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Planes, Hijackers
and Automobiles

Proof of Lies And Evidence Fabrication Against The Hijacker Suspects of 9-11.
Frank Levi, Sept 11th 2002.
Updated 18th Sept 2002

Another Mysterious Plane Crash Victim?

On Sept 11th 2000, exactly one year before the Boeing planes crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, a much smaller plane crash occurred in Florida. Two small planes collided (20), one of the pilots (both of whom were killed) was a man named Amer Bukhari, who's name appeared on the passenger list of American Airlines Flight 11, the first plane to crash into the World Trade Center towers (5).

The FBI's initial investigation began, as you would expect, by searching the names on the flight manifests (or passenger lists) for possible suspects (4) - then attempting to trace their whereabouts and movements prior to Sept 11th. Around six suspects were chosen from the manifest and quickly investigated in the days immediately after the attacks. Here are their names:

* Mohamed Atta
* Adnan Bukhari (5)
* Ameer Bukhari
* Abdul Alomari
* Amer Kamfar

With the exception of Atta, who was supposedly receiving flight training at Huffman aviation, all of these people are (or were) Saudi Arabian pilots who resided in Vero Beach, Florida - in very close proximity to each other as follows:

* Abdul Alomari (and family) and Amer Kamfer lived at the same address. (1)
* Adnan Bukhari (and family) lived next door to Alomari
* Ameer Bukhari was listed under the same address as Adnan

Imagine the FBI's dismay when it turned out that Adnan Bukhari was still alive, Ameer Bukhari had died a year before and Abdul Rahman Alomari and Amer Kamfar were both still alive and living in Saudi Arabia. It doesn't take a massive leap of imagination to work out that at least four of the five people on this manifest (Flight 11) were using the names and identities of the people listed above.

(It is easy to speculate that Atta's identification was also stolen but this is beyond the scope of this article. You can read a bit more about Atta here.)

This poses a problem for our investigators - proving who was actually using these IDs is very difficult. It also creates the very difficult question: why did they have to steal so many IDs from pilots? Is it more likely to be someone trying to create the illusion that the hijackers flew the planes into the buildings?

Disappearing Pilots

As if to enhance the official story, Alomari (2) and Kamfar (3) left abruptly in the two weeks before the attack. Bukhari had sent his family home but was still in the country himself (25). Once again this would appear to be more than a coincidence in light of the fact that all their names were on the manifests. According to CNN (3):

Because Saudi Airlines is eliminating flight engineers from its three-member crews, Richie said the airline has in the past year sent flight engineers to Florida for pilot training. He said the program has ended for some of the engineers, suggesting that may explain why some have recently left the Vero Beach area.

Whoever really carried out the attack must have been carefully observing the movements of these men and knew they were heading home just before Sept 11th.

Lets make up a story...

It was reported that the two Bukharis hired a Nissan Altima at Logan airport and drove it to Portland Maine the day before the attacks (4). The car was found abandoned at the airport in Portland. In the morning they took a connecting flight (US Airways Flight 5930 at 6 a.m.) to Boston before boarding Flight 11.

As if by magic, this story suddenly changes. If you search the internet for Nissan Altima and Atta, you will now find it reported that Atta and Alomari were the ones who rented the car at Logan, drove to Portland and got the connecting flight to Boston. This story doesn't' really make sense anyway because a White Mitsubishi left at Logan was supposedly hired by Atta (4). Why would you rent a car, leave it in Logan airport, rent another car and leave that one in Portland?

Lets take a look at the evolving list of hijackers:

Original Hijacker Becomes New Hijacker
Mohamed Atta
Adnan Bukhari
Amer Bukhari
Abdul Alomari
Amer Kamfar
Mohamed Atta
Waleed Alshehri
Wail Alshehri
Abdulaziz Alomari
Satam Al Suqami

Isn't it a little convenient that Satam Al Suqami's passport was found intact a few blocks away from the World Trade Centre?

It would appear that someone decided to get some new IDs sorted out which might not be so obviously stolen , though some of these identities are also in dispute.

The FBI Affidavit

This tiny little lie about the car has a knock-on effect on some of the other evidence.


This link has a scanned copy of the affidavit submitted by special agent James Lechner regarding several important areas:

* the contents of the Nissan Altima
* The contents of Atta's luggage which conveniently didn't make it onto his connecting flight
* the phone call made by a flight attendant in which she gave details of the hijackers seat numbers

We already know that Atta's connection to the Nissan Altima is a lie. If Atta actually boarded Flight 11 at Boston, without a connecting flight, then it would seem that the bags left in the airport may well also be a fabrication - part stolen, part invention. (Some of us have been saying this for a long time anyway...) Could we also conclude that the phone call made by the flight attendant might well also have been a lie?

A nice way of saying thank you..


An employee of the FAA called James Hopkins decided to do his little bit to help out by searching an FAA database for the names Adnan Bukhari and Mohamed Atta. It showed that a man called Bukhari was trained in Aviation Security at the FAA Academy (Oklahoma) in 1991 and 1998. When he tried to report this to his superiors he ended up getting sacked. Thankfully he got his job back, but it just goes to show you what a sensitive issue these Bukharis can be...

Resources. Don't just believe it - do your own research.

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