There is a term of craft in Propaganda called a "Limited Hangout." This refers to admitting to a smaller scandal as a distraction from the larger scandal that must remain hidden.

One example can be seen in Kenneth Starr's investigation into the Clintons' Whitewater affair, which publicly focused obsessively on the Oval Office tryst between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.
Ken Starr Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky

The focus on the sex scandal created the impression in most Americans' minds that this was the dirt at the heart of Whitewater, even though Clinton's brief fling with Lewinsky occurred long after the events in Arkansas that Congress was investigating. Following Bill Clinton's televised admission of an Oval Office orgasm, corporate media dropped the story.

However, while the naive in our society may have relaxed in the impression that justice more or less had been served, the reality is that Kenneth Starr had used the sex scandal to conceal from the American people far more serious crimes, ones which had they been exposed, presented a real threat to President Clinton, the CIA, and the entire credibility of the US Government as a whole!

The Whitewater Land Development deal was part of a much larger network of illegal activity that had been operating in Arkansas under then-governor Bill Clinton.

Arkansas was the north end of a convoluted pipeline that was smuggling guns down to the Nicaraguan Contras. This gun-running operation was operated by the CIA and private individuals without Congressional awareness or approval. This made the operation illegal under the Boland Amendment, which makes engaging in foreign policy without the permission of the White House and State Department a prison offence. Because the Contra aid program was illegal and could not appear on the CIA's Congressionally approved budget, the CIA needed another funding source to pay for the manufacture and transport of untraceable weapons, and turned to cocaine smuggling as a means to fund the clandestine operation, and incidentally make all the participants very rich indeed!

The CIA had been using drug money to fund "off the shelf" operations for decades, and had been caught smuggling opium from a drug lord in the Golden Triangle named Khun Sa into the US via their proprietary airlines such as Air America, and hidden inside the body bags of returning Vietnam KIAs.

Khun Sa

Much of this is documented in James "Bo" Gritz' book/film "A Nation Betrayed."

During Ronald Reagan's administration, at the urging of his Vice-President George H. W. Bush, Reagan asked his Attorney General William French Smith to exempt the CIA from the legal requirement to report any illegal drug activity they encountered as part of intelligence operations. This "License to smuggle" gave the CIA a legally protected corridor through which they could profit. William French Smith's assistant while all this was happening was the young Kenneth Starr!

The covert supply/smuggling operation was proceeding quite smoothly. The CIA planes that flew the untraceable weapons down flew cocaine back, which was then sold to finance the operation. The money was laundered through land flips, such as Whitewater, Flowerwood, and Castle Grande, banks such as Madison Guarantee (owned by Clinton friend James McDougal, who was also a partner in the land deals), and payments made out through an official state agency called the Arkansas Finance Development Authority, created by Clinton friend Webster Hubble, which supposedly provided Arkansas government loans to the various individuals and companies working for the Contras supply/drug operation for "business" development. In reality, the loans were simply zeroed out and never repaid.

Much of the details of how the system worked are detailed in "Compromised: Clinton, Bush, and the CIA", by Terry Reed, who was one of the active participants.

\Terry Reed's book

Then things started to go wrong.

One of the pilots hired by the CIA for the gun and drug running operation was Barry Seal, who operated out of the airport at Mena, where he brokered, maintained, and piloted the various nondescript aircraft used to smuggle the guns and drugs.

Barry Seal

But Barry got a bit greedy and was engaged on a bit of private drug smuggling on the side and was busted for smuggling Quaalude in Florida. Seal offered to turn informant for the DEA, and started to fill them in on the details of the gun and drug smuggling operation reaching from Arkansas to Nicaragua. The DEA was not deterred by the CIA's involvement, since the operation was clearly illegal and not being sanctioned officially by the White House, and could not be officially protected. Barry Seal installed cameras on his C-123 transport that documented delivery of the guns to the Contras, and pickups of Cocaine from the CIA's cocaine suppliers in the Medellin cartel.

Medellin Cartel loads cocaine onto Barry Seal's CIA gun and drug smuggling plane

Both the DEA and CIA wanted the story to remain secret, but President Reagan decided he could use the photos by claiming the men seen accepting the guns were Sandinista. Barry Seal's deal with DEA was canceled and the judge in his trial for Quaalude smuggling sentenced him to what appeared to be a light sentence; public service at the Salvation Army Shelter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Barry's home town. The judge also ordered that Barry Seal could not be in possession of any firearms, and oddly enough, could not hire any guards for his own protection. Not surprisingly, Barry Seal was shot to death at that location February 19, 1986.

Barry Seal's body

The limited hangout was that he was killed for informing on the Medellin Cartel. His involvement with the CIA and Mena remained hidden from the public.

Or would have, except that Barry Seal had left behind a huge cache of documentation which was unearthed by two Washington Post reporters, Sally Denton and Roger Morris. Working through the documentation they pieced together the true story of Barry Seal, what he had been doing, and most importantly who he had been doing it for! The resulting story, "The Crimes of Mena" was strong enough that the Washington Post legal department cleared it for publication, but the story was spiked by the Washington Post's Managing Editor Bob Kaiser, who just happened to be a Skull & Bones alumni with President Bush. As an historical side note, the Skull & Bones fraternity was originally funded with the then-legal US opium trade. Bob Kaiser refused to meet with Sally Denton and Roger Morris to explain why the story was killed, preferring to let his secretary deliver the bad news. Not to be silenced over a scandal that touched three US Presidents, Sally Denton and Roger Morris shopped the story around the corporate media, meeting a fearful rejection at every turn, until finally it was published in the Men's Magazine, "Penthouse" in July of 1995, almost ten years after Barry Seal's assassination.

On October 5, 1986, a Nicaraguan Sandinista shot down one of the CIA gun and drug planes, killing three of the four crew. The single survivor was Eugene Hasenfus, who was working for General Richard Secord, who ran the re-supply operation. in typical CIA foul-ups, the crew were carrying ID cards as employees of Southern Air Transport, a known CIA proprietary airline (similar to Air America), and the onboard logbooks also linked the flight to CIA operations. With a live survivor also confirming that the plane had been smuggling illegal and untraceable guns to the Contras, the scandal that would become known as Iran-Contra exploded into public view.

Hasenfus captured

President Reagan announced the formation of the Tower Commission to "investigate" the scandal. In actually, as had been the case with the Warren Commission, the Tower Commission's real job was to halt all other investigations by taking possession of all the evidence, in order to control the outcome. The actual smuggling operation was investigated by Senate Select Committee on Secret Military Assistance to Iran and the Nicaraguan Opposition, chaired by Hawaii Senator Daniel Inouye, who would order the hearing sessions closed to the press and public whenever the testimony started to drift towards what was on the return flights into Arkansas.

The final report by the Tower Commission was delivered to President Reagan on February 26, 1987. It was a classic Limited Hangout, admitting to the gun smuggling but concealing the facts that the operation was outside normal government controls and funded by government-sanctioned cocaine smuggling. Also left unsaid was that the gun and drug operation had continued.

Then, on August 23, 1987, just months after the Iran-Contra scandal had started to fade, two boys out deer hunting accidentally witnessed one of the protected air drop of drugs just south of Little Rock, from an aircraft flying into the airport at Mena, Arkansas, a key hub for the gun and drug running operation.

Kevin Ives & Don Henry

The boys' bodies were found on a train track and the official verdict by Clinton-appointed Medical Examiner Fahmy Malek was they had passed out while smoking marijuana on the tracks and been run over by a train. However the engineer of the train testified that all he saw was a mound on the tracks covered by a tarp, and the boys' mother insisted that the boys did not smoke marijuana nor would be stupid enough to do so on railroad tracks. Eventually a local Grand Jury began an investigation and ordered the bodies exhumed and examined by another expert, who concluded that the boys had been beaten with a rifle butt and were dead before being placed on the tracks.

Public outcry over Fahmy Malek's apparent incompetence forced Governor Bill Clinton called in two more pathologists from outside Arkansas to review the work done by the state medical examiner and crime lab where the first autopsies had been done. But when the Saline Country Grand Jury tried to subpoena the pathologists, Bill Clinton blocked it.

The furor over the obvious murder and cover-up triggered a flood of new people coming forward with stories about drug operation in and around Mena, and of other strange deaths. In 1990, Jean Duffey headed a drug task force in the area and began to piece together evidence connecting narcotics, strange deaths, local bankers, and government officials. As a result, she was harassed, threatened, and eventually forced to leave the state.

The money-machine.

One of the first moves George H. W. Bush had made upon taking the Oval Office in 1989 was to raise the maximum insurance coverage for accounts insured by the FDIC from $10,000 to $100,000. This magnified the potential for abuse and damage in what would eventually come to be known as the Savings And Loan Crisis. Publicly blamed on reckless loans, the reality was that many Savings and Loans had been caught up in the growing network of money-laundering machines created to deal with the massive flood of cash coming in from the CIA's cocaine trade.

Here is how the scam worked.

The drug cash would be laundered through networks of land deals and cash-only businesses and then "brokered" into Savings and Loan accounts, always below the FDIC insurance limit. The CIA would find a cooperative (or compromised) bank loan officer to lend the cash back out to a company also owned by the CIA. Loans were secured with real-estate which was appraised at many times its real value through artificially inflating its price cia "land flips" in which multiple CIA companies would sell the same piece of land back and forth at ever higher prices. The proceeds of a loan are untaxable, untraceable, and could be sent anywhere in the world to finance CIA operations, drop into the pockets of the people running the scam, and even start to build a campaign war chest for a run at the White House!

The phantom company that the loan was given to would suddenly go out of business and vanish along with the loaned cash. The Savings and Loan would move to take possession of the property pledged as collateral and discover that they had somehow made a loan of millions of dollars for a piece of property that was actually worthless. The Savings and Loan would default, and here is where the beauty of the scheme really comes in, because the CIA people who had made those original deposits, then borrowed their own money back, were still on the FDICs books as account holders that needed to be reimbursed! They got their money back a second time!

Years of this abuse began to take its toll on the Savings and Loan industry as a whole and the system began to really come apart. Yet again, there was a Limited Hangout. The US Government created a high level agency, the Resolution Trust Corporation, that poured more cash into FDIC to make good on the accounts in the failed Savings and Loans, and directly wrote checks to cover accounts not protected by FDIC, all without asking any questions and all on the backs of the US taxpayers. It was the largest taxpayer bailout of financial institutions of its time, but of course pales in comparison to its more recent descendants. Sold to the taxpayer as saving "Widows and orphans" the vast majority of the money went to clean up corporate accounts, and those numbered brokered accounts that were part of the CIA's Iran-Contra money laundering (and growing) scheme. That was the real scandal, hidden behind a public admission of "fiscal incompetence!"

But in March 1992, as Bill Clinton cranked up his run at the White House, a New York Times story about how the Clintons lost money on the Whitewater Development Corporation caught the eye of L. Jean Lewis, an investigator at the Resolution Trust Corporation. The name Whitewater had been connected to the collapse of Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan which Lewis was investigating, and she had found numerous questionable financial transactions in the very tangled web that existed between the Clinton and Madison's owner James McDougal. Lewis found sufficient evidence to file a criminal complaint with the FBI. Both the FBi and the U.S. Attorney's Office in Little Rock ignored the referral and declared it "without merit". This stalled the Whitewater Scandal until after Bill Clinton became President (much as the Watergate break-in scandal had been stalled long enough to allow Richard Nixon to win re-election) but as more referrals for criminal activity during Clinton's governorship started to pour in, prosecutions began against numerous Clinton associates, but never the Clintons themselves. A U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigation did result in convictions against James and Susan McDougal for their role in the Whitewater project. Bill Clinton's successor as governor, Jim Guy Tucker, was convicted and served time in prison for his role in the fraud. Susan McDougal later served 18 months in prison for contempt of court for refusing to answer any questions relating to Whitewater. She was pardoned by President Clinton just before he left office.

The Whitewater scandal began to grow in the public awareness beyond the Whitewater Development itself to include Flowerwood, Castle Grand and other similar operations, which appeared to be the sort of vastly overpriced projects pledged as collateral to victimized Savings and Loans.

Then, on July 20, 1993, White House Deputy Council Vincent Foster's body was found at Fort Marcy Park, northwest of Washington DC, in Virginia. The official report is that he was laid out straight on the ground, other reports say he was still in his car. The death was immediately declared a suicide despite much evidence to the contrary, including official FBI records showing a fraudulent attempt to manufacture a link between Foster himself and the gun found next to his body. In addition, the gun had been wiped clean, and there was no record by the Secret Service of Vince Foster leaving the White House that day, and the outline for Foster's resignation letter presented as his suicide note had additional wording added by a second hand. Indeed the suicide note was such an obvious forgery that the FBI ordered Lisa Foster not to allow a photograph of it, even in the face of a FOIA lawsuit!

That did not prevent the note from getting out!

Vincent Foster with Rose Law Firm partner (and rumored lover) Hillary Clinton

Some of Foster's documents were eventually located in the private residence of th White House, with Hillary's fingerprints on them!

Yet another strange death, this one to the highest level government official since John F. Kennedy, coupled with the looting of documents from Foster's White House office before official investigators were allowed to enter, caused a public outcry. Clinton made speeches protesting his innocence, Hillary started screaming about the "Vast Right-wing Conspiracy", and to head off the dozens of smaller inquiries that were starting up, Clinton ordered US Attorney General Janet Reno to appoint a special prosecutor, Robert Fiske, to look into all the allegations, which now included allegations of loans made under coercion and a cover-up of transactions from Clinton's 1990 Gubernatorial campaign. Robert Fiske subpoenaed the Clintons' records in May of 1994, which included billing records from the Rose Law Firm, where both Hillary and Vincent Foster had worked while still in Arkansas. The Clinton claimed they had been lost. The records were found in the White House residence by a staffer in 1996! A report by the law firm supervising the liquidation of Madison Guaranty was cited by the corporate media as proof of the Clintons' innocence, only to have the lawyer in charge of the report, Charles Petterson, insist that the report was not in any way a vindication or exoneration of the Clintons' role in the disaster.

Robert Fiske came under heavy criticism, in part because his report on the death of Vincent Foster contained numerous and easily disproved falsehoods while ignoring witnesses with information that contradicted the claim of suicide, but mostly over the perceived conflict of interest having been appointed to the job by Clinton's close friend Janet Reno. Fiske was then replaced by Kenneth Starr in August 1994, the same Kenneth Starr who had been assistant to Reagan's Attorney General William French Smith when the CIA got their license to smuggle. Starr moved quickly to reassert the official story of Foster's suicide, to drag out the "investigation" as long as possible, and (when the scandal refused to fade) to find a way to bring it to a controlled end.

At risk was exposure to the American people of drug criminals in high office, drug money in campaign coffers, assassinations in the White House, an out-of-control CIA being the real cause of the Savings and Loan melt-down, and the admission that the biggest smuggler of illegal drugs into the United States is the government itself! Kenneth Starr, already an insider to that dark secret, needed to fashion a limited hangout; the admission of a small guilt to keep the greater guilt concealed. And an obvious source of a lesser guilt was Bill Clinton's inability to keep his hands off of every female near him. Bill Clinton had, as just one example, groped and fondled Kathleen Willey in the Oval Office on the very day her husband, Ed Willey, another Clinton fundraiser who brought in loads of untraceable cash to the campaign, was "suicided" with a shotgun blast to his head.

Paula Jones had filed her sexual harassment lawsuit against Bill Clinton and it was through Jones that the world came to know about Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern with whom Clinton was enjoying a casual tryst. Monica Lewinsky had been giving Clinton oral sex in the Oval Office until Lewinsky's superiors, concerned over the obviousness of the affair, transferred Lewinsky to the Pentagon in April 1996. But Lewinsky continued to meet with Bill Clinton for sexual purposes until March of 1997. Monica Lewinsky's name had surfaced during the discovery phase of the Paula Jones lawsuit, but Lewinsky lied, saying that She and Bill Clinton had not had any sex. Lewinsky then asked Linda Tripp to lie for her and say the same if asked. Tripp, getting caught up in subornation of perjury, started recording her phone calls with Lewinsky and then turned the tapes over to Kenneth Starr.

Starr now had the perfect distraction for his limited hangout! The focus shifted away from all the other aspects of Whitewater and the American people were fed a steady diet of "Did he or didn't he get a blow job in the Oval Office?" The tawdry sex scandal quickly drove other far more serious questions from the public mind, and a carefully staged-managed theater piece was presented of Clinton's denials, then confession, the impeachment that went nowhere, followed by declarations near and far that thank GOODNESS the Whitewater scandal was finally over!

See how it works?


Because it appears we are in the middle of yet another limited hangout, in which the public furor over the questionable use of a private email server by Hillary Clinton may be concealing far greater and darker secrets!

Let us start with the email server issue itself.

All government officials who have access to classified information are required to use email services provided by the US Government. These services are secure, protected, and monitored.

On becoming Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton set up her own private email server, originally claiming it was located in her home in Chappaqua, New York, the residence the Clintons purchased so that Hillary could run for Congress as a Senator from New York. (As a side note, it has been suggested that John F. Kennedy Jr. may have been assassinated because of his intention to run for that exact same Senate seat.)

Following the (possibly false-flag) attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Congress launched an investigation into how the attack had happened, why security had been lax despite requests from Ambassador Stevens, and what was the factual basis for the claims made by Hillary and President Obama that the attack was solely caused by "Innocence of Muslims", a movie that supposedly insulted Mohammed, which turned out not to exist beyond a hastily-edited trailer made from an entirely different movie posted to YouTube after the attack had happened.

In the course of going over documents supplied by the State Department, investigators noticed there were no emails going to or from the official US Government email address provided to the Secretary of State.

It became very clear that Hillary Clinton had been conducting State Department business using a non-government server. Why?

The explanation offered by Hillary Clinton is that she needed her own server for convenience so that she would not have to lug around multiple phones, as State Department regulations forbid adding additional email accounts to the government-issued Blackberry. But photos of Clinton show that in reality she is a techno-nerd with the Blackberry, a second cell phone, an iPad and even a mini-iPad with her at all times.

The Congressional inquiry into Benghazi requested copies of Hillary's State Department emails. After a long delay, Hillary delivered 30,490 emails ... as paper copies! That means that a computer cannot be used to scan the data, but must be read by someone, one sheet of paper at a time. Hillary then announced she had deleted another 31,380 emails she had decided were "personal" or "not relevant." Hillary then announced that the server had been wiped clean and the FBI confirms that the server delivered to them has had the disks overwritten. This goes beyond merely deleting a file to make room in a folder, such as you or I would do. As Trey Gowdy, the head of the committee looking into Benghazi states, blanking the disk is an overt act of concealment! This makes it look like Hillary has something to conceal.

Moving beyond Benghazi is the concern that Hillary was mishandling classified information, the exact same crime David Patreus lost his job over, only on a much larger scale. Hillary's server was not a secure government server, but supposedly set up in her house by a Colorado company, Platt River Networks, on the first day of Hillary's confirmation hearings! The original security certificate on the server was weak, a generic certificate that matched other systems around the world. Hillary claimed that no classified information was ever sent to or from her private email server. The data on Hillary's server was not encrypted. Were it anyone else but Hillary, they would already be in jail for such reckless handling of the nations' secrets.

But this story quickly falls apart.

The US Secretary of State regularly sends and receives classified information as part of the job. So if, as Hillary claimed, classified information was not sent through her server, and she never used her government provided server ... then what server was she using for classified information?

The question is moot. Despite the burden of paper copies, the Congressional inquiry has found classified information inside Hillary's emails. Hillary then responded by claiming that the emails were not classified when she received them, but this is dishonest as her server would not have the added software to track and display the classification date of messages transiting the system. Some of the information found in Hillary's emails was created already classified and never existed as unclassified! Hillary's latest defense is that the information probably should not have been classified in the first place, and the blame really falls on the US Government's "ridiculous" rules for classification!

Hillary's story about the server continues to develop problems. It is now known that Hillary's emails were hacked into by a European hacker named "Guccifer" who shared some of the emails from Hillary's server with Russia Today, which published them.

Guccifer arrested

A sample of Hillary's email.

More recently, another hacker claims to have stolen 32000 emails from Hillary's server and offered them for sale to the highest bidder, whom we may preseume will be the Clinton Foundation. :)

The company hired to build and maintain the server has its own problems. Platt River Networks in Colorado is in serious legal trouble for illegally accessing government databases to acquire private phone numbers of various officials. And apparently at one point, they interfered with the actual phone lines, cause a major communications problem in Washington DC! One of the executives at Platt River Networks was involved in a massive fraud and Ponzi scheme at his previous employer, but even with that on his resume, Platt River Networks hired him!

Platt River Networks has never been vetted for use by the US Government. President Bill Clinton signed Executive Order 12829 requiring all outside IT companies that may be exposed to classified information to be vetted by the Defense Security Service. The company Hillary chose, Platt River Networks, has had no such vetting. It is doubtful they would have passed. The company's actual offices were in a small loft, with their own company server located in the bathroom closet!

Platt River Networks offices at the time of Hillary's server. They have since moved to a new building.

As part of their own effort to mitigate their legal problems, Platt River Networks has revealed more information. There is a second email server to which copies of all Hillary's files were sent before Hillary started deleting information form the known server. And, as it turns out, Hillary's actual email server is not located in her home in Chappaqua, New York but in a commercial data center in New Jersey. That means there have to be backups made of the server by the data center company as a normal part of data-protection, and Platt River Networks has confirmed such backups almost certainly exist.

It is not known at this time if the data center company in New Jersey has been vetted by the DSS or not, but with the data on Hillary's server being unencrypted, anyone in that company would have taken a peek! At Hillary's emails. At the emails of people who had accounts on Hillary's server. And at communications from foreign leaders to the US Secretary of State (Ed Milliband has already been caught in this mess).

Finally, the identify of the person who took the step of blanking the disks on Hillary's server is unknown. That is probably just as well, as that act opens them up to a charge of destroying evidence in a Congressional investigation. But based on Hillary's insistence that there was no classified data on her server, it is quite probable that the person doing the blanking did not have the necessary security clearances to be entrusted with that task!

This is the story being presented to the American people. And it is a bad one. Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, violated US Government policy and recklessly placed classified information at risk, including TOP SECRET/SCI/SI/TK/NOFORN, meaning the stuff spies have wet-dreams about! Hillary's evasions and outright lies have eroded public trust in her, and her polls are dropping. Hillary is thinking about the scandal as a lawyer, but politics is perception and the public perception of Hillary is in free fall! Already the Democrats are looking at a backup plan, with attention focused on a Joe Biden/Elizabeth Warren ticket as a replacement for Hillary's failing candidacy.


What if, behind the public story we are being told is the focus of the scandal, there lies some deeper and darker secrets that must, under no circumstances, be allowed to escape. Secrets that could destroy, not just a candidate, but an entire government?

With clues provided by some obvious gaps ion the public story, here is what is being hidden behind the limited hangout of the server!

Dark Secret 1: Gun running from Libya through Benghazi to Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria. (UPDATE: This is now confirmed to have been happening.)

Americans are living through the 14th year of a declared War on Terror, with the declared enemies being Al Qaeda, and more recently ISIS. Conveniently for US expansionism, Al Qaeda and ISIS seem to pop-up in nations the United States would like to invade to bring about regime change, but which have not actually done anything the US can use to justify the conquest.

That Al Qaeda and ISIS might be a created fake enemy will be a familiar concept to those who have read George Orwell's "1984", in which the dictatorship of Oceania has created a fake enemy, Emmanual Goldstein, with which to keep the public terrified and dependent on the government, to justify continued poverty and tyranny.

There is compelling evidence that Al Qaeda is a manufactured propaganda hoax! The same may be true with ISIS.

Adam Gadahn, the "American Al Qaeda", real name Adam Pearlman, the grandson of a ADL board member.

Following the invasion of Libya and killing of Gaddafi over the Gold Dinar, the US installed the usual puppet regime and weapons that had been used against Gaddafi began to appear in the hands of Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria, aimed at Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whom the United States has been trying to replace for almost four years. Propaganda efforts to trick Americans into support for an invasion of Syria, based on a claim that Assad had used Sarin gas on his own people, failed miserably, in part because the claims were easily discredited and because Americans remember how Saddam Hussein did not really have nuclear weapons!

So the United States fell back on an old trick, one going back to just after WW2, of creating a fake "popular rebellion" with a mercenary army, then pouring in weapons and supplies, all in the name of "humanitarian intervention." This is what the United States did in Iran in 1953, Chile in 1973, Iran again in 1993, Yemen in 2013, Libya in 2011, and so forth.

But many of the hired mercenaries playing "rebel" in Syria are the same people presented to Americans as "Al Qaeda" and "ISIS." The US Government is using the presence if ISIS as justifications to bomb Syrian infrastructure as part of the "War on Terror", given that Syria itself has not done anything to the United States that justifies war. Yet reports from inside Syria agree that US strikes avoid ISIS and hit Syrian economic assets. In addition, US aircraft have been repeatedly seen dropping weapons and supplies to ISIS!

As a side note, the US is using the specter of ISIS in both Yemen and Iraq to justify military action in those nations. But the reality is that the people of both of those nations are trying to kick out their installed US puppet rulers, as Iran did in 1979. But reports from Iraq also confirm the US is actually supporting the ISIS forces, to use them as an excuse for what is really military punishment of those nations for refusing foreign rule. The US claims that all these air drops of weapons and supplies to what we are told is the enemy are just "accidents."

US weaspons delivered to ISIS in Syria

So where are the weapons coming from?

Following the invasion of Libya and the execution of Gaddafi (to protect the US dollar from the gold-dinar), weapons used against Gaddafi started appearing in the hands of the hired mercenaries in Syria, including forces identified as Al Qaeda and ISIS. Even the US Government admitted they were aware that weapons were leaving Benghazi and showing up in Syria!

Given that US support is delivering those weapons to their destinations, it is reasonable to suggest that the US intended to send those weapons from Libya to Syria, to use against Assad.

But who within the US Government authorized this?

Documents declassified in a Freedom of Information act lawsuit confirm that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was shipping arms from Libya to Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria using the consulate in Benghazi as a base. US clandestine support for ISIS is known by many other nations and even acknowledged by US analysts.

If Hillary did orchestrate the transfer of weapons from Libya to the Syrian rebels through the consulate in Benghazi on her own, she is technically guilty of treason, which is legally defined as giving aid and comfort to an enemy in time of war. We are in a "War on Terror" and Al Qaeda and ISIS are the declared enemies of the American people (or so we are told).

However, while Vice-President George H. W. Bush was able to get his private little Contra operation past President Reagan, who was already suffering from Alzheimer's, it strains credibility to suggest that Hillary went rogue and launched this Al Qaeda and ISIS re-supply mission all on her own. Obama had to know.

Back in 2006, then Senator Obama, together with Senator Richard Lugar, authored a Senate Bill that set up the means for the President to track weapons of mass destruction and conventional weapons as they move around the world. That bill was included in a House Bill and finally passed Congress in 2007. So there is no way now President Obama can claim ignorance of the huge mass of weapons moving from Libya to Syria.

Here is one deep dark secret that must be kept hidden. Either the US Secretary of State exceeded her authority and committed treason in arming Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria (and Iraq), or if she was acting under Obama's orders, then the whole "War on Terror" is exposed as a fraud to cover up US conquest of other nations, and the US taxpayer finds that their money was spent giving weapons to the very people we are told our children must be killed and crippled fighting!

US Consulate in Benghazi on fireZ

This brings us to the attack on the Consulate in Benghazi, which occurred just when the flow of weapons from Libya to Syria began to appear in the foreign media. The official story is that a group of Libyans, outraged over a movie they felt insulted Mohammed, decided to attack the Consulate and kill the Ambassador. However, when considering that the Consulate was the admitted hub of the gun-running operation, it was also the storehouse where all of the incriminating records were stored! One possibility that must be considered is that the attack on the Consulate was a false-flag operation by the United States to destroy those records, and also to give Obama a "terrorist crisis" he could use to revive his campaign against then-leading challenger Mitt Romney.

There is ample evidence that the US Government knew something was going to happen days, maybe as much as a week, ahead of time. Yet they did not increase security at the Consulate or remove the Ambassador.

There were CIA and SEALS nearby who heard the gunfire but were ordered to stand down. Just where that order came from appears to be the White House, despite an early effort to pin the blame on CIA, which was denied by Patraeus, leading to exposure of a sex scandal and his forced retirement on November 9th.

There are reports that a Predator drone was overhead, "real timing" the video of the attack back to the White House situation room. Given that the Predator only has a top speed of 137 miles per hour, the drone had to be en route to the Consulate long before the violence started.

In the end, the movie that was supposed to be the cause of the attack turned out not to exist, other than as a hastily-edited trailer made from pieces of another film entirely.

Clip from the faux-movie, "Innocence of Muslims."

Dark Secret 2: Was the Secretary of State running her own spy ring?

Back in 1996, the Clintons were dealing with another scandal called "Chinagate." This was a scandal in which funds from Chinese donors poured into the Clinton re-election campaign. Under US law, candidates may not accept donations from foreign nationals or non-citizens, and the donations were made through US citizens of Chinese origin, such as John Huang and Charlie Trie.

Bill Clinton with Charlie Trie

John Huang in the Oval Office

But many of those donations had to be returned when it was documented the funds came from foreign sources! Huang later pleaded guilty to one felony count of campaign finance violations. Trie was convicted of violating campaign finance laws in 1998. The funds Trie had donated primarily came from Chinese billionaire Ng Lap Seng. Seng was finally arrested in early 2016. At his trial, co-defendent John Ashe, a former official at the United Nations, was about to testify about the Clinton links to Seng, but died suddenly, supposedly by dropping a barbell onto his own throat!

Then there is the story of Johnny Chung, who funneled some $366,000 to the Democratic National Committee prior to the 1996 election.

Johnny Chung with the Clintons

Chung later told a special Senate committee investigating 1996 Clinton campaign fund-raising that $35,000 of his contributions came from individuals in Chinese intelligence. Chung pleaded guilty to bank fraud, tax evasion and campaign finance violations.

During the same time, President Bill Clinton started to authorize the transfer of sensitive US technology to China, including technology that would help improve the accuracy China's nuclear missiles!

So, having established the Clintons' record of treating the United States like it is their own personal property, let us look at what is going on today.

The Clintons have set up a corporation called the Clinton Foundation, which presents itself as a charitable foundation. That status is in question as the paperwork to make it a legal 501(c)3 does not seem to exist. Moreover, the Clinton Foundation spends just a tiny fraction of its revenues on any real charities, with Bill and Hillary Clinton being the "charity" that receives most of the money. Portions of the Foundation are operating as cash "pass throughs" while a watchdog on real charities describes the Clinton Foundation as a "slush fund."

Public activist attorney Larry Klayman filed a RICO lawsuit against the Clinton Foundation, making a compelling case for all of the above. If convicted, under the RICO statutes, it would have resulted in the confiscation of all Clinton Foundation assets by the government. However the Clinton Foundation lobbied furiously against the case, and in the end, a Clinton-appointed judge who refused to recuse himself from the case despite an obvious conflict of interest, simply tossed the case out!

Under the guise of being a charitable non-profit, the Clinton Foundation can legally accept foreign donations, and quite a bit of cash poured in from foreign sources. It did not take too long before people noticed that these donations came from nations and individuals who benefited handsomely from policy changes made in Hillary Clinton's State Department! Nations and companies that gave to the Clinton Foundation or paid exorbitant fees for Clinton speeches enjoyed favorable treatment from the US Department of State. Governments prohibited from buying US weapons suddenly were granted permission ... after making donations to the Clinton Foundation. While the Foundation supposedly had rules limiting foreign donations, in order to claim that Hillary's influence was not being bought, these were ignored.

So, rampant greed, corruption, and a prior record of selling US secrets for a fast campaign contribution! Add in a private email server, with weak security, no encryption, and you have all the components need for the greatest espionage scandal in US history; run out of the US State Department by the Secretary of State herself!

Just imagine! A foreign interest makes a donation to the Clinton Foundation, then "hacks" Clinton's email server for all the classified goodies they want! A far better delivery system than taping packages underneath bridges, the method that brought down Robert Hanssen! Hillary gets to claim she is innocent. After all, she didn't know her server could be hacked or was being hacked!

And the money pours into the Foundation!

And that too is a dark secret which must be kept away from the American people at all costs.

Is the email server itself the "stained blue dress"; a small scandal admitted to to conceal the greater scandals hidden behind?

Will Hillary fall on her sword to protect Obama and the US Government? We she accept her fall as gracefully as Nixon accepted his?

I doubt it.

For those that wish to keep the fact that the war on terror is a hoax, Hillary has become a live liability.

The same thing applies to those who wish to hide from the American people that there was a US Secretary of State who sold out her country, not for the benefit of a foreign nation, but her her and her husband's own greed.

In the US, live liabilities do not survive very long.

Just ask Vince Foster!