You've Been Framed:
Hezbollah and Three Alive 9/11 "Hijackers"

Several months before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, it appears, the Iranian-sponsored terrorist organization Hezbollah was shadowing three of the hijackers as they flew from Saudi Arabia to Lebanon and onward to Iran.

The hijackers were identified as Wail Alshehri and Waleed Alshehri, who were to become "muscle" hijackers on American Flight 11, one of the two jets to crash into the World Trade Center, and Ahmed Alnami, who flew on United Flight 93, which plowed into a Pennsylvania field after passengers tried to overwhelm the terrorists. [Newsday 7/23/2004]

3. Wail M. Alshehri: Date of birth used: Sept. 1, 1968. Possible residences: Hollywood, Fla.; Newton, Mass. Believed to be a pilot.


Wail Alshehri, a name used by one of the suspected hijackers on American Airlines Flight 11.

A man by the same name is a pilot whose father is a Saudi diplomat in Bombay. "I personally talked to both father and son today," [said Gaafar Allagany, head of the Saudi Embassy's information center.]

2. Waleed M. Alshehri: Possible Saudi national. Dates of birth used: Sept. 13, 1974; Jan. 1, 1976; March 3, 1976; July 8, 1977; Dec. 20, 1978; May 11, 1979; Nov. 5, 1979. Possible residences: Hollywood, Orlando and Daytona Beach, Fla. Believed to be a pilot.


Saudi Arabian pilot Waleed Al Shehri was one of five men that the FBI said had deliberately crashed American Airlines flight 11 into the World Trade Centre on 11 September. Now he is protesting his innocence from Casablanca, Morocco.

He acknowledges that he attended flight training school at Dayton Beach in the United States, and is indeed the same Waleed Al Shehri to whom the FBI has been referring. But, he says, he left the United States in September last year, became a pilot with Saudi Arabian airlines and is currently on a further training course in Morocco.

3. Ahmed Alnami: Possible residence: Delray Beach, Fla. Aliases: Ali Ahmed Alnami; Ahmed A. Al-Nami; Ahmed Al-Nawi.


Mr Al-Nami, 33, from Riyadh, an administrative supervisor with Saudi Arabian Airlines, said that he was in Riyadh when the terrorists struck.

He said: "I'm still alive, as you can see. I was shocked to see my name mentioned by the American Justice Department. I had never even heard of Pennsylvania where the plane I was supposed to have hijacked."

He had never lost his passport and found it "very worrying" that his identity appeared to have been "stolen" and published by the FBI without any checks. The FBI had said his "possible residence" was Delray Beach in Florida.

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