Bin Laden was met in July 2001
at the American hospital at Dubaļ (press)

Source: AFP via Babelfish, Le Figaro (Paris)

AFP via Babelfish translation (with corrections)

Wednesday October 31 2001 - 2h51 GMT

PARIS, Oct. 31 (AFP) - Osama Bin Laden was treated in July at the American hospital in Dubaļ where he met a person in charge of the CIA, the French daily newspaper the Barber and Radio International France (RFI) reported on Wednesday.

The two medias quoted "a witness, professional partner of the administrative direction of the hospital", as confirming that the man that the United States suspects of having financed the attacks of September 11 arrived on July 4 at Dubaļ by plane coming from Quetta, in Pakistan.

Osama was immediately transferred to the hospital for a renal processing (Kidney Dialysis). He left the establishment on July 14, adds the Barber.

During this stay, reports the daily newspaper, the local representative of the CIA was seen going in the room of Bin Laden.

"A few days later, the CIA man bragged in front of some friends that he had visited the billionaire saudi".

According to the Barber and RFI who quote an "authorized source", the representative of the CIA was recalled to Washington on July 15.

Bin Laden is sought by the United States for terrorism since the attacks against the American embassies of Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. But Osama's links with the CIA are older and go up back to the time where Bin Laden took part in the combat in Afghanistan against the Soviet forces.

According to the Barber, Bin Laden was accompanied in Dubaļ by his personal doctor and faithful lieutenant, tentatively identified as the Egyptian Ayman Al-Zawahari, by bodyguards, and an Algerian male nurse.

Osama was treated by urologist Doctor Terry Callaway, a specialist in the renal calculi (kidney problems) and male infertility. Contacted by telephone on several occasions, the doctor did not wish to answer questions.

Several sources had already given a report on a serious renal infection of Bin Laden, who has installed a mobile dialysis machine in his Afghan den of Kandahar during first six-month period 2000, according to "authorized sources" quoted by the French daily newspaper and RFI.

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