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Photographic Evidence Showing
Ziad Jarrah Was Not a 9/11 Hijacker

Of all the dozens of mysteries still swirling around this month's devastating terrorist attacks, the life of alleged hijacker [Ziad] Jarrah has emerged as one of the more perplexing. From Lebanon to Germany to the United States, there are few clues as to why he would have joined a terrorist organization, much less commandeered an airplane in a suicidal mission that claimed dozens of innocent lives as well as his own. [Boston Globe 9/25/2001]

Jarrah #1

Jarrah #2

Jarrah #3

Jarrah #1: Student visa photo of "Ziad Jarrah".
Jarrah #2: Authentic photo of alleged hijacker Ziad Jarrah taken in 1996. [BBC]
Jarrah #3: Passport photo of "Ziad Jarrah" found in the wreckage of Flight 93.

It is apparent that Jarrahs 1 & 3 are the same person. Compare them to Jarrah 2:

Head shape: wrong
Hairline: wrong
Nose shape: wrong

Conclusion: The Ziad Jarrah purported to have piloted Flight 93 on 9/11 is not shown in photograph 3, therefore he was not a hijacker.

Other comparison photographs:

Click for full sized image

'It makes no sense,'' his uncle, Jamal Jarrah, said in a telephone interview from the village of Al-Marj, Lebanon, recalling that two days before the hijacking, his nephew called and told the family he'd be coming home for a cousin's wedding in mid-September. ''He said he had even bought a new suit for the occasion.'' [Boston Globe]

In the summer of 1999 Jarrah spent most of his time in Bochum with his girlfriend Aisel. [CBC]

Jarrah lived with his girlfriend.

A farewell letter written by [Jarrah] to his girlfriend in Germany [was] intercepted by investigators in the United States. He sent it to his girlfriend's address in Bochum, but it apparently never arrived, due to a mistake in the address. The German post office returned the letter marked 'address unknown' to the United States, where it was intercepted by investigators a week ago. [Guardian]

"The letter has been fabricated in an attempt to find evidence against Ziad Jarrah," his uncle, Jamal Jarrah told the US news agency Associated Press. And he said it was suspicious that the letter's address reportedly contained a mistake, as he had known his girlfriend for five years and would not have made such an error. [BBC]

How could he get an address he'd lived at wrong?

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