Buy-Bull Bangers:
Regular, or Extra-Crispy?

by Michael Rivero

Houston floods, August 2017

Missouri floods, December 2015

Texas tonados, December 2015

"The Lord is slow to anger but great in power; the Lord will not leave the guilty unpunished. His way is in the whirlwind and the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet"-- Nahum 1:3

For those buy-bull bangers who insist that god orders all things that happen, I want you to think about something. President Bush claimed that God told him to invade Iraq, launching what has become the dorrway to WW3.

You all followed right along, cheering, screaming with joy at each fallen Iraqi/Syrian/Yemeni/Afghan/etc. body shown on the nightly news. Well, where was your God then? Seen any hurricanes like Sandy or Katrina strike Iraq? Or Iran? Or Syria? Or Afghanistan? No? Or floods, like those hitting the Midwest and the US Northeast the last several years? Seen any equivalent disasters hitting all those nations the corporate media insists are evil and need to be invaded?

Or tornadoes? The US has been hit with record-level tornadoes again and again and again. In fact, there were 30 tornadoes hitting the US on Christmas day 2012. An area the size of Manhatten was wiped from Oklahoma May 2013. We saw a repeat with 30 killed in April 2014. 24 so far this storm season.

The largest tornadoes, the F-5s are nicknamed "The finger of God."

Entire towns vanished from the face of America even as Trump and Netanyahu scream for more war with Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran.

See any significant number of tornadoes over Iraq?

See any significant number of tornadoes over Iran?

See any significant number of tornadoes over Syria?

See any significant number of tornadoes over Lebanon?

See any significant number of tornadoes over Yemen?

See any significant number of tornadoes over Afghanistan?

See any significant number of tornadoes over North Korea?

See any significant number of tornadoes over Russia?

See any significant number of tornadoes over China?


Any massive floods?

Makes you want to stop and think, doesn't it?

Despite the claims of Al Gore and his carbonazis, the US has suffered through several harsh winters in a row ...

... inevitably followed with massive flooding during the spring thaws.

In 2009 record cold hit the North American continent ... in MAY! Oklahoma has lost 90% of its wheat crop. Bread became a costly luxury, as the economy continued to crumble. It snowed in Wyoming, in June 2010! Winter again stayed late in 2013 across the midwest.

Snow fell on the Grand Canyon in April 2011! The flooding from the massive snow pileup overtopped the inadequate flood control systems along the Mississippi.

How about wildfires? Humboldt County is still charred. There is a black scar running across Southern California from Los Angeles to San Diego from recent fires. Texas just got toasted. So did Ventura County. Ever see wildfires like that in the nations Bush tells you God wants destroyed? No? Major crop loss from freak cold snaps? No?


Then there is that Gulf of Mexico thing, with all the oil and corexit, and have you noticed how much of the radiation from the nuclear melt down in Japan is hitting the US? Add to that the Porter Ranch natural gas leak, plus more radiation from WIPP and Hanford.

Hmmmmm again!

Better think this one through. Bush coveted the oil wealth of the Mideast. So did Obama. In order to get that wealth the US Government bore false witness to We The People, the Congress, and the world. The US Government is stealing that wealth, and killing a lot of people in the process. And by claiming that God told him to do all that Bush and Obama took the Lord's name in vain, I think. So, they are batting 500 in terms of breaking the Ten Commandments, ... and all who support them are accessories to the crime. That includes the current administration of Barack Obama, who campaigned on a promise of "Change" yet continues to purse the same policies of coveting, bearing false witness, stealing, and killing, waging war along ten fronts on two continents. But honestly, they claim, it was all the other guys fault. They made us invade them, mommy! (There is another of those bearing false witness things I told you about.)

The United States stands exposed of torturing innocent people to coerce false confessions to justify the invasion of Iraq.

Innocent people were tortured to death.

Children were tortured.


Drone strikes kill an average of fifty innocent people alongside every targeted suspect, who may or may not actually be guilty of any crime against the United States.

And what is the result? Did the God that Bush and Obama claim loves America and wants it to conquer the world deliver a swift and easy victory to the USA by flinging The Wrath Of God (tm, reg US Pat Off) onto the heathen?

No, the Wrath Of God (tm, reg US Pat Off) is hitting the nation that invaded Iraq based on that false witness thing I mentioned before, wages wars in Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Syria, etc. murders innocents with drone strikes in Pakistan, and now prepares to invade Iran. Hurricane Katrina wrecked our largest seaport, through which America's war machine exports much of its cargoes of death around the globe. Katrina also savaged the oil infrastructure, and oil is the lifeblood of conventional warfare. The Midwestern floods cut rail lines into the west, and have destroyed an entire corn crop, exacerbating an already critical food shortage. "Famine" is on the Wrath Of God (tm) menu, if I recall correctly. Despite record cold winters, and heavy snow pack in the mountains, drought has struck the western United States this year. "Drought" is on the Wrath Of God (tm, reg US Pat Off) menu as well. Hurricane Sandy wrecked seaports all along the Atlantic coast.

Then there was the cave-in of the coal mine and the gulf oil disaster. And the radiation from Fukushima was blown away from Japan and onto the United States. Now reactors in the US are cracking and leaking. Americans were living in tent cities after Hurricane Sandy, but the tent cities had to be shut down due to intense cold.

The government's defenders are desperately tried to explain away hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, famine, freezing, drought, and plague as God's punishment against the gays or the blacks or the abortionists, but when Hurricanes Katrina and Rita bore down on those Texas refineries, the message, if there really was one, is clear. The hurricanes are not pointed at gays. The storms are aimed at the United States' capacity to fuel its war machine. The disasters are aimed at the food that feeds the soldiers. The explosion of the Deepwater Horizon is a scene right out of Dante's Inferno! Indeed the disasters all seem aimed at all those who supported this war based on false pretenses.

Now for myself, I'm a non-believer, so I see Katrina and Rita and Sandy and Harvey creating the Midwest/northeastern/Gulf flooding and the tornadoes and the wildfires and the freezing and the drought and the plague and the cave-in and collapses and explosion and Deepwater Horizon and General Electric's exploding reactors as the result of natural events and stupidity and greed meeting inadequate preparations, emphasis on "inadequate". What should have been manageable disasters were turned into catastrophes because money and materials needed to prevent flood damage, control dead brush that feeds wildfires, and purchase needed equipment for disaster relief was diverted to fund the wars, which the Senate Intelligence Committee has confirmed were launched by the public being being "misled" (politician-speak for "lied to"). And the National Guard, who are supposed to be standing by in the states to deal with natural disasters are also off in the Middle East fighting Bush's and Obama's wars as well.

But for those of you who buy into the God gambit, those of you who believe that God ordaineth every bird that flies and chooseth every leaf that falls, your own beliefs have to be telling you that something is very much out of whack. All the biblical signs of an angry God are directed at the United States and its war machine. Storms, flooding, wildfires, famine, pestilence; the list goes on.

Bush lied when he said God was directing his actions, and those costumed child molesters holding those collection plates who cheered Bush along, well, they were lying too. They have broken 5 of the 10 commandments. And they have tricked you into breaking them as well. Because you can no longer pretend you don't know something is very wrong, and you can no longer pretend you don't know that Iraq (and soon to be Iran) is an unholy war. The Wrath Of God (tm, reg US Pat Off) is aimed at the heartland of the USA, and the throttle is set to full-tilt boogie rock and roll afterburner overdrive!

Then there is Israel's Operation CAST LEAD in which Israel broke the cease fire with Hamas and launched an attack into Gaza, killing mostly civilians, using inappropriate weapons such as white phosphorus. The United States paid for the weapons. Indeed as Israel began to run out, the US Government sent even more. The canisters of white phosphorus that fell on a school full of children bore marking proving they were made in the United States. Israel's PILLAR OF CLOUD was a repeat.

And, funny thing, but recent genetic studies prove that the present-day Palestinians are direct descendants of the Biblical Hebrews, including presumably a certain Rabbi who was crucified for making a claim to the Judean throne. So all that made-in-the-US white phosphorus has been falling on some of Jesus kinfolk. Think maybe the boss's son holds a grudge? And maybe the boss does as well?

It is a compelling set of facts, isn't it? If I were a believer I would have no choice but to conclude that the big guy in the sky is really, REALLY, pissed off at the US and its allies for all this smiting going on.

So to all those who went along with these wars because you believed it when Bush and Obama, et. al. said this was God's will, you are all damned. Damned, damned, damned! Damned to hell. And there can be no redemption while the warmongers are still in power. There is no absolution if you know a war of conquest against an innocent people is going on and you do nothing at all to stop it. There is no absolution if you know torture of innocent people is going on and you do nothing at all to stop it. The priests cannot forgive your sins if they share those sins, no matter how expensive those beads are. Having worked so hard to trick you into sin, would they really be eager to get you out? Just whose side are they on? Which God is it they really serve?

You have a simple choice, really. You're looking at the choice between regular and extra-crispy for all eternity so long as the everyone who lied to start the war and torture in any way remain in power.

Yessirree, regular, or extra-crispy!

Kinda sucks, doesn't it?

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