And as I predicted, the London bombings would be used as an arena to begin the Iran push, and the push comes from the number one source for Western interference in the Mideast: An Israeli official by the name of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Again, backing up what MSNBC translator Jackob Keryakes said, a news website in Australia says "The language of all the statements has been vague and does not conform to al-Qaeda language and style." when discussing all the websites being posted on by the terrorist organizations.

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Update: July 10th, 2005 at 4:15pm

Something a lot of mainstream media outlets has yet to pick up on (or refuse to mention) is that there was a bombing drill going on at the exact same time, in the exact same location, as the real bombs that went off. Not only that, but the drill was to be focused on simultaneous explosions, which is exactly what happened according to the BBC.

What are the chances of that happening? Not very likely, but when you compound that information with the fact that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) was also in New York City the day before 9/11 and was preparing for a bioterror drill, we start to see a pattern here that the odds are against. Expecially when you realize that NORAD was simulating 20 hijacked planes on 9/11, providing cover for the real 4 to do what they did and cause mass confusion.

Happening once is a situation that one could see as a freak coincidence and really bad luck. Happening twice is an impossibility.

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Updated: July 11th, 2005 Midnight

Tony Blair has rejected calls for an investigation into the bombings on July 7th, saying that they would distract from catching the people responsible. This is similar to the Bush White House reluctantly creating the 9/11 Comission and then fighting them every step of the way when they wanted to do their investigation.

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Update: July 12th, 2005 at 2:00am

First article (not London related really) of notice is from the Washington Post saying there have been few convictions when it comes to terror arrests. It starts with Bush pushing the limits on telling the truth about how out of 400 suspects arrested, half have been convicted. The truth is, only 39 have been convicted of terror related charges, not immigration violations and whatnot. Also, the terror charges come from the Patriot Act, which actually has broad rules which could be used to arrest some of the people actually convicted of terror related charges on things that aren't really terrorism linked. This is an important thing to take note when we're told that the terrorists are everywhere, be scared, by Homeland Security.

Back to the London attacks.

An Israeli news site claims that a British suicide bomber's explosives connect him to the explosives from the bombings in London. Mossad is the Israeli "CIA," although apparently better at what they do. The site claims they got a warning six minutes before the first bombing went off. Mossad also says the bombs are made in China, which is an interesting side note to look at in the next point.

According to Reuters, the bombs appear to be of military origin. The British government (and other various officials) continue to say this all bears the hallmark of al-Qaida, but al-Qaida has used homemade bombs, not military grade stuff (mentioned in the article as well). Not to mention al-Qaida is more of a "suicide" type attack while these bombings were thought to be done with timers.

Lets go into the timelines here. According to the BBC, it was thought the bombs went off within 50 seconds of each other. It gets confusing when you throw in the Times Online article saying that they happened within six minutes of each other considering both articles were published on July 9th. Lets ignore both of these for the time being, since neither one can get their story straight apparently.

So instead we'll go to the Herald Sun in Australia who has the original timeline of events posted (one that isn't twisted to fit the facts perhaps?).

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Now lets put everything we've learned together into a proper timeline of who knew what and when using the original, more detailed timeline. The individual bombings are in red while compiled information is in green.

  • Sometime that morning, the Brits were conducting terror attack drills at/near bombing sites.
  • ~8:43am, Mossad office in London alerted to a pending terror strike 6 minutes before first explosion.
  • 8:49am, there was a report of an incident on the train line.
  • Sometime between 8:43am 9:15am, Netanyahu was warned. It isn't clear when he was told, but someone tipped him off not to go out due to a possible terrorist attack. He (and the Israeli Embasssy) originally said that it was Scotland Yard who called in the warning, but the Brits deny this. However, the Mossad office got a warning (not telling where from, just saying "they").
  • 9:15am, the media reported emergency services were called into action.
  • 9:24am, Police still unsure what happened, say it may have been a train accident or electrical issue.
  • 9:33am, reports of another incident.
  • 9:40am, Police say there have been power surge incidents.
  • 10:02am, Scotland Yard announces they are dealing with a 'major incident.'
  • 10:14am, bus is reported to have exploded. This is the first real sign that it's a terrorist attack.
  • 10:23am, Another bus is reported to have exploded.
  • 10:25am, Tony Blair and company are still unsure about terrorist attack.
So if Mossad knew 6 minutes prior to the first bombing that means by 10:25am, while Tony Blair wasn't even sure, the Israeli's had knowledge for about 40 minutes. What's worse is they didn't bother to call anyone else, such as the London police, to give warning. This completely negates them from saying that this is a British matter that Israel shouldn't be involved in.

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