I am a long admirer of your work, in particular your willingness to report stories unfavorable to government and your thoroughness in researching your stories. For that reason, I was rather taken aback by your reckless tweet "Trump's 'Arabs-cheered' lie extra-creepy b/c anti-Semites have long told same lie about Jews to blame 9/11 on Israel", which you then link to an article at my website "The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9-11."

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Now, I agree that Trump's comments were inappropriate. I like Trump, but he displays a troubling naivety' regarding current politics. But I do take issue with your rather loose use of "anti-Semite."

As the headline on my article demonstrates, I do not use the word "Jew", and I make it a policy at my website to make it clear that criticisms are about the actions of individuals in governments, not about people as a whole. I am certain that you will agree with me that all of the world's Jewish people are not responsible for the crimes committed by Israel's government, just as all Americans are not responsible for the crimes committed by the US Government, and just as all Muslims are not responsible for the crimes committed by ISIS ( a position currently espoused by the supporters of the mass migrations from the Middle East into the EU and US).

False flag attacks are a reality of history, although their existence is not taught in school, because false-flag attacks only work on populations unaware that governments engage in such deceptions to manipulate their populations. There are 42 false-flag attacks officially admitted to by the governments that carried them out. We may safely assume a far larger number of false-flag attacks which remain officially hidden from view. Two of the most famous such false-flags are the Lavon Affair and Israel's attack on the USS Liberty, both blamed on Egypt by Israel before the truth was exposed. Former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky in his book, "By Way of Deception" tells how Israel smuggled a radio transmitter into Tripoli and broadcast fake messages that tricked Ronald Reagan into bombing Libya, targeting Gaddafi, but missing him and killing his 5-year old daughter. The truth is there were no torpedoes in the Gulf of Tonkin, there was no Spanish mine in Havana Harbor, the Lusitania WAS carrying weapons, Pearl Harbor was not a surprise, Saddam did not have nuclear weapons, and the NSA spies on us all! That 9-11 may not be as we are told is not shocking. Lies and deceptions are business as usual for the rulers of the world and have been for thousands of years. You are just not supposed to know about it.

Again, we are not talking about "The Jews" but about the actions of individuals within governments, and I am certain that from your own experiences reporting the Edward Snowden story you understand the depths to which such individuals can sink!

You have fallen into the well-worn habit of deflecting criticism of Israel's government by shouting "anti-Semite." But stop and think. Do we deflect criticism of Hitler by shouting "anti-German?" Do we deflect criticism of Stalin by shouting "anti-Russian?" Of course not. In those latter contexts, this tactic is very silly. But if you think like this, shouting "anti-Semite" by conditioned reflex, it is because Israel intentionally blurs the line between the actions of Israel government and the world's Jewish people, just for that purpose.

On "Democracy Now," amy Goodman interviewed former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni about anti-Semitism, and Aloni candidly admitted, "It's a trick, we always use it!"

The irony here is that by intentionally blurring the line between the actions of the government of Israel and the world's Jewish people, Israel's government has convinced much of the world that the Jewish people are responsible for the crimes committed by Israel's government, thus making them all targets for the growing backlash of public anger over the crimes of Israel's government. This realization that Israel's government has created such a threat is why polls continue to show a decline in support of Israel's government by Jewish people not actually living in Israel.

I am hoping that this one tweet was a momentary aberration in your otherwise careful and accurate reporting. After your previous work, it did come as a surprise. Indeed, now that you have proven to the world that you are a propagandist, it raises the question whether your stories on Edward Snowden were also propaganda, selling a myth of total government surveillance to scare the people into silent obedience, much as the Nazis promoted the myth of the all-seeing Gestapo against the German people to the same ends.


Michael Rivero

P. S. "Rivero" is a Sephardic name and my first wife was Ashkenazi, so please cool it with the anti-Semite rhetoric.