What Really Happened


by Lifeforce

In memory of those Americans who were murdered on 09-11-01

Throughout the year 2000 and the months leading up to the attack on September 11th, 2001, numerous foreign nationals of middle eastern origin were detected by American internal security observing and surveilling federal institutions in more than six states. This included the cities of Dallas, Houston, New York, and Miami. These foreign nationals also attempted to penetrate 36 high security military installations. They carried fake passports, and often posed as “art students” trying to sell their wares. (It was later determined that the so-called art was "manufactured" in China.) They also carried walkie talkies that were capable of encrypted communications. One of these foreigners was arrested while walking the halls of the Dallas Federal building. At the time of his arrest he was carrying the actual building plans for the federal building.. And, others were found to have long lists of the names and addresses of high ranking
U.S. Government
officers, both civilian and military. More than 200 of these foreigners were arrested and charged with espionage. Subsequently, they were released and allowed to return to their home. When the attack occurred on 911, Fox News ran an extensive four part series on this incident characterizing it “as the largest spy ring in U.S. history.” This report was met with strong protest by representatives of the foreign country whose citizens had been charged with espionage. Fox removed the story from its archives. Fox now reports that “the story no longer exists.” (For those interested the story has been archived at several sites on the internet.)

Question 1. How many of the two hundred people arrested for espionage were Arabs?

On September 11th, 2001, the day New York City was attacked, two men of middle eastern origin were arrested by the New York City police department after fleeing a van that was stopped on King Street between Sixth and Seventh avenue. The van was painted with a mural depicting an airplane crashing into New York City. The van subsequently exploded.

Question 2. How many of those arrested were Arabs?

On the day New York City was attacked New York Police Security personnel stopped a white Chevrolet Van on the approach to the George Washington Bridge. Inside the van were “tons of explosives.” Two men of middle eastern origin were arrested.

Question 3. How many of those arrested were Arabs?

On the morning of September 11th, 2001, five men, all foreign nationals, and of middle eastern origin, were observed by Bergen City, N.J. residents, setting up video and still cameras on top of a moving van. The Chevrolet van bore the sign “Urban Moving Systems.” The location of this incident was in New Jersey directly across the river from the World Trade Center. When the first plane hit the north tower, irate witnesses complained immediately to the Bergen, New Jersey police department that these same five men were not only filming the attack, but they were celebrating the event. They were observed joyously jumping up and down, “high fiving” congratulating themselves, and lighting cigarette lighters in front of the cameras while the WTC burned in the background. These same five men were again seen celebrating on a rooftop in Weehawken, New Jersey as 3000 Americans perished in the attack. When the Bergen City police
arrested them, they had in their possession phony identification, numerous passports, maps of New York City with certain areas highlighted, box cutters, and one man had $4700 in cash stuffed in his sock. Police dogs were summoned and the dogs immediately detected the presence of explosive residue. The men were arrested and turned over the FBI and the CIA for questioning. All five repeatedly failed polygraph examinations. Seventy days later, after considerable pressure from their own country, the five men were quietly released and allowed to return home. Later these five men appeared on a local television talk show, in their home country, where they admitted that they were “sent to New York to document the event.” The FBI later confirmed that at least two of the men arrested were known intelligence agents of a foeign country.

Question 4. How many of the five foreign nationals arrested and detained by the FBI were Arabs?

The employer for the five foreign nationals mentioned in question 4, was Urban Moving Systems, located in Bergen, New Jersey. Two days after the attack the owner of Urban Moving Systems left the USA—literally in the middle of the night. In his haste to escape the country he left his entire business, including trucks, building, business equipment, phones, and computers. In fact, he left several warehouses filled with the furniture of his customers. He has never returned to the USA. Shortly after escaping the U.S., the FBI put the owner on a “wanted list” as a suspect involved with the 911 attack. A prominent newspaper in the New York area stated that it was well known in intelligence circles that Urban Moving Systems was an espionage “front operation.” And the CIA issued a statement confirming that it was common practice to use moving companies as fronts for espionage.

Question 5. Was the owner of Urban Moving Systems an Arab?

Shortly after the attack on New York City, the Ohio State Police arrested six men, all of whom were foreign nationals. The six men were driving in two white Ford Sedans, with three men in each car. It has never been revealed the exact reason for the arrests. The six men had in their possession photographs and the plans for three nuclear power plants in Florida. They also had photographs and the plans for the 800 mile long Alaskan oil pipeline. The six men had valid passports issued by a middle eastern country. After extensive interrogation, the Immigration service released the six men. It is believed that they escaped through Canada. It is reported that upon learning of this incident the FBI was infuriated with the actions of the INS.

Question 6. How many of the six men arrested were Arabs?

The next event may be out of context, but it is included here, because it is undoubtedly related to the 911 attack. Literally within days of the attack on New York City, a “terrorist” attack in Mexico City was foiled. Two foreign nationals posing as reporters entered the Mexican Parliament building in Mexico City. They were arrested by Mexican security personnel before the two men could harm anyone. The men were carrying phony Pakistani passports. Each man was armed with a 9 millimeter pistol. Between them they also carried nine hand grenades, large quantities of C4 Plastique explosives and detonators. After considerable pressure by their own country, they were quietly released by Mexican authorities, and allowed to return home.

Question 7. How many of those arrested by Mexican authorities were Arabs?

Following the attacks on September 11, 2001, the espionage committed by foreigners while using moving vans continued. Here are just some of the known incidents:

October 1, 2001, Plymouth, Pennsylvania. Two men and a women, all foreign nationals, while driving a moving van with the logo "Moving Systems Incorporated," were arrested by the Plymouth, Pennsylvania Police. The women carried a German passport in one name, and prescription medication in another name. The operator of the truck claimed that he was in Plymouth to make a delivery of furniture but he was unable to identify his customer either by name or address. The truck they were driving was impounded by the State of Pennsylvania, Motor Carrier Inspector, because it was determined that the operators log had been falsified. Also, the men had in their possession a Sony Video Camera with extensive close up footage of the Sears Tower. The three were turned over to the FBI and the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Question 8. How many of those arrested were Arabs?

November 1, 2001, Erwin Tennessee. Two men, both foreign nationals, while driving a large moving van were arrested after a high speed chase on U.S. highway 23. They were charged with speeding, and reckless driving. This incident occurred near the Nuclear Fuel Services Plant in Erwin, Tennessee, which is the exclusive source of nuclear fuel cores for the Navy nuclear submarine fleet. In the truck was a load of “junk furniture.” The driver had a counterfeit Florida drivers license. The second man had a phony I..D card. One of the men had in his possession a “learn to fly” brochure from a company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The men were unable or unwilling to explain the nature of their business in Erwin, Tennessee. The men were subsequently released and deported.

Question 9. Were either of these men Arabs?

May 8, 2002, Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, Oak Harbor, Washington. Two men, both foreign nationals, while driving a moving van after midnight with a load of junk furniture were arrested for speeding near the Whibey Island Naval Air Station. One man had a phony passport. The other had no identification at all. When the military police brought in the dogs they immediately detected the presence of RDX and TNT explosive residue. Both men were charged with entering the country illegally, but were subsequently released.

Question 10. Were either of these men Arabs?

June 9, 2003, Cloudcroft, New Mexico. Two men, both foreign nationals, while driving a moving van were arrested for speeding in a school zone. They had drivers licenses issued by a middle eastern country, but the passports held by these men were invalid. They had no log books, or manifests. All they had was a rental agreement that had expired. First they told the police they were enroute from Austin, Texas to Chicago. When the police officer told them they were hundreds of miles off course, they claimed they were going to make a delivery in Deming, New Mexico, but they could not identify either the name or address of their customer. The truck contained "junk furniture" that, according to the police "was not fit for donation to Goodwill" and fifty boxes of cargo that remains unidentified to this day. The men and the truck were turned over to FBI for further investigation.

Question 11. Were either of these men Arabs?

May 24, 2004, Kings Bay Naval Base, St. Mary's Georgia. Two men, both foreign nationals, attempted to penetrate the Kings Bay Naval base, (the home of eight Ohio class ballistic missile submarines), on the pretense that they were delivering furniture. When they were unable to provide any identification they were immediately arrested by base security personnel. Bomb sniffing dogs were summoned and they immediately detected the presence of explosive residue. The base was placed in "lock down," and the FBI, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation were summoned.
A briefcase was removed from the truck through the use of a remote controlled robot. The men were questioned by the FBI and then deported.

Question 12. Were either of these men Arabs?

If you answered either "no" or "none" to any of the above 12 questions, then congratulations. You scored 100% on the 911 espionage Trivia Quiz. However, it should be emphasized that all of the incidents noted above actually happened. All of the incidents noted above involved foreign nationals, and those foreign nationals were all of the same nationality. And, all of the incidents noted above have been ignored or suppressed by the mainstream media in the interest of protecting the guilty.

Why is this important? Because September 11, 2001 was indeed a day that will "live in infamy." September 11th 2001 was a FALSE FLAG attack, designed to "implicate Iraq" in the attack. Not even the government continues to adhere this nonsense. Yet, no other single event has done more to adversely change the political, economic and social landscape of the American Republic.

It is important because we are now eight years down the road and there has been NO murder investigation, NO grand jury impaneled, No arrests, and No convictions for the greatest single act of mass murder in U.S. history. The people who did this literally got away with mass murder.

It is important because the murderers are still out there, spying on the USA, committing sabotage, and killing Americans.

It is important because we as a nation have become so fat, stupid and lazy that we cannot even identify our enemies.

It is important because we are going to be attacked again.

"If a nation expects to be both ignorant and expects what never was and never will be."
Thomas Jefferson.

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