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1991: A Bad Year For
The Global Warming Cult

1991 was an eventful year when it comes to CO2 being thrown into the atmosphere.

Early in the year the Kuwaiti oil fires were set alight. Around 6 million barrels (950,000 m3) of oil were lost each day. This resulted in a lot of CO2 going into the atmosphere.

Later in the year Mount Pinatubo erupted. This resulted in a lot more CO2 going into the atmosphere.

If we take a look at the atmospheric CO2 concentrations for 1991 we see that the level of CO2 measured in the atmosphere rises by only one part per million.

Date CO2, seasonally adjusted [ppm]
Jan 1991 354.72
Feb 1991 355.06
Mar 1991 355.71
Apr 1991 356.03
May 1991 356.24
Jun 1991 355.86
Jul 1991 355.34
Aug 1991 355.37
Sep 1991 355.36
Oct 1991 355.57
Nov 1991 355.88
Dec 1991 355.89
Source: Scripps CO2 Program

The above demonstrates that mankind's contribution to the atmospheric CO2 levels is negligible.

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