Central to the official USDA Choice story of Flight 93 is that the aircraft was crashed into the Earth during a struggle between the hijackers and the passengers.

But this story is directly contradicted by a report of a mid-air explosion, BEFORE the plane crashed!

Now, the defenders of the orthodoxy like to claim that the Internet is never a reliable source for news, unlike the mainstream media which reliably reported that Saddam had 'nookular' bombs. So here is the actual newspaper report from 9-11 in which a passenger on Flight 93, using a sky-phone, reported to the ground an explosion on the plane.

Clearly, a mid-air explosion is inconsistant with the story of a crash caused by heroic passengers struggling with the evil hijackers.

But there is more. The wreckage from Flight 93 came down in three different locations, 8 miles apart, as reported by the state police. Witnesses interviewed by the police said the debris was already on fire as it rained down from the sky. One entire engine was found 2 miles from the primary crash site, proving it had to have left the aircraft at several thousand feet altitude.

The current film about Flight 93 is a pathetic attempt to sell the official propaganda. We do not knwo all the details of what happened on that flight or exactly how it crashed, but we know enough to know we are being lied to, and THAT is enough!

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