The most expensive purchase most Americans will ever make is their own government. Government costs the average American more than their home, more than their health care, more than their childrens' college education. Yet people who would spend a great deal of time kicking the tires before buying a new car spend disastrously little time checking out the government that sucks so much money out of them over their lifetimes.

Right now, looking under the hood of that expensive item called "government", we see a unified group of men and women who lied to send your children off to a war of conquest. Across this land there are thousands of families waking up to the knowledge that their sons and daughters were crippled and killed in Iraq for reasons other than what they were told.

First off, let's dispense with this crap about "Intelligence failures". An Intelligence Failure is when something is happening that you don't know about. You miss the evidence. Or you misinterpret the evidence you have.

But with regards to the claims about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, there was no evidence to miss or misinterpret. There could not be, since in hindsight there were no weapons to leave traces of evidence with. The story about weapons of mass destruction was just made up, and fraudulently manufactured "proof" created to support that lie. The mere existence of Tony Blair's dossier, plagiarized from a student thesis, is proof not only that the claims of Iraq WMDs were lies, but were known and conscious lies. Had their been any real proof, it would have been shared immediately between the various war-mongers. There would have been no need for Tony Blair to concoct his discredited Dossier. But, what the public were offered were mislabeled and blurry photos, made up dossiers, and balloon inflators misidentified as mobile biological weapons laboratories (which the British government knew about since they had sold the balloon inflators to Iraq in the first place).

So, there was no "intelligence failure". There was no intelligence with which to fail. The whole crock about Iraqi WMDs was a made-up fiction.

The government lied.

While only a few people created the lie, mostly connected with the Pentagon's Office of Special Projects and presumably via the Israeli spies since discovered within, coordinated with the similar propaganda group working out of Ariel Sharon's office, the fact is that the entire United States Government and the mainstream media news departments all signed onto that lie with a will. Now, news pundits and some members of Congress have since taken the position they ohgollygeewhiz but they were taken in by the lies as well. But this is just another face-saving deception. There is such a thing as due diligence and checking facts; behaviors expected of both journalists and congresscritters. Months before the invasion of Iraq, internet web sites like this one, using easily available facts, had discredited the claims of Iraq's WMDs, exposed Tony Blair's plagiarized dossier, and correctly identified those trailers as the balloon inflators they were. It must be assumed that Congressional offices and media corporations with large staffs and huge budgets would have had an easy time finding the same facts that web sites operating on spare change were able to find. Therefore, going along with the lies about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction had to be an intentional act of will.

The government lied.

What does it mean to live under a government that lies to you?

Is the war just, moral, and necessary? You cannot know for certain under a government that lies to you.

Are taxes legal and fair? You cannot know for certain under a government that lies to you.

Is the public money being spent wholly on the public? You cannot know for certain under a government that lies to you.

Are you really free? You cannot know for certain under a government that lies to you.

Is life in this nation really better than anywhere else? You cannot know for certain under a government that lies to you.

When you live under a government that lies, you cannot know anything for certain about your lives. All you can know is what you are told. And, because of the lies about the Iraq WMDs, what we know we are told is what the government tells us to trick us into agreeing with whatever their own purpose happens to be. And if, whether you know it or not, are are doing what the government wants, even to the deaths of your own children, then you are a slave.

Americans are the most lied-to people on Earth. The global perception of the "Ugly American" isn't that we are ugly, but that we are so clueless about what is going on in the world, in particular the evils committed by the United States Government using our taxes and children behind our backs. Our government craps on other peoples' nations, while we are told that those people love us, sit up nights to admire us, and lead good moral lives so that when they die, their souls will go to America. And when we visit those countries where the US Government plays their covert games, our delusions run headlong into their reality, and feelings (and if we are lucky, little else) get hurt.

Baby sitters will often give their children a choice of whether to go to bed at 7:30 or at 8:00. The child will choose 8:00 and go to bed happy thinking that he or she had a choice. But the agenda of the baby sitter was to have the child in bed by 8:00 before the arrival of another guest at 8:30. The child has been tricked into doing what the baby sitter wanted, while thinking the choice was theirs. That is how mind control, or brainwashing works; by giving the target ONLY those facts which will lead them to conclude, seemingly of their own free will, that their only course of action was what the government wanted in the first place.

That is what happened in Iraq. The public were all told by the government and media that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction that could be deployed in just 45 minutes. And, based on that claim and the absence of any facts to the contrary (except here on the internet) many Americans decided that the war was necessary and felt that had come to that decision of their own free will. In hindsight, of course, that decision was not of their own free will but was the desired outcome of the manufactured lies about Iraq. Those that doubted the lies at the start were dismissed with the assurance that the mainstream media, serving as a watchdog on government abuse, would expose lies if they existed. Again in hindsight, the media was working hand in glove to sell those very lies to the people whose taxes and children were spent on the sands of Iraq.

The Declaration of Independence declares the principle that government derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. I DO NOT GIVE MY CONSENT TO BE LIED TO, I don't know anyone who gives their consent to be lied to. Moreover, one cannot give consent to be lied to because one cannot know what one is consenting to. No court would enforce a contract where one party does not know the terms of the contract being agreed to.

The Constitution does not authorize the government to lie to We The People. The tenth amendment bars the government from presuming that right. When the government lies, it therefore acts unconstitutionally and illegally. A government that lies to the people breaks faith with the people, violates the contract between the government and the people under which the people consent to be governed. A government that lies to the people delegitimizes itself. A government that lies to the people ceases to be the lawful government of this land. Surely the lies used to initiate a war of conquest into another nation are the worst possible lies a government can commit against its own people. And with such a lie, the United States ceases to be a nation, and becomes a land under occupation by force.

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