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WRH Reader Letters 03/11/2004
Letters to What Really Happened are posted as received with names removed, and may not reflect the opinions of What Really Happened. Letters advocating violence and revolution are not posted as a matter of policy.

READER: WRH.. Virtually nothing has been said, today, about the possibility of voting fraud.. Yet the post-balloting polls apparently failed miserably to pick a winner in many states!! How could that science, of long-standing usefulness, suddenly be so far off? ..unless the machines fulfilled all the dire practices California decided rendered them useless, ....? Voters are highly unlikely, given proper protections, to lie about the act they just carried out..!?!


We, the undersigned, pledge to the best of our abilities, that...

1. ...we will NOT work, live, raise our families, and contribute monetarily or spiritually or supportively in any way to a one-party Fascist country in which the government has not been duly elected through honest and free elections, and has co-opted power PERMANENTLY through highly illegal and dubious means.

2. ...sadly, America has become EXACTLY that, despite all the hard work of millions to end it legally.

3. ...men of good conscience only have two options; revolution (whether violent or non-violent), or expatriation.

4. ...for religious and/or political reasons, we do not believe revolution is a just and viable course in this circumstance, for us and our families, because we are not throwing off a foreign invading power, but would be throwing off our own people and what America has become through corporate-controlled politics. Ghandi was able to apply Christlike nonviolent passive resistance to the British, but they were a foreign imperialist power with scruples and rule of law. In the case of the American Revolution, Americans were also throwing off an imperialist foreign British force. This is not the case in America today. Instead, we are confronted with a situation like men and women of conscience in Nationalist Germany in the 1930's, as the Nazis came to power through primarily illegal means, while supported by a small minority of people, and then eventually, a large majority. Our only solution, as was theirs, is to take our family and friends to a real Democracy elsewhere in the world and escape in time. There are several in the world today, far out of the reach of fascist corporate Amerika.

5. ...that we will leave Amerika with our family and all friends who will join us just as soon as we acquire work elsewhere in the countries of our choice, just as soon as it is economically viable for us to do so.

6. ...we will never consider ourselves Americans again, and will renounce American citizenship as soon as we acquire citizenship in our new countries, because as far as we are concerned, the America we knew was destroyed FOREVER in the year 2000. And that once established in our new countries, we will strive as much as possible to replace every need with products NOT produced by Amerika and/or its allies in illegal imperialist war.

7. ...we will never consider ourselves enemies OR allies of the new Amerika, and will indeed mourn when China and Russia nuke the former United States into oblivion; we duly recognize we will be among a small minority out of the entire earth that will indeed mourn the loss of what America was and could have been. It will be this dream and vision that will sustain us and we will take that dream to the corners of the earth where it will bloom and grow unfettered by corporate greed and fascist evil.

8. ...we will give the work of our hands, our hearts, minds, souls, and spirits to our new countries, real Democracies all that we have chosen very carefully, to the very best of our abilities as the last remaining Americans, AND WE WILL NEVER LOOK BACK.

READER: currently watching c-span with callers calling in to say who they voted for.

95% of the callers so far say they voted for Kerry, proving that YES, the election has been stolen once again (.....or all the shrub lovers are out celebrating, too busy to call in)

many of the callers sound like those in ur 'reader letters' section. i have a feeling many of those people are vistors of ur site.

im gettin sick of most the news network on t.v. i think i'd have a mental breakdown if it werent for ur website. not only that but i'd be very disappointed in Americans. however, listening to most of the callers and reading the emails in the reader letters section, i KNOW americans arent as stupid as the outcome of this election shows us.

as i am writing to u and listening to c-span a woman caller just stated she voted for Bush because he is not pro-abortion and she wouldnt want to have a murderer (kerry) in the white house leading america........ WTF???????????? What about the war in iraq and all the ppl being killed cuz of BUSH????? ahh, that also goes to show right there that there still are some uninformed americans out there :(

READER: National Guard: " Hey Girls... look at this pink shirt... isn't it just to die for?"

Giving whole new meaning to that phrase.

Has American Youth become so mindless that they'd die for a cheap shirt?

I told my children and grandkids of draftable ages to tell Bush to "Go to Hell!" if he tries to Draft them.

I'd like to believe ALL young people would tell Bush "#&%@ You" and HELL NO WE WON"T GO, when the draft inevitably occurs.Let the Zionazi-Neos go fight their damn wars themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After thought:

Furthermore- Unwilling Soldiers are much much more likely to frag I think. Not just against commanders, but cruel fellow soldiers (torturers, rapists) that have lost all humanity. As many people as want to leave the US.... Hmmmm MAKES ME REALLY WONDER.....Perhaps UNWILLING SOLDIERS just might want to DEFECT. Bet they never thought of that

READER: Kerry just lost to the most hated man in the world. He lost to a man with an IQ of 96. He lost to a transparent liar. He lost to a man who thinks he has divine communication with G_d. What went wrong? Kerry was the wrong man at the wrong time in a country that is facing the most threatening deviation and turn from the constitution in its history.

At first I wept. Then I despaired. Now, I'm angry....to say it mildly. The DNC was caught up in big money, big business and they wanted someone to represent that. Dean or even Gephardt may have won, but Kerry did not have the punch. We needed a fighter. I was angry at the Americans that voted for Bush but you have to lay some, if not most of the blame with the Democratic party. They should have won this hands down....but they blew it big time. They had issues everywhere that they could have nailed Bush on.

Now, Kerry will go down in history as losing to a despised idiot. I think we have at least three choices: Start a new party, get involved with one of the "3rd party" organizations, or think seriously about moving out of the U.S. I'm keeping that last option close to my heart.

WRH: a third party will not work. The system is rigged against it. And, as has been stated many times by many people today, if the elections are not honest and fair, then the time when the system can be changed by peaceful means is over.

READER: Thank you for providing an alternative news source, which allows people to see information relevant to the truth as opposed to the manufactured lies in the national media. I have been religiously visiting your site since the placement of BUSH in 2000.

It was on your site when I first became aware of a company called Diebold otherwise this name may not have had any significance if observed in passing. Last month on the 28th of October I passed by a white Diebold van parked in front of MIT on 77 Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge at approximately 2:30pm. I have passed by that particular location at least once a day since being at MIT for the past four years as a grad student and would have remembered seeing this name after reading about it at WRH in the past year . I just thought it unusual to see this white van labeled Diebold parked outside MIT.

Today I remain suspicious of the election results but realistically understand that BUSH must remain to complete the task scheduled by the most corrupt establishment I have ever witnessed. Kerry in my opinion was intended to be used as a place holder to make it seem as if there was an election process. This event was planned very precisely taking into consideration as many details as possible so as to present an acceptable appearance.

Well thank you again!

WRH: It doesn't matter what was "intended". In a democracy, the will of the people is the law of the land. When the elections are fraudulent, there is no democracy.

READER: Mike I have the feeling that the Americans who wrote to say that they were leaving will find that they can't or it won't be for long. The zionist gov't knows your financial transactions, phone logs, computer sites you accessed, and most importantly they know the addresses of your family that still reside in the US. They will probabaly pay a bounty to every country that sends back errant Americans who can't be 'convinced' to return on their own. Do you think that they will let a tax-paying slave escape???? I am thinking the American people are going to experience what the Native Americans and other non-whites have been going through for centuries and I know that they will not like it. I do hope that some of you do make it here to Canada - there is a whole lot of unexplored country here.
WRH: On the contrary, I am certain there are many of us the US Government would be perfectly happy to see leave the country! :)


My wife and I voted for the first time in our lives in this election, (I'm 43, she's 42), stood in the rain for a half hour, waited inside for another half hour, and got a very strong vibe from the people in line that it was curtains for Bush.Now we know we should have slept in and then taken the dogs to the beach.

And now its over with a whimper.No big bang, no terrorist event,no martial law, no calling the election off. Just a malicious little line of code that quietly handed it all to Shrub, and the Democrats, playing their part, let it happen and give in.

There can be no denying now that there is only one party in this country, any choice is mere illusion. "We" have "re-elected" a man who could have been exposed, crushed, and imprisoned by a true rival candidate."We" have returned to power an administration so warped, so un-American, so shockingly bold in its lies and crimes that it boggles my mind. The list of the charges that should have been leveled at the Bush Gang during the campaign is so long, so foul, and so ripe for exploitation by a skilled orator and real leader, and yet here we are with four more years of Bush and Co.

The unholy alliance between the media presstitutes and the treasonous government, together with the now perfected ability to subtly fix any future election seals the fate of this country.

READER: Bush now has his head set in abolishing inheritance taxes. This is timely: Poppy Bush has pirated away a huge bucketful of loot, and he is starting to look a tad frail of late. Yes, very timely legislation indeed. Oh how the Elite must adore that man.

READER: No ID required to vote in the USA these days? I showed my voter registration card last time, but now I see it's not required at all?! So I can go from poll to poll and vote as many times as I want, so long as I can present a name that hasn't been used yet that happens to be on the list? WTF?!?! Diebold just seals the deal.


As usual about things geo-political, your call that Kerry would--once the phony numbers were in--roll over for Bush seems to be bang-on.

READER: Tonight a local television station did a piece about the prospect of Americans coming up to Canada as a result of the Bush fiasco.

The Canadian authorities looked stern and somber--they asked the hard questions like "Any doctors?"

"Any nurses?" And our officials set down the hard and fast rules: "Everyone is welcome, just fill in the paperwork".

Americans are facing Patriot Act II and a draft has already been prepared. Bush has full control now of the government, and the judicial system. Do you think he will abuse it? Ask the people at Guatanamo. Ask the people at Abu Graib. Ask the Moslems held without charges laid against them. That net of offenders is about to widen.

READER: Well now it's official- although slight, the majority of our fellow citizens are willfully ignorant, racist, warmongering, masochistic, religiously delusional hillbillies and damn proud of it. . . human garbage that think it's patriotic and "Christian" to prevent gays from having full civil-rights while supporting a genetic sociopath who drops napalm and cluster bombs on Iraqi children and calls it "freedom". .

Oh well, those chickens will come home to roost sooner then later and besides they are hopeless and aggressively reject inconvenient things like "reality" and "facts" so it's a waste of time even trying to deal with them until more of their kids start coming home in body bags. .

But perhaps those who pressed to make Kerry the Dem nominee and those Dems and independents left in Congress might be open to gaining some wisdom from one undeniable fact- Kerry, Edwards, Dashale- all who voted to give Bush the authority to engage our country in the nightmare of Iraq and who never admitted it was a horrible mistake are going home in shameful defeat while Dennis Kucinich, who had the guts to stand up and vote against the psychopathic Boy King at a time when it looked like political suicide won his race handily and will remain a voice of conscience in Congress for the next two years and beyond.

While I have come to have a certain degree of affection for Kerry, in the end he was nominated for all the wrong reasons and however depressing and brutal the assessment, the facts are the majority of the Dems were willing to play along with the war mongering aspect of the national debate when they knew better because they thought it was politically expedient, so this loss was deserved-

A hard lesson and based on the history of the party one that probably won't be learned, but since they are the most viable alternative to the Neo-cons one that should be pointed and hammered home.

Thanks as always Mike for your diligence and patriotism- keep fighting the good fight.

READER: I can't think straight. I am in shock. I am scared shitless.


The only way we can effect change is to do what was done in vietnam and take to the streets. Now is the time to gear up for the Washington and New York Demos

I know it doesn't look good, but it's still not over. There's still New Mexico and Iowa as well as Ohio. I'm convinced that the results are not legitimate. I mean, Bush had to be appointed last time and that was before the war. He has alienated tons of people including many moderate Republicans, and the mobilization against him this time was huge. All this Bush victory talk smells very fishy to me.

I look it with a different perspective. I am positive! Positive? Well, here is my analogy. The next four years will be pure hell; wars, povertry, no healthcare, unemployment. So the good part is. People (Hopefully) will get angry!!! We do not get angry enough. Yesterday, as I took Latinos to vote. They said. Juan I am voting for Bush because I am oppossed to "lesbianism" and abortion. Their Chruch told them. How stupid! That being more important than jobs and peace. I tell you my friends. I could not convince them otherwise! They voted for my guys, Walter, Sullivan, Charter Revision (Those who could find the question and knew english). It is sad, but I am optimistic. The best chance for "we" progressives to grow! ...But there were a lot of "irregularities"

FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what else is there to say...we didnt even get the "lesser of two evils"!!! Its hard not to be discouraged...

I hope that the poor, the aged, the sick, the downtrodden, women, minorities, the working class, the falsely imprisoned and the civilians of Iraq, Afganistan, and any other sovereign nation that we choose to invade, can survive another 4 years of this outrage that some still persist in calling a "democracy."

CANADA or BUST! I'm putting together a wagon train anyone who wants to come get your covered wagons and your oxen and meet me in the main street cafe parking lot. Well, that was fun... Juan I know what your saying and it is very hard to understand how this could happen... It's hard not to give up

How can 51% of our country vote for Bush?! It is clear to me now that the majority of this country is in some way possessed...seriously! If not by the classic case of the menacing church then by the new ways: fox news, Orwellian doublespeak, and, most importantly, FEAR! In Osama's recent tape he basically said that Americans would have nothing to fear if we just pulled the fuck out! The ONLY positive thing I can take from this is that maybe Bush will fuck up so incredibly (but wait...I THOUGHT HE ALREADY DID!!!!!!) that Republicans will entirely lose control. But I feel that we are in pre-World War II Germany...rising hatred for outsiders, rising racism, overwhelming fear...When a leader has no political ramifications for his actions (he got re-elected after two wars, countless breaches of international law, and repeated war against the impoverished and needy) he can do whatever the fuck he wants! And when the Project for a New American Century is in the driver's seat...we're in for a long era of open war on the rest of the world. Just look at the PNAC's website and what it stands because that neoconservative viewpoint is going to be increasingly the entirity of American foreign policy! Maybe we need a Great Depression? A complete crippling of this whole war machine, thusly ending America's sick dominance over the world. I feel like countries should NEVER be allowed to become as powerful as America has become. If we don't take action now the America we know today, under Bush and neocons, will last for thousands of years just like the Romans (they switched from republic to empire, though less sneakily as this country has and will continue to shift toward) Oh fuck it, enough of this rant, I feel the need to break shit.

We'll be the country's toast And rule from coast to coast, Without legality but that's just a technicality! Ira Gershwin, "Let 'em Eat Cake", 1933

Dear Randy, the bummiest of bummers! This is what we get for living in a really moral society!! But I guess we have to go on being the conscience of the country

This whole event is confusing and my reality meter is off kilter. Is there REALLY a separation of church and state? Is Bush really the Antichrist which has been bantered about for years? Was that REALLY an election? Did people actually VOTE for Bush in droves? Amazing - not over the shock yet.

Today I have gone though all the emotions that there is. I started out hanging on to a little hope, then disbelief. How could any person in their right mind, vote for this Bozo! Now I am working on the angry and the frustrations. The only ray of sunshine I see is that Bush now has to clean up his own mess. Will he? I doubt it. I didn't think after 2000 that I could be any madder, but here we are again. Maybe tomorrow I will have some slim ray of hope, but I am doubting that too. Sorry to say that Canada is looking very good right now.

While I was in NYC last night during the returns, some astute poll-watcher friends of my daughter pointed out that when the exit polls were being broadcast, the results from FLA came in as Kerry 53% and Bush 47%. Then suddenly when the totals were reported, there was a 6% switch in results, as though the candidate's results were completely opposite what they originally appeared to be. How could this have happened? I immediately thought of the woman at http://www.blackboxvoting.com/ . I took a look at that sight and found that other math-cruncher people were looking at this, too. (See http://www.blackboxvoting.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=285 ) These new voting machines are so "tamper-able" that I am suspicious of vote tampering. It's frightening.

What is truly more upseting to me, however, is to think that this fundamentalist, war-mongering, reactionary was supported by SO many real human beings. He is creating enemies MUCH faster than he can KILL them. We have never been so hated abroad, and he's not done yet. On Democracy Now this morning, a returned soldier who was speaking, pointed out that Bush, having been newly released from his concerns about approval ratings, will likely escalate the violence of this war, and may become more reckless with the lives of our troops to achieve his aims. I feel shame that my country is persuing such an immoral and outrageous policies.

Also on my mind are the "slip" that Colin Powell made this week about having "reunification" of Taiwan and China as a goal, counter to the US's policy, and China's delighted and warm response to his visit to them, AND Bush's proclamation to Cuban voters in FLA. this week to get rid of Fidel Castro. There are two happy military goals founded on the whimsical policies of this American Fundamentalist Regime. What next? Are we going to continue to stomp around the globe "straightening out" all these damn foreigners, "showing them the light" at the end of a machine gun barrel?

The idea that Bush will likely get to appoint, (what is it? 6?) a bunch of Supreme Court justices is a (shudder!) very sad prospect as well, but mainly because this idea of "morals" ranked so high amonst voters and so he represents a very large constituent of Americans who identify with the fundamentalist Christian point of view. I feel like my country has been hijacked and that there is this new disconnect-your-mind and base your politics on tear-jerking anecdotal bullshit because it makes us feel like we're in a movie about the battle of good and evil mindset that seems widely acceptable. I hate it.

What to do? I have found that the most effective approach when talking with Bush supporters is a CALM and LOGICAL position. Challenge their positions by presenting your ideas and listening to theirs , but don't berate the human being who is adhering to flawed ideas. I don't feel it today, but somewhere in me is the hope that compassion and intellect can prevail.

I agree with the person who said that this is an important time to increase marches and demonstrations.

WRH: I understand that there are Republicans who will always vote the straight party ticket no matter what, and yes, there were a large number of religious nuts who voted for Bush because they think he will bring abut the second coming. But that's not 51% of the nation. It's not even close to 51% of the nation. The gap between the real voters for Bush and the fantasy that he won is explained by vote fraud, and so much vote fraud has been documented that there isn't really a question about it. Elections do get stolen. It HAS happened here. This is not a democracy any more.

READER: And the beat goes on. The media talks about the abortion issue, they talk about the percentage of Jews and Blacks who voted for each candidate, about gay-marriage and on and on and on............

But they sure aren't talking about the exit polls, or the way Bush's tallies spiked upwards whereever the Diebold machines were used. They don't talk about Kerry's sudden decision to not pursue the issues and fight for a proper accounting. They don't talk about the problems that have arisen from electronic voting.

They don't talk about ELECTION FRAUD. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle it goes--waaaay under the rug. Hush peons. We just don't discuss such things. Why look at your newly "chosen" leader! Why don't they tell us who really chose him? It sure as hell wasn't us.

WRH: They won't talk about election fraud because their job is to sell you the idea that the election was honest, just like it was their job to sell you the idea that Saddam had 'nookular' weapons.

READER: Maybe you or one of your readers has some historical perspective. Have these exit poll services ever in their history been so embarrasingly wrong? The only thing that I was able to get from TV news is that exit polling is not an exact science. That has to be the most useless bit of information I ever heard. Neither is coaching a sports team an exact science, but a coach who screws up enough gets fired.
WRH: Exit polls have been slightly off because of sample size, but the errors tend to average out. Apoint two high here, a point too low there, and so on. In this case, the bias in the results was one way only, towards Bush, and now the mainstream media are "adjusting" their exit poll numbers to make it look like they were accurate all along.

READER: Is it just me or did this election get stolen AGAIN!!! I can’t believe this happened TWICE and there isn’t open rebellion in the streets. Why aren’t we asking why… I just read your 2004 new years piece” year of the slave”, we must be slaves for we do not protest our plight. Thanks for being out there, allowing me to vent and getting out some truth…

READER: Here's how to find out if indeed, the Bush win in Ohio was Diebold magic: About 70% of the vote in Ohio was still on old fashioned punch cards, which can be recounted. The other 30% was on a mix of Diebold machines and other technologies. The thing to do is to compare the punch card results with the Diebold results. I'll bet anything that the punch card totals show at least a dead heat if not a win for Kerry, while the Diebold votes show Bush to be the clear winner.

At least Pennsylvania went for Kerry, although that doesn't say much, since Kerry is a war monger too.

WRH: Nobody is going to check anything. And Ashcroft has made it clear that only the administration will decide if there are any lawsuits regarding voters' rights.

READER: I’m a canadian living in europa and as lot of people I loved United States.

But since a few years we began to feel that something was coming up from the dark side in your country.

At this time, nobody wanted to listen to us. Even if it was frustrating, I must say that we were confident

that the next election would correct this dangerous move.

We are so sad tonight. For you and for us.

Democracy is a very young system. We don’t know all its aspects in a long run.

We can see now that it can even become a tool to control people.

But please don’t give up. The rest of the world will count on you to bring back some hope.

Peoples that voted for Bush today, will get their eyes opened in a near future.

Maybe you will have rough time for a while. But those people that won today never win at the end.

They never know where to stop. And they always go to far.

Come in Europa sometimes and in all other countries you can. I discovered for myself that

there is a more modern world here than in America. We will be very happy and honored to receive you.

And there are a lot of fantastic projects to work on here too.

You will need a calm and strong determination for the next battle. You will have to find somebody

of a new kind to carry your dreams. Not as a game but as a “mission”

We are with you tonight and in the future.

READER: Hi there, I am Canadian and I always read your site, I think it is fantastic! I just wanted to send my condolences to all you Americans. Canada has its problems too, however, I have never been more proud to be Canadian in my life. I have been reading the letters from your readers and after reading one in particular from a reader who has a job lined up in Canada and is a Harvard graduate, I realized there is something else to consider. Canada and other countries wll be getting an influx of Americans, smart Americans, which isn't such a bad thing for us. Do you have any plans of leaving?

READER: Hit the thugs where it hurts - their bank accounts. I say we boycott Christmas. Celebrate it the old-fashioned way - handmade gifts and baked goods. Sponsor a canned good drive for the local food bank.. Spend time with friends and family instead of the rushing through malls and parking lots. Don't buy RFID tagged clothing manufactured in sweat shops. Don't buy the "Made in China" ornaments for the tree. Don't buy the giftwrap and cardboard boxes that end up in landfills a few days later. How about instead of spending money, we save money? We'll surely need the cash if Bush successfully seizes the office next year.

I understand that it would be near impossible to convince the majority of Americans to go on strike for one day. I understand the fear of losing one's home because of three late mortgage payments and no job. But maybe we should stop buying all this crap to fill our over-sized homes and stop wasting thousands of dollars a year on fashion and SUVs. Sure, retail jobs will be lost, but they'll eventually disappear because, as you say, we are broke.

Why not use this to our advantage? We can send letters to editors, politicians and businessmen stating that we are boycotting non-essential material possessions and will abstain from shopping malls this holiday season unless the US government turns Iraq over to the UN and charges be brought against Bush and Cheney for treason. We then act on our threats until the demands have been met - or until Bush can find another way to blindside the country. (A little flu, anyone?)

If we loudly and publicly tell our families, friends and local media en mass that we will not participate in Giftmas this year and honor our pledges, we could make a difference, or at least slow the destruction of civil liberties. This isn't something the PPT can manipulate.

While we're at it, cancel subscriptions to newspapers and periodicals that endorsed Bush and which continue to openly lie to their readers. It feels so liberating! You can find the same stuff on-line for free, and usually there are extra papers in coffeshops and restaurants. News journals and papers often continue to find their way to my door long after I have ended the subscription. Publishers are desperate for readers, unable to compete with the growing blog world.

Learn from Rove. Exploit the chasm between Bush people and the intelligent folks. If we announce that we are boycotting Christmas because we want out of Iraq, Bush people will be forced to dump loads of dough to disguise our impact, thus bankrupting the Bubba Bushes while we savvy folks saved thousands of dollars per household.

WRH: Gandhi defeated the British with general strikes. He chose a day and called for a day of prayer and fasting, which meant no work was done. India's commerce halted. The British investments suffered for it. Eventually Britain decided India was too expensive to control for the dwindling return. Here in the US, our economy is a shambles. No sooner did he steal the election than Bush immediatly started raising the debt limit again so he can borrow and spend even more money the nation does not have and stick your great grandchildren with the payments. But, this government debt is also a weakness. The US, having abandoned manufacturing starting on the 80s, has a huge trade deficit. The US must take in one and one half BILLION dollars every single day in foreign investment to support the value of the dollar. Right now, most of that investment is coming from Asia as Europe backs away from Bush. But that investment is attracted to the US with the promise if anything "bad" happens, the US taxpayers will be forced to cough up the dough to cover any losses, as happened during the S&L debacle in the 80s. But if the general public stopc working long enugh to make it clear that they WON'T cough up the dough to cover losses, those foreign investors will start looking for a safer place for their cash, and yank their money. That will crash the US financial system, and the government that drove it to the edge of bankruptcy with it. In the end, a modern revolution does not have to march into Washington DC to win, it merely has to survive long enough to trigger that investor pullout. Bush doesn't have any real liquidity. He has to borrow everything he spends. When the lenders quit lending, it's all over.

READER: The Network Consortium Exit polling data for the Nationwide Popular vote posted by CNN at 1 am showed Kerry 52.1 Bush 47.9. . All the exit polling was complete . I don't know the sample size used in 2004 . In 1996 VNS (Voter News Service) interviewd 60,000 voters as they left the polls. The 2004 Network Consortium exit poll ,frequently derided as "unreliable" by pundits, was the result of a massive sampling of voter sentiment. It is true that the first wave of exit polling can produce squirrely numbers. By 9pm EDT, such is not the case. Because of the enourmous sample size, the statistical margin of error built into these polls is +/- 1.5%. The final results of late Presidential Exit Polling have been uncannily accurate in every election since the practice was first implemented in 1976. In 2004 , we see a wide divergence of 7 points between the network projection of (Kerry +4) and the national popular vote (Bush+3) . Even more damning , we note that non battleground states adhered to their poll results while in the battleground states Bush outperforms his consortium projected share of the vote in virtually every state. In no battleground state does Kerry ever outperform the consortium projection. The nation had turned out in large numbers , a phenomenon that traditionally benefits the Democrats. Rove brags of his "ground game", which he says produced a surge in the GOP share of the vote. By 9pm evening(EDT) the "ground game" would have surfaced in the exits. Certainly by 1am EDT , the "ground game" would have been discerned by even the most dim witted group of numbers crunchers. At 6 am , with 95% of the vote in, the exit pollsters finnally threw in the towell and went with the popular vote that was staring them right in the face. The Consortium concludes that they oversampled black voters ,causing the the 7% sampling error. This is palpably absurd. Blacks only comprise 9-10 % of the national vote. They know that. Did their exits show African Americans suddenly comprising 15% of the vote? A 50% increase from 2000! That would be the only way they could have screwed up by a 7% margin. These guys are very conservative when they produce voter models , strictly adhering to historical demographic norms derived from data gleaned from recent presidential cycles and changes in the national census. In any event any under or oversampling would have been caught as as real results began to trickle in from selected "bellwether" sample precincts around the country and compared them with turnout and results from those same sample precincts in 00 and 96'. Had the ground game been anything other than lie from BushCo. the proper adjustments would have been made several hours before 6am EDT. Conclusion: There was no ground game. The African American "oversampling" was a ruse because the Consortium didn't want to let the country in on their dirty little secret : The campaign of George W. Bush stole the Presidency from the duly elected canidate , John F. Kerry.

READER: I was thinking, maybe this twig win is a good thing. So many of them, knowing the economy is going to get better, more security, etc.. they won't need to reinstate the draft! They can go and join! The motto can be, "If you fear, join the army!"

READER: I have been a regular visitor to your site since October of 2001. Thanks for cutting through all the lies. I never liked being bullshitted.
WRH: Me neither.

READER: Hi Mike....thanks for keeping us posted on the (S)election coverage. We are all screwed big time now. Sorry to all you informed readers that did everything in your power to put a stop to this nightmare that live here in Amerika. Sorry to you folks that belong to the rest of the world, I know YOU tried to put a stop to this as well.

I feel very sick today. I am seriously considering selling everything I own and holing up somewhere to enjoy the last little bit of happiness that may be out there because it will only get worse and worse and worse. Only darkeness covers the earth now. Satan rules for sure.

READER: I do not support or recognize GWB as legitimate. I will never forget that he just sat there with the goat book on 9/11/2001.

Also, Rudy Giuliani is arrogant and dismissive. I will never forget that while telling ordinary citizens that they were not allowed to photograph the Twin Tower remains because it was a crime scene, he was simultaneously flying in celebrities on the taxpayer tab, and walking them through the remains like his personal playground.

I am strongly wondering if (as I read suggested here) this really was a Skull and Bones staged event.

I do not see any hope.

READER: Question the voting machine procedures and totals.

Check out http://www.votergate.tv/ and view the video.

Kerry received 8.5 % more votes yesterday than Gore did in 2000. ( 55,349,614 vs. 50,996,116)

There is no way in hell that Bush could have received almost 17 % more votes yesterday than he did in 2000. ( 50,456,169 vs. 58,929,348)

Except by vote manipulation.

To see how easy vote manipulation is, and I'm talking about the ability to change vote totals gathered from thousands of machines in 90 seconds with a few mouse clicks, be sure you see that video.

They duped us on 9/11, on Iraq, and on just about everything else. They have no hesitation to dupe us by using these voting machines to steal the election. Making sure that the voting machine totals cannot be questioned is all they had to do. No paper trail = no recount = stolen election. The exit polls do NOT even come close to matching the reported totals.

Start the Revolution

READER: RE: You have the Curse of Cassandra…

ROFL. No, my friend… you don't have the Curse of Cassandra. Most of us listened. The problem is that no one (including you) realized that (like Nazi Germany) we have no choices available to us. We can't even suggest that we rise up and throw off our dictators (Bush's joke will probably become reality now)… We have no choices at all. The election, like so many other things in our society, is just mock combat and is designed like the Gladiatorial arenas of Rome… to keep the masses oblivious to their state.

READER: next time we have an election, we should tell people to show up early with a squirt gun and a hammer and fuck up this diebold machines

READER: Being in London the first results in the election where not due in until well after midnight London time and the earliest prediction of a winner would not be until 4am.

The first thing I did waking up today was log onto the Internet to see who had won - it was still out with all the "too close to calls" but as the British day progressed the results unfolded. Not one person at my work in the City wanted Bush to win, and upon talking to a number of people today, I have not found one person who would have voted for him.

I ask you to reflect on the lies, deceit and downright nasty tactics this man employs - during the campaign his website never said anything useful other than bagging "Flip Flopping Kerry" - how many people have died, been murdered, let alone the damage he has done to the environment and world has a whole under his name. Under grand names of the "Clean Air Act" and "No Child Left Behind" he continues to rape you and your families and your country whilst giving the world the finger at the same name.

Winning the popular vote, he now acts under your name, under America's name. It is a sad day for America. It is a sad day for the world. The American people have lost a lot of respect on this day and everyone who is murdered under his name from this day forward is on your shoulders.

I hope you can all live with yourselves... The only solice is if you didn't vote for this prick you can sleep easier but it is still your country and you still have to live with the facts.

Now to vote out this prick Blair in 2005....

READER: With Bush now being re-elected for a 2nd term, one of two things will happen before 2008. The draft will be re-instated, and/or Bush will seek a 3rd term in office. Changes will be made so Bush will be allowed to run for a 3rd term. Bet on one of those 2 things to happen.

READER: Kerry told Bush that America is too divided and that needs to be fixed. While Bush agrees, does that mean, we're gonna be sent to the concentration camps??????

Mike.. do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WRH: How do you fix a nation that has been lied to to start a war of conquest, bankrupted, and is now waking up to a stolen election? How do you fix that?

READER: Today is a sad day for America and the rest of the world.
WRH: It will get worse.

READER: to wrh, I am a resident of Jacksonville,Florida.I am literally sick.I had attended the Micheal Moore rally,the Edwards visit,the Eyes Wide Open memorial,the pres.debates with the local democratic org.,and even worked with MoveonPAC.I have anti-Bush stickers on my car,I have Kerry signs in my yard,and I always wear an anti-Bush shirt or a Kerry shirt ,and always my Kerry/Edwards buttons.Being right here in the bible belt,I've had a surprising number of people express their support for Kerry.Union members,laborers,minorities ,women included-are so sick of Bush's lies and absolutely dangerous policies.I do not feel the election was won fairly.I just want to crawl into a hole.I can't have the t.v. on,it makes me SICK!!!!!What can we do?I need help.Please, some advice .
WRH: Get angry. Angry works.

READER: If I were an American kid of a draft age, I would rather die fighting for the truth in home soil, rather than being bombed by insurgents faraway from home.

READER: White House : debt ceiling must be raised

Mike...perhaps you can give me a refresher course in economics concerning the "debt ceiling." I do not grasp the correlation between being broke and being even more broke. I must be a bad person for paying all my bills on time every month. With the government in a frenzied pace of spending everything that doesn't exist in the first place...I suppose that gives the meaning to the old political ideology of "new math?"

WRH: Imagine that you have a credit card with no limit, and someone else is forced to pay the bills. Bush has one. And he's using it. And you get the bills.

READER: To all those who are as disgusted as I and who plan on getting out of here:

So freedom and responsibility (both military and fiscal) lost in this election. It's official: the people of the US are morons. The solution?

Canada is oh-so-tempting right now, but as much as I hate to say it, if we all move to Canada, we won't solve anything. The problem is, the US is the world's sole superpower. That means US policy affects the whole world, and we *can't* abandon it to the likes of George Bush and those who think he's some kind of savior. We lost. The world will hate us now. However, unless good people stay behind and fight for change, the US is going to die a terrible death, and it's going to bring a lot down with it, including, probably, Canada as we know it.

Please, stay around, help people see the truth when Bush's irresponsibility all catches up to him over the next four years. In fact, this is almost a blessing -- if Kerry were our president, the Republicans would surely blame him for the problems that are now inevitable, and we'd never have a chance to show people how wrong this all is. Sure there are people who will just never get it. But there are also a large number of people who are registered as independent who will be more open to reason, given the consequences of four more years of Bush.

When 2008 comes around and the Democratic party has a chance to start turning us around, are you really going to let me be the last sane person in this country?

WRH: The Democrats are finished. If they could not defeat a President who lied us all into a war of conquest, then they are no longer relevent.

READER: Read the articles on this and other websites about the supposed way people voted.Pay close attention to the ones Marked Flashback! and before going to the stories read the excerpts under them.. Diebold machines made it Impossible for Kerry to win this election.People better wake up! There is no legitimacy left with the Bush cabal running the system! Those buildings came crashing down (Yes they made it happen !) Do not continue to deny what your eyes have seen! Denial is not a river in Egypt,It is more than 60% of the stupid American people who will not admit to themselves that the enemy is the neocon lot disguised as servants of the american people!Who`s quest is to dominate the world`s resources at any cost! Thanks to all the dummies who still thought elections were legit and in the hands of the people.Now Bush and his PNAC crowd can get away with anything they damn well please. Unfortunately you did get fooled again! There may not be a next time to listen to me.

READER: And by virtue of his consession speech, completely legitimizes RAMPANT VOTER FRAUD. Had Kerry been really serious, and truly believed he had a chance, he’d have resigned his Senate seat. However, Mr. Placeholder just went along with the program placidly. He knew what was expected from day one, and at some point will be handsomely rewarded.
WRH: I said it before; if Kerry really wanted to win, he would have come out against the war in Iraq.


What? All of the official votes are not even in yet. Man, if you needed any more proof that Kerry's been throwing the election all along... "

Can someone please explain to me how Howard Dean went from having the democratic nomination on "lock", only to be thrown into the background and replaced by Skull and Bones member Kerry? Was this all just a setup? He has conceded a bit early. The funny thing is, at the DMV were my pockets were raped for tax, tag, and title fees, the woman tells me, "after what happened in 2000, this country doesn't need anymore drama". Huh? What about the murderous lies, wars, screwed up economy, need I go on?

READER: Mike - With Kerry's refusal to lead the fight for truth in the presidential race, it becomes obvious that this election truly was a Skull & Bones election deception. All masterminded by Chief S&B Poppy Bush. We've been had.

READER: Maybe the main stream media should just shut up and stop trying to explain to the American public about why Bush won. We were out there in those election lines. We voted, and we know he did not win. So please propaganda media, stop stirring up the rage in the people by continuing to try to manipulate them. You are just adding to the building rage.

READER: Let me preface the following by noting that I was not a Kerry supporter...I just don;t think the country can afford (literally) 4 more years.

I am reminded of a line from Rambo 2, just before the Russian Colonel is about to have voltage jacked up and give Stallone a shot of superjuice. He says, "You may scream. There is no shame."

This election is all about shame. The shame that people in this country would re-elect a man who has brought us from prosperity to job loss, who will continue to outsource our jobs to line the pockets of the fat-cats, and who took us to "war" for oil, a war we never could win.

We "elected" a man who lost *all* 3 debates to his opponent. Just stop and think about that.

And I keep wondering: if a truer count of the vote were known and the number showed a difference of, say, 25,000 nationwide, would Kerry have to readily conceded? The implication today is that the 3% difference leaves little room for Kerry to mount a challenge.

The key to rigging the election was to to jack up the numbers for Bush everywhere so the total would look solid enough to avoid any kind of challenge. Then they can do their real work in the key states and steal the show.

And if I believed that America were populated by intelligent people, I would be certain the election was a fraud. But when I read accounts that "moral values" trumped the economy/jobs and war in Iraq as the key issue, I'm not so certain. It might be we really are a gullible people with a bent for jingoistic fanaticism: 'anything we do that the rest of the world doesn't like...well hell, Ringo, that must be a good thing.'

Now, I'm going out for a scream.

WRH: "We" elected a man who uses torture. "We" elected a man who lost more jobs than Herbert Hoover. "We" elected a man who who lied to start a war of conquest.

READER: Edwards said this week "Every vote counts and every vote will be counted." Yet, Kerry concedes without a whimper.

I almost get the feeling that this is a "Potemkin election" to give us the illusion of a democracy yet the results are decided beforehand.

WRH: Almost?

READER: Well It doesnt surprise me that ballots in Hillsborough County were rejected. Im sure more were tossed because of marking than signatures though. I should scan my extra absentee ballot just so everyone can see it. To begin with it wasn't an x marks the spot or put a check but it looked like :
Cheney   <-      ----

Edwards <-      ----

And you were suppose to complete the arrow. First off how many people read the instructions? Not many. So how many do you think completed the arrow. Second...they were to be completed, according to the form with a no.2 pencil. The supplementary instructions said you could use a blue or black pen. Could you use any of the three? If they were opened by hand and had been marked with a black pen could someone say, "Oh that is marked wrong." and throw it away? Over here in Germany people get a piece of paper and they simply make an X next to the candidate's name. What is so hard about that? Why do we have to make it so complicated? At least this ballot they ceased putting D or R next to your name on the envelope unlike last ballot I received.

The whole process makes me sad to say i come from the US. It makes me frustrated to have to try to explain how this, Bush winning could have happened again.

READER: When I saw Michael Moore's movie about 911, I was absolutely stunned by the film clips of the rioting going on as George and Laura (aka Eva) drove to the first inauguration. Until I witnessed that rioting, I had no idea that it had even occurred.

For George's coming inauguration, he may be well advised to hold it in Cheney's bunker!

READER: I am just sick today. I guess I was naive to believe that the majority of the American people would understand that they have been lied to and make a change. We have been conned. I don't want to give up the good fight. I'm not ready to turn my country over to these people, but I guess you can say that we already have. Why are people so afraid to stand up and say that Bush and Cheney have "lied.?" It is a very sad day for all of us in the US and the World. Some of us recognize this, some of us don't just yet. Michael, keep telling the truth. We need you now more than ever.
WRH: This election was stolen. The exit polls showed who should have won. And people do not stand in the rain for three hours to vote for more of the same thing.

READER: I certainly hope that all of the young Americans and parents that voted to re-elect Bush are still pleased with their decision when he re-institutes the draft to shore up America’s over extended military. We’ll see how smart you think you are when your draft card shows up in the mail. Enjoy four more years of beheadings, kids coming home in body bags, and being hated worldwide while your jobs go overseas and any money you do make ends up in the hands of Haliburton and the other corporate criminals that are protected by the Bush regime. How can America save the world if you can’t even save yourselves? Now that the election’s over I’ll bet Dubya figures he’s earned a month off at the ranch. You are a nation of lemmings, easily taken in by shiny trinkets and images of crying eagles wrapped in the flag. You are a joke.

READER: I do hope that your overseas readers will let the people there know about the fraud that has occurred in this American election.

Sorry guys--we thought a massive turnout vote against Bush would do it: we didn't realize how far into the mouth of the beast we really are. This country is now locked under Zionist control.

Some Americans will try to get out while they still can. Please accommodate them.

The citizens of America are just as mortified as you are, about what has happened. Our country is rife with munitions plants and biological weapons labs. These have obviously fallen into the hands of the worlds common enemy. As God is my witness, we did not want this: we did not want George Bush and we do not approve of his policies. We just did not anticipate the brazenness of the seizing of power that we are now witnessing.

You are now facing an out-of-control government which is armed to the teeth. God help us all.

WRH: I feel like I have the curse of Cassandra on me. For months I (and others) have been warnng that the election systems were flawed and open to tampering and fraud. Nobody wanted to hear it.

READER: I cannot believe he won,, the implication would be that good folks of the USA are of similar mindset as Bush,,or is that too simple?I believe most folks to be of sane mind more or less!anyway another 4 years,,a lot can happen in 4 years just look at the last 4,,a lot happened and NON of it good.

Many Germans were conned by the Nazis,can this have happened to the people of the US?have they fell for the phony war on terror?surely not!or perhaps the power of the mainstream media has more of a grip on the masses than we reckoned.

I for one will not sleep as sound tonight.

READER: Canada? Americans want to come to CANADA now? With the longest undefended frontier in the world between them and fascist Amerika?

I'm a Canadian and I have to tell you Ireland or New Zealand or Argentina are starting to look better and better...

READER: Bush averaged 3% above the pollsters’ error claims across the board. If you recall, the pollsters claim to be within 3%. That means 3% up or down for each state. That means he should average within 1 or 2% both ways. Kerry averaged under +3%.

I estimate Bush pulled down 3,000,000 votes that were created by the something besides one person, one vote, and they were often in important states.

Poor Zogby thought Kerry would get 303 electoral votes. He is pretty quiet today.

I hoped Kerry would win, but never thought he had better than a 1 in 5 chance.

Too much money, too much religion, to many rednecks.

WRH: Too much Diebold.

READER: I hope I am wrong but is this a possibility?

Well well well. Looks like 4 more years of 'less' then the same. Shrub now has no fear...he doesn't need to worry about re-election. All hell is going to happen.

Here are my predictions for the future...

Contrary to what is told to us by journalists, with no economic savy or economic background, the deficits DO MEAN SOMETHING. It means that we NEED the rest of the world to continually use the dollar as their reserve currency. That means the global currency (oil) must be traded in US Dollars. The last country to abandon the US Dollar in oil trade was Iraq. We all know what happened there. We pay our deficits not in money but in blood.

This is all very easy to predict....and its like a domino, one piece falling after the other.

The muslims we continue to bomb decide that the way to beat the US is through collapse of the US Dollar. This has happened. The latest Osama tape is all about the fall of the US Economy. Osama believes that his group toppled the Soviets by killing their economy (he officially became our scapegoat). So instead of bombing military installments, they decide to bomb the pipelines. In Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan.

Gas becomes expensive (no, not $2.00 a gallon, more like $5.00 a gallon or more).

Iran takes themselves off the dollar for Oil trade. They decide to trade in the Gold Dinar. It makes too much sense for them, there's real gold in the Dinar. There's nothing of value in the dollar.

Saudi Arabia is fighting a revolution

We (or Israel or a combination of us and Israel) react by bombing the hell out of Iran. The excuse given to the American Sheeple is that Iran is a threat to both us and Israel. We support our Shrub.

Iran turns into a quagmire 100x worse then Iraq. Reason is simple, they have an army and they have weapons. They also have major business dealings with China and Russia. Putin, who was in charge of KGB during the fall of the Russian Ruble, assists Iran by giving them Russian technology. Mostly, a piece of tech called the 'Sunburn'. We have no defense for the Sunburn and so our troops and carriers in the region become sitting ducks. Alot of people are going to die.

We support our Shrub.

This is where I fall off my rocker. I hope it doesn't get this bad, but it could...

Remember, the dollar is falling like a rock. Hyper-inflation and Unemployment create panic. Protests become widespread and are sometimes violent (i.e. Kent State but on a bigger scale). Nobody's working. Staples become too expensive (natural gas, groceries, etc...).

The draft is re-instated. More protests but these are not hippies out getting high and partying. They are our youth and they are angry. Inner cities look like war zones.

The rich support our Shrub but the protests are dividing the country. The protestors are 'aiding the terrorists'. They become the enemy. Arrests are made, FEMA becomes Germany's version of the Gulag. We're imprisoning our own people. Terrorists are no longer only yellow, they are of all races, age, color.

Meanwhile, Shrub has appointed two evangelical Supreme Court Justices. They abolish abortion, gay marriage, etc...They create an atmosphere so that we support the religious crusades going on over in the Middle East. Those that do not support are considered enemies and threats to the Homeland.

By now every country in the world is dumping the US dollar for pennies. It becomes almost worthless. We are on food rations. Infrastructure is crumbling. Nobody is going anywhere...nobody is working or driving because gas is too expensive. Electricity becomes something only a select few can afford. People in the northern states are freezing to death. We all know people that have been jailed because of their beliefs. Martial law exists within the Inner Cities. Revolution is inevitable.

And remember what started it all? The deficits. We blame Osama and those evil yellow people but they are not to blame...not even close.

Our own government, which is incapable of being fiscally responsible, is to blame. They have deficit spent out of pure greed. 50 years from now the biggest traitors in US history are going to be Nixon, Reagon, Greenspan, and Shrub. The baby boomers are the generation that caused the deficits out of their own greed. And now that the boomers are in charge of our government and screwing things up even worse.

Buy your gold, guns, and generator (and tons o gas). It looks more and more like Germany, circa 1936.

READER: I write you from Spain. All I can say about the US elections is: WE'RE FUCKED!!! the world, the complete world it's fucked... !! But I must say, that's democracy isn't it?

In my country we had 40 years of dictatorship, then 25 years of democracy, till the last 4 years that we saw that we were goin' back to another dictatorship. Then in the last elections the spanish people went to vote, and we defeat the government we were fed up off... We saw it, we saw the lies, the manipulation; taking us to a war that 90% of the population didn't want to support, etc,etc...

In your country the media said that the terrorist won the spanish elections, but that was a lie A BIG LIE... the killing in Madrid made us said "thats enough" , their wars, our deads...In my country we've been living under terrorism for the last 30 years (ETA) but still vote against the morons that were running the country.

So, I'm feeling sad, I understand this is what the US people wants, 4 more years of wars (iran and Siria are next..) lies, and destruction... but I want to give you, the americans who didn't vote for Bush all my support and compasion...because, you guys are goin to suffer the "big lier" and the big killer and his neocon for the next 4 years.

I'm sorry for you...and the rest of the world... :((

WRH: To Spain and the rest of the world, avoid electronic voting machines at all costs.

READER: The Republicans have really bought themselves a HUGE sack of excreta.

They now have 4 years now to show the world some REAL results and improvement on a whole range of gigantic problems (which admittedly they helped mightily to create)

- how are they going to fix the shit hole they've made of Iraq?

- how are they going to improve the US economy?

- WHAT are they going to do about that deficit?

- how are they going to regain the confidence and goodwill of our allies abroad?

AND they must do all this in a world and a country where it has been demonstrated that NO one needs to tell the truth or be honest about anything!

Who wants to govern a land where the Lie is King!

So - I suggest they cut the celebrating short because they have a HUGE load of excreta clean up!

READER: Found myself thinking: Put in context, which is a greater tragedy: 1st stolen election which allowed the PNAC kids to hijack America's domestic legal system and foreign policy through complicity with terrorism, the actual bombing of the world trade centers on Sept 11th, or the PNAC kids stealing another election with about as much casual deftness as it takes to steal candy from a toddler. No fuss. No fight. Not a Goddamn thing is different. Welcome to 21st century America.

READER: OK, I'm getting my family out. I can't raise my 5 year old daughter in this country; I don't want her to grow up thinking that this is right.

How much of the vote was actually stolen? Three million votes? Five million? Perhaps as many as ten million? Who knows, we'll never find out. Any way you slice it, however, it still means that very nearly half of voting Americans are OK with a government that lies to get us into a war. They are OK with the deaths of over 100,000 Iraqi civilians. They are OK with the migration of jobs overseas. They are OK with the disenfranchisement of minority voters. These and 100 other things, they are OK with.

As an individual of conscience, I can't stay here any longer, nor can I continue to expose my children to this extreme level of ignorance.

As for the rest of the sorry bastards who were too apathetic to vote, the ones who wipe their fat asses with cheap toilet paper from Wal-Mart, and sit all day in the double-wide, enjoying cheap fast food and drinking American beer, while living vicariously through reality TV: fuck you - you know who you are.

READER: Dear Mr Rivero,

In England (a slave colony to the Devil British Empire), I stayed up most of the night working and flicking through terrestrial channels. Both BBC and ITV covered the US election, but wot struck me the most was how the presenters and their guests knew the outcome well before the polls even closed in the US. The Devil BBC had Lucifer's child (Richard Pearl) in the studio all night and into the morning. In fact, i have never seen so many Zionists and gun-waving gangsters on TV in one go... and all the talk was about how a vote for Bush means taking the "war on terror" to "Iran, Syria and even Saudi Arabia" (to quote the Devil-worshiper, David Dimbleby from the BBC).

I think this is a good moment to remind the World that you told us so, and 2004 is indeed the "Year of the Slave" http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/yearoftheslave.html

Obviously, the best news coverage i received was via WRH and i would personally like to tell one of your Readers that I too am "getting weird vibes about this? Something is happening. It feels if a big black shroud is being thrown over the planet." Yes, it is very frightening and my prayers goes out to the Great Fallujans and Iraqi people who are heroically resisting Satan in the "Empire of Man".

I honestly don't know whether i should cry, or sell all my belongings and arm myself to teeth? The Rapture and Armageddon fix is now back on track, and i fear that if We The People do not unite, then it shall be the end of humanity and Mother Earth.

Thank you SO much for all your best efforts, dear Michael, and my love goes out to you and all your loved ones.

READER: Justin Raimondo: They'll have to come up with a better excuse than that......

Never let the facts get in the way of snap judgements. Always pretend the the Gumm'it wouldn't ever do that, WOULD THEY? Antiwar.com honcho Justin Raimondo hates the gumm'it He's a Libertarian, pretty mush wants it to go away. But if his Bete noire,the gumm'it, is caught red with her claws in the cookie jar he always rushes to her defense . Latest Example : He ridicules people who claim this presidential election was stolen. He's not the only one who stradles the fence . There are faux populists all over cyberland. and frankly they sicken me more than the Neocons, who openly espouse their evil agenda. They steal votes, create wars and brag about it. They make no attempt to hide their entirely mendacious character. These two faced intelllectual eunuchs, unlike the openly evil Neocons, quake in fear that they'll be called "Anti-Semitic", "Paranoid", "Conspiracy Theorists" et.al. The Raimondo's of this world also won't engage constructive dialogue with the group he chronically labels "The Tin Foil Hat Crowd". He'd lose the argument and he knows it. His mentor Pat Buchanan has turned this political staddle into a fine art. This Establishment Collussus will never respond to the timorous chirpings of little birdies - afraid to rattle their cage. http://www.onlinejournal.com/evoting/021104Landes/021104landes.html

READER: There is no reason to be any more depressed or discouraged than you were on November 1st. The election results are irrelevant. The democratic republic ceased to exist when Congress turned over control of the Dollar to the Federal Reserve System. The American tax-paying cannon fodder have been living under slavery since 1913. Each election is just another link in the chain.

P.S. You can forget about God, Yahweh, Allah or Voodoo saving you. You are on your own in a universe that doesn't give a shit about you.

WRH: If Americans want to be a free people, they have to decide that is what they want, and take the appropriate action.

READER: Bush will not last four years in the White House. The people tried to correct a terrible wrong in their political system. Their efforts were overwhelmed by an even greater wrong against this nation.

Americans now know for certain what is going on. Their nation has been taken over from within. Their democracy has been taken from them. Some Americans will stew and fret. Others will act.

You can bet on it in Vegas---Bush will not last four more years.

WRH: Most Americans seem to be facing up to the fact that this election was stolen. The Bush camp seems to know that Americs (and the world) knows, despite the mainstream media's best efforts to explain away all the obvious signs of election fraud.

READER: Well, it seems that even though Kerry gave up without a fight, its going to take a few more thousand deaths of young Americans to jarr the public conscience. So when the inevitable next "terrorist" attack occurs, followed by the National Draft, Im going to laugh and laugh as those kids march off to an uncertain future. When I hear that the "get out the vote" campaign made no real difference Im finally of the opinion that this country needs a little darwinesque population thinning, and after watching Johnny and Susie march off to war and come back in an aluminum box, maybe then the Playstations will be put down for 5 minutes.
WRH: Americans will have to get dragged through the hell that Hitler put the German people through before they face up to what happened to them.

READER: Well, it seems that even though Kerry gave up without a fight, its going to take a few more thousand deaths of young Americans to jarr the public conscience. So when the inevitable next "terrorist" attack occurs, followed by the National Draft, Im going to laugh and laugh as those kids march off to an uncertain future. When I hear that the "get out the vote" campaign made no real difference Im finally of the opinion that this country needs a little darwinesque population thinning, and after watching Johnny and Susie march off to war and come back in an aluminum box, maybe then the Playstations will be put down for 5 minutes.

READER: If Bush stole the election, and Kerry concedes defeat, then that leaves us without a legal government.So exactly what are we paying federal taxes to?

Maybe it is time for a million man march on Washington. Maybe we should all be going there to see exactly what is going down in the buildings that our former Federal Government once occupied. Maybe we could use those building for homeless shelters, or set them up as tourist attractions so people can see where that part of their history once was centered.

READER: According to Christian Coalition executive director Ralph Reed, it is "...just good strategy. It's like guerilla warfare.... It's better to move quietly, with stealth, under cover of night... It comes down to whether you want to be the British Army in the Revolutionary War, or the Viet Cong." At a Religious Right conference in Denver last year, participants were instructed in tactics that include:
* Hide your affiliation and true agenda
* Use the gay issue to raise funds for the cause
* Always cover your tracks; always use local front men - a wacko if necessary
* Appeal to people's fears of society and change
* Appeal to American's worst impulses
* Remember that "tension will provide the winning edge for candidates"
* Lie, if necessary

READER: I now weep for every child -- we have truly buried ourselves alive.
WRH: No, we were buried by those who are willing to do anything to gain power and equally willing to do anything with it. The Bush administration lied to start a war of conquest. Stealing an election comes easy to people like that.

READER: During the Vietnam war, Canada was blessed with the arrival of many draft dodgers. These were peaceful and intelligent men who simply refused to fight in that war. Many, many of those draft dodgers stayed in this country, and Canada has benefited greatly by their presence.

I live in Southern Ontario. Normally, we see American cars on the roads during the summer, but by mid September they are few and far between. That is not the case right now--there are a LOT of Americans up here.

Americans with draft age children have no choice: they have to get them out of America.

In studying history, I could not understand why so many Jews were caught in Germany after it was obvious that the purge was going to happen. I couldn't understand why they had not fled. I fear we are looking at that same situation in America right now. Remember--the Canadian people are firmly against that war in Iraq, and the Canadian people will not "rat you out" to authorities.

It sickens me to be even writing these words, but I fear that is where the Americans now stand.

READER: >>WRH: I am hearing that froma lot of people. Like Germany under Hitler, the US is starting tosuffer a "brain-drain" as the smart people split for new homes. <<

I am among them. Over the past few months I have been carefully preparing for an exit to Canada should Bush win. I have a job and home already lined up. I gave notice at work. I'm out of here by January 1. BTW - I have a professional degree from Harvard.

READER: While it bothers me greatly that the election was apparently stolen, it bothers me more that there were so many people who supported bush that it was close enough to be stolen. I never knew (although the past four years has led me to suspect) that this large of a proportion of my fellow countrymen were so filled with hatred and fear. That being the case maybe four more years in the belly of the beast is what it will take to open their eyes. I suspect now that the last bin Laden tape was to set the stage for the coming terrorist attack to follow soon after the election, and the draft will be re-instated shortly after that. When I think of the fact that what we have been through will pale compared to what we are getting ready to go through it causes my heart to ache. We’ve lost our way; the hate-mongers and morons are in control.
WRH: I do not know that all that many people supported Bush. I know that's what the TV sets were telling us, but I actually met very few people who supported Bush or his wars. And I travel a great deal in this country.

READER: For most of today I've been utterly lost for words to express my feelings about this election. In 2000 I was outraged by the Supreme Court's decision. Today, as of 17.00 Central Europe Time, I am practically speechless as, in my opinion, between Fox News and the BBC's pro-Bush coverage it sure likes the moron will continue to reside at 1600 Penn Ave for another four years.

Have just heard Kerry has conceded. You were right all along about Kerry taking a dive.......

The blood letting - in the name of "democracy" and "freedom" - in the Middle East AND around the world, is about to rise beyond our worst nightmares.

READER: Just a note to join with your readers to register my disgust in this election, I knew the majority of Americans today were crazy and totally brainwashed, but I didn't realize there were so many totally stupid. It appears that the study done recently by the "Think Tank" in California is very much true Stupid People Love Bush New Study Shows Correlation Between Decline Of IQ And.

My primary reason for writing you today is to try to get a feel from your readers on how many votes were stolen throughout the nation. My son registered to vote for the first time, which made me quite proud, only to have his registration "conveniently lost." He wasn't so much going to vote for Kerry as he was going to vote against Bush. Who is to say that all new young voters who might logically vote against Bush because he more than likely will implement the draft to insure that he has enough cannon fodder for his world domain and oil wars, were demographically searched out and electronically eliminated? There is a saying that rings very true, be careful of what you ask for, you might just get it. I'm not so sure that America doesn't deserve what is coming down the pike now.

My fear level and concern for my country has just gone from off scale jittery to terrified. This election presented some hope for at least stalling a fascist takeover, not that Kerry was a likely savior but at least an improvement, or a means to impede the super quick rising of the NWO, but now I see no light at the end of the tunnel. Religion and politics have historically been the most volatile combination in human affairs, when the church is given power over government, all hell breaks loose traditionally and literally. Simply look back on the inquisitions where they torture, enslave, and murder while using the cross as a standard bearer and justification. Yes, we need moral, righteous men and women as leaders and servants in government, we do not need fanatics who rule by virtue of false doctrines and religious zeal, as is rampant in today's denominational church world. All things in moderation. Maybe when the churches repent and get their act together, then and only then will they be justified in ruling nations, but, this will only happen at the end when the King of Kings returns.

Murdering Christians? Can these two terms really be placed together? Those who advocate the killing of others who are simply different from they in beliefs or appearance are NOT the followers of Christ but of Satan, deceived and being deceived. "God told me to slay the Iraqis. "God told me to slay the North Koreans." This is right out of the old covenant, Christian;s are supposed to be living in the new covenant. At one time (old testament) God winked at ignorance, now he calls all to "righteousness." This (blood thirsty or murdering Christians) has to be one of the outstanding oxymoron's of the ages, that is like saying "a righteous pervert." Who is teaching these damnable new doctrines? Paul said, if any man comes preaching a (new) gospel that I have not preached unto you, let him be accursed (paraphrased). What happened to "go ye into all the world and preach the good news," and, "turn ye the other cheek?" Now it is, go ye into all the world and slay all non Christians (evildoers). Is this not similar in Hitler eradicating (killing) all Jews and non Germans who didn't conform the blond haired, blue eyed "perfect race"? What gives man this right? This makes Christians no better than Muslims who they condemn. Talk about straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel. These are the backers of George W. Bush. Witnessing the Iraqi blood dripping from George W. Bush's hands in this past three years and the unprecedented horror of stolen freedoms from Americans via the abdication of our Congress and Senate allowing the hurried legislation and passage of laws such as the Patriot Act (another oxymoron) by using the fear element of 9/11, all of this shakes my nerves to the core just thinking what he and his Nazi style puppets will do in the coming four years. I seriously believe he will get his wish to become America's first dictator. No nation can survive out of fear, the entire system will disintegrate around us over time.

I watched a broadcast on Hitler last night on the History Channel and the similarities in Hitler's rise to power and Bush's rise to power and current events were very striking, it was like reading the daily news paper. I kept asking my wife. "are you really listening to this (documentary)?" Even Hitler's pre emptive war strategy to intimidate and rule the world, along with his silencing his enemies (or perceived enemies) brought home immediate revelations of current events. If we in America think dissent has been under attack thus far, during his first term, just wait until after January, silence will indeed be golden. Here is the unbelievable part, most Germans had no idea of the atrocities Hitler and his diabolical gang were doing, he had become their god and savior, he could do no wrong, and the shocking part, Hitler did it all in the name of God. The German's who followed Hitler were so caught up in propaganda, nationalism, flag waving and patriotic fervor that there were totally oblivious to reality. There is a spirit of hypnosis connected to national hysteria. Sound familiar?

I believe the following might be noteworthy to some of your younger readers. Years ago about the only world news we really received, other than the printed page, or radio, was via the movie news reels which were imbedded in the movie reels of the day (some of your readers will recall those). I used to pay careful attention to news stories from foreign lands, they intrigued me. One of the things I noticed was when the people in the Soviet Union were filmed in Moscow's Red Square, the people appeared very cautious or afraid, they were always looking around to see who might be watching or listening to them. I often wondered through the years why people would have such strange looks of fear on their faces and why they seemed so reluctant to talk to news men, I really didn't understand communism, or socialism. Now I am learning why, it is the fear element, the continual intimidation by and from government sources, especially law enforcement and the military, the locking up of people for simply making casual comments about the president. TV shows like "Cops" that feed a steady stream of intimidation and authority power into the homes across America. Programs that foster spying, such as "neighborhood watch" and government sponsored spying via medical personnel, ministers, truckers, utility workers and other private citizens, camera surveillance everywhere, literally no place to hide. Soon you have a country of people who are totally paranoid and afraid of their government and each other, ergo, a totalitarian dictatorship in the making. It all starts very slowly, very deceptively and leads to ultimate servitude and enslavement, much like trapping an animal. This all started long ago, but in a more serious nature twenty or thirty years ago with programs like "sustainable environmental development" and land confiscation's where citizens are no longer allowed to use their own lands or public parks. Besides giving the government the means to steal our land from us, this forces the heavy populations into tighter and tighter controllable metropolitan and geographical locations (it also eliminates hiding places, all will not understand this part). For those who fail to conform to the new rules, they will have (do have) concentration camps or "reeducation centers" set up to control this element of society. Note: For those who do not believe this part, go to Google and type in "American Concentrations Camps" and do a search, it will surprise you. Ironically, I believe it was Janet Reno who declared "Christian's," among others, such as patriots and constitutionalist as "enemies of the state," (I recall reading this during the Waco period but do not have immediate data). The same irony applies when we think that these same "Christian's" who so loyally support people like Bush will be the primary occupants of these camps one day.

If George W. Bush is the benchmark for the born again fundamentalist churches, I will never step into another church in America. He is the antithesis to everything the Holy Bible represents and the churches in America are totally deceived. But then, this is exactly how it was prophesied to be, they have bought fully into the "strong delusion."

Mike, I realize you don't ascribe to spiritual matters from reading your personal comments, and have a right not to agree with my views, or to print this, and I respect that right, but these are my personal views. Again my question is, how many of your readers lost their registrations to vote, or were directed to the wrong voting areas, or denied the right to vote on some similar pretext? It would be interesting to get some figures across the board. There appears to be a national trend here. Knowing this information won't change anything, it didn't the last time around when he stole the election, but it would be interesting to know.

All I can say is, look out Iran and possibly North Korea, and God help America, because no one else can at this point. The mask will come off this time.

READER: I decided to retire outside the US about mid year of 2002. In retrospect, this was a very good decision. I don't know recognize my country any longer...the slippery slope just got steeper.

READER: America cannot - will not - survive the next four years under Bush. Whether foreign aggressors destroy us from the outside or we are destroyed from within (or both), the America that was once a beacon of hope and freedom is gone.

Call it doom and gloom, pessimism, whatever. However, I cannot for life of me understand how it is that a person as incompetent and deceitful as George W. Bush can possibly re-elected after all that has occurred during his administration (bear in mind, I'm not taking the electronic voting machines into account).

Maybe some Americans enjoy being deceived; maybe they have no desire to see America survive. Maybe they harbor a secret desire to be ruled instead of being free.

Whatever the case may be, the message has been sent, loud and clear, to the rest of the world: America supports a man that circumvented the law for his own agenda, ignored treaties and international conventions and laws when it suited him and waged a war of aggression against a nation that had not attacked America nor posed a threat to it.

As a nation, we are (not to put too fine a point on it) screwed. Other nations cannot help but come to the logical conclusion that the majority of the American people condone this type of behavior, even though we are supposed to be against it. It is hypocrisy to say the least.

But I’m not just giving up. I will fight against the tyranny and injustice that is the Bush administration. I will do everything in my power to support the U.S. Constitution and other laws of America and see to it that those that would subvert it for their own agendas are exposed as the tyrants and traitors they are.

The revolution has begun.

READER: Today is a day of mourning. I don't know whether to be furious with the Diebold fraud, those who let it happen, or the (not so many, I bliever) Americans who did vote for Bush (my parents included!). I know there is definietly some fraud going on, but I was frustrated to see local interviews of some people who voted. When asked why they voted for Bush, answers like "I don't know, he seems to have done well" or "we can't change horses midstream" or "I was undecided until yesterday, but I think Bush is fine" indicate that those voters are CLUELESS. My first reaction is ignorant people have no business voting, but, alas, I know everyone has that right.

I am trying to see a silver lining. Maybe Bush & his neocon cabinet will screw up our country SO BAD this time that Americans who voted for Bush (or did not, but didn't out him either) will finally see the light & rebel against this administration. I keep hoping against hope, too, that Bush will change his ways b/c there is no worry about another election in 4 years. Unlikely, I know.

I heard the other day that Europeans (& others around the world, I'm sure) are starting to avoid buying American products. Unfortunately, we may have to leave it to the rest of the world to cause a major economic crisis in the U.S. that will cause Americans to finally wake up, and for those who are awake to take drastic action. I just hope it's not too late by then.

Thanks for keeping us updated on all the fraud & voter problems. I won't hold my breath waiting for the mainstream media to cover those stories properly.


What? All of the official votes are not even in yet. Man, if you needed any more proof that Kerry's been throwing the election all along...

READER: Some liberal Weenie Bloggers are either incredibly naive or lying outright. This the third stolen election , courtesy of the GOP, and they're blaming McCauliffe, Kerry, or Oprah- anything but mentioning the Big elephant in the room; E-Voting Systems.

READER: According to ABC NEWS just now, they announced "SEN. JOHN KERRY WILL CONCEDE THE ELECTION AT 1 PM"

The numbers are even closer than in 2000, and there's WAY more vote fraud now than in 2000, yet this time the "opposition" (which was never really true opposition at all) is just giving up without a fight (!!!)

Looking at the electoral map, I can't help but feel like I am looking at a territorial map of what could very well turn out to be Civil War II in the near future. Who the fuck are these people that voted for Bush? Who the fuck are these people in the media that helped Bush cheat?

I voted for Badnarik yesterday! Where is HE in the election reports? And where is Peroutka?? Not a fucking word in the press about EITHER of them, even though I know of LOTS of people who voted for Badnarik like I did.

We aren't going to take this, are we? Are we? I mean, are we just going to sit here and take this bullshit or are we going to DO something?? Are we going to sit here at our desks in front of our computers at work with this blank stare in our eyes, or are we going to march into DC and correct the problem?

With Kerry conceding the election to Bush, peaceful revolution has hereby become impossible. It was improbable even with a Kerry win.

READER: Do I feel confident this morning of a fair and accurate election? Absolutely not. The fact the results were in contrast with the exit polls is the smoking gun that tells me that once again the fix is in. The swelling of the voter turnout was not a ringing endorsement of the incumbant but a desparate attempt of the American voter to rid themselves of the threat their government has become. The fact that this turnout will be used now to provide legitimacy to a questionable presidency is the final slap in the face to the democratic process.

I survived, barely, the last four years and I suppose that if I am not actually within a hundred miles of ground zero when North Korea lobs a few nukes at the American continent in its own pre-emtive strike, well, I could possible survive four more. But I can certainly gaurontee that at the age of 49, any guality of life I thought I might have as an aging American is as robbed as the electorial process. I will never see retirement, will work until I am too sick and infirm to do otherwise; and when that time of infirmity is on me I will not be able to obtain either my medical need nor my ability to acsess of the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. This is already the case of my 75 year old mother who is now living with us, and we have had to hawk TV, stereo, auto and sell burial plots in order cover medical costs. At the same time my salary has been reduced, my pension has been gutted, my insurance costs has escalated and the coverage degraded to the point that I can't afford to get the reasons for my chest pains examined nor the swelling of my legs; I simply go to the pharmacy and get a diuretic, and hope that if I'm headed for a massive heart attack that it will be mercifully quick. I've had four year of this and by all sign am looking at four years of more of the same, only this times with the abilty to extend the degredation, misery and robbery for many generations to come.

This really is the end of the world as we know it. We are developing a militant consciousness, a war society, and we will see the same domestic brutality that becomes the hallmark when The Cause becomes more important than humanity at large. My children are past draft age, but I have a grandson which I have no doubt will be indoctrinated into the glories of war, will be trained to accept no answer but a military one, and will one day will march off to war alight in the fire of fanatisism. And what will he be fighting for? A ghost, a country that no longer exists.

I don't know what a lot of you will do; me, I will find comfort in the small place these events hold in the expanse of eternity and hold on to the faith that if we do survive as a species, that in some distant time beyond me we will garner the wisdom and the means to live intelligently and comassionately. In the meantime I will bow my head and walk forward against the headwinds of adversity that are surely coming to this nation, do the best I can for myself and others, until whatever steps I have left in me are fulfilled. I thank you Michael, the people that have been active for positive change in this country. I wish you all the best.

READER: >>READER: On CBS overnight, Ed Bradley was adamant in saying that the >>most influential factor in the election was the issue of "moral values." He named abortion, gay marriage, "under God" in the pledge, and school vouchers as more important to voters than the economy or the war.<<

I wonder if these same people who are concerned about "under God" in the pledge give any consideration to the fact that the pledge is to a flag that represents the REPUBLIC (and not an empire) as well as to a nation that promises LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL (which of course was overridden by the Patriot Act)? Anyone who voted for Bush has clearly violated the Pledge of Allegience.

Still, I agree that this election was stolen, given that the battleground states had Diebold involved.





READER: It's horrible that the election in the USA was stolen again.

What's more horrible is what the American people are going to do about it; absolutely nothing!

Most of Canada is in mourning right now.

READER: Based on our past military misadventures...all I can think about now, are a couple of carrier battle groups in the Persian Gulf. And I wonder if those Iranian Sunburn missiles are as good as the news article claims they are. The NEOCONS own hubris just might precipitate their won downfall. I hope there are some sane people left in the Pentagon.
WRH: I fear the inmates have overrun the asylum.

READER: Congratulations America, after decades of installing puppet dictators in third world nations and holding crackpot elections (where the puppet dictator always wins), you are now able to know how people in those third world nations feel. Congratulations to Bush for his US win and congratulations to Hamid Karzai for his Afghanistan win.

READER: Tom Brokaw lauded Bush & Rove stating that 2 man crime wave ran a"brilliant campaign". Thankfully, this Establishment fossil is retiring. Don't let your ass hit the back door, Tommy. Go back to South Dakota and continue writing fairy tales about the "Greatest Generation". You can always find publishers eager to distribute tomes about the glories of War. Truman destroyed 2 Japanese cities- after the Japanese made repeated pleas to surrender. The national press , they were as big a bunch of scumbags then as now, gloried in the benign countenance of FDR's "Uncle Joe" Stalin. They left out the "small detail" that he killed around 25 million people. Allying yourself with that Monster certainly was a "Great Achievment" -at least in the eyes of CIA zombies like Brokaw. A Truly Great Generation would demand that financial parasites, eager to feast off the corpses of young people, stop creating the Lenin's, The Mao's, The Hitlers or their lesser lights, The Sharon's, The Mussolini's and their ilk. This Generation,with a the decisive boost provided by E-Voting, has just given a mandate to the most dim witted scion of the parasite ruling class to continue Perpetual War . It should not have been even close enough for the dirtbags to have the option to steal the Presidency.

READER: America is screwed: Election stolen again Posted Nov 3, 2004 09:17 AM PST Category: VOTE FRAUD With Kerry's concession, America has become a one-party nation. If the Democrats could not defeat a President who lied the nation into a war, then the Democrats have ceased to be relevent. RIGHT-We have had the demo-republican party for a long time both sides controlled by the same people. Excellent comment Mike.

Kerry Concedes Posted Nov 3, 2004 09:16 AM PST Category: CURRENT EVENTS Giving up without a fight. RIGHT AGAIN-John Kerry (Cohen)


WRH: I don't think so. I think this election was about as real as Saddam's 'nookular' weapons.

READER: RE: Yahoo! News - AP: Kerry Calls Bush to Concede Presidency

Given all the provisional ballots still here in Ohio, I don't understand why he would concede at this point. He will need to have a very good reason when he speaks at 1 pm today.

WRH: If Kerry had been serious about winning, he would have made the fact that Bush lied about Iraq's WMDs the central issue.

READER: This Canadian is thankful that there are leaves to rake to ease the pain of a sense of a sellout and collusion among the rich and powerful to keep the wealth and power for themselves. To concede so easily-and I have always had a sense that individuals such as John McCain and Howard Dean were not wanted on political scene so as not to spoil the fun. I do not have much hope for the world. 100,000 dead Iraqis and upwards. And as to the areas of USA who voted big for Bush in spite of his spilling of blood-how is it that they are so unintelligent and ill bred? My grandparents had no formal education and their sense of justice was astounding as well as common sense Already I sense that politicians here are gearing up for GWB worship.

READER: Dear Mr. Rivero,

I don't know whether you've seen this poignant, hilarious, and now so bitterly prescient and sad little cartoon piece which was composed sometime before Bonesman X handed over the presidency to Bonesman Y:


But I'm sure you'll enjoy it, in a bittersweet sort of way, and suspect that your readers will too.

Yours from Kimpo City, Korea,

READER: Yes, the election was stolen. I swear to God, im going to move out of the US.

Omg.. this is ridiculous.. everyone i talk to across the United States HATES, absolutely DESPISE bush!!!!!

VOTING WAS A FRAUD.. im leaving my house right now and im going to scream so loud to the whole world! U think Bush will hear?

We need to start a riot NOW to demand a new election!

Bush will declare war w/ Iran.. China and Russia will get involved.. this, my friend, will be WW3!!

WRH: Why do you think Cheney built that bunker under the VP's house!

READER: Isn't this deja vu all over again? The situation we are in now, is a replica of the Nixon re-election when the people were rebelling against the Vietnam war. Even the old players are back: Woodward and Ken Rove and the rest.

The good news, is that Nixon only lasted two more years, and then he was ousted (Watergate).By that time, the Vice President hatchetman Agnew, was out of office for tax evasion, just as Cheney is now facing criminal charges for fraud in the Halliburton scandal. Then, Gerald Ford took over, and he was eventually beaten in the next election by Jimmy Carter.

Now, the Zionists are notorious for repeating themselves ad nauseum--and we are already on to that characteristic. So, eventually we should get back to a decent president like Jimmy Carter. The trick this time is not to lose him after one term.

Or, since our children's lives are now at stake again, just like in that Vietnam war (nobody ever did figure out what the purpose of that was either) maybe we could look at the alternative, and rise up against the Zionists script writers (they have obviously run out of ideas--just like the Hollywood script writers) and start writing our own history again.

READER: At this point, without a full explanation yet from Kerry for his concession, it is easy to feel that all I and my fellow campaign workers here in Ohio have been living and breathing and thinking for months has gone out the window.

However, I am too wise to believe that. But I don't see any viable alternatives to how those of us who supported Kerry are to go ahead with our lives. I honestly don't see my being able to continue to live among people here in this county as well as state who also passed a state amendment against gay marriage and who are dominated by the Christian right and who will not open their minds to other alternatives for the good of all. There is one young college-age man working on our campaign who thinks now it would be better for him to go to Iraq than to remain in the US.

Apparently they still will count the provisional ballots. I have learned that Kerry's concession is not legally binding.

READER: Yesterday was the last day of the Republic. Today is the first day of the Fourth Reich. America has finally revealed its true nature, the moral successor to Nazi Germany that tried to dominate the world and failed. There is no Soviet Union this time to prevent the success of the plan. I wonder whether there has been any improvement in Xyclon B in all this time? There are those who will warn me about writing and saying things against the Reich, but it doesn’t matter. They forget that along with summary judgment, warrantless searches, arrest without trial, deprivation of citizenship, denial of access to legal counsel and all the other new liberties Americans will enjoy, ex post facto prohibitions of the Constitution will no longer apply. I have already shown enough loathing for the current administration to have been condemned by them. Perhaps I should explain ex post facto, for the supporters of the new Reich certainly know less about Latin than they do about the Constitution. It simply means after the fact. An act cannot be determined to have been illegal if it was performed before a law was written against it. At least it used to be that way.

Under the new Reich the Corporate Elite will flourish. They will now have legitimacy to plunder the treasure of the United States for their own enrichment. The resulting bankruptcy will permit them to say that Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and welfare were the cause of the financial crisis. These programs will disappear. This of course will create more homeless, and there will be camps built for them. First to lose jobs will be blacks, for affirmative action will no longer apply, so they will be first in the camps. Those who are not employed for the benefit of the community will have their pitiful possessions seized and will be offered “showers” in order to maintain hygiene. From there the slaughter will start. Arabs, of course, will be on the list, for many of them practice Islam. Bushwinkle’s supporters know that there is only one true religion, and those who choose not to express it will be suspect. Then there is the matter of homosexuals. It goes without saying that they will not be permitted to marry or adopt. But the Reich will go further. Gays will be rounded up at the command of Jesus, through his prophet and confidant, Bushwinkle, and thrown into the camps. Laws that support equal opportunities for gays will be declared void.

To the horror of legal scholars, Clarence Thomas will become Chief Justice. Those appointed to the Court will share Bushwinkle’s loathing for abortion. It will not matter if the fetus is born deformed or even without a brain; it will be against the law to terminate a pregnancy even at the risk of a woman’s life. Victims of rape will be forgiven for their “sin” and forced to bear children that are the result of the rape. The physicians who perform abortions will be hunted down like witches in centuries past. Of course they also will go to the camps. State laws that support the right of a woman to choose whether to bear children against their will are to be invalidated. GOD LIVES! AMERICA IS DEAD.

READER: Bye Bye USA, hello Amerikka.

READER: If memory serves me correct AP's leaked election results from 3 weeks ago (that were subsequently stated to be a systems test) were pretty spot on. Same with Cheney's pre-election prediction/promise.

READER: Dear America:

Our patience with you has just ran out.

READER: Maybe I'm just dumb, but why are Democrats putting all their hopes on Ohio where they show Bush up by almost 150,000 votes? Has no one else noticed that in Nevada, New Mexico, and Iowa, Bush is up by 20,000 votes or less? That's 17 electoral votes right there. Wouldn't it make sense, if you're gonna question the votes in Ohio or possibly ask for a recount, to do the same in those states as well?

Also, I felt it was very ironic that Kerry received, no shit, 90% of the vote in Washington D.C. Just thought it was pretty weird, I mean, that's where the guy's house is, after all.

WRH: Where are the poll numbers for how many Americans think this election was rigged?

READER: CNN just reported Kerry spoke with bush and he will admit defeat at 1pmest. As a Canadian watching this election Im appalled at your so called democracy. In Canada EVERYONE votes the same way on the same paper with an X in a box of the person they want to vote for, and they are counted by hand. You guys should be outraged that you have so many systems, its a total farce. Way too many holes that can be expolited. Anyway I think now that anyone down there that can come to Canada and live, should. Time to jump ship Im afraid.

READER: Simply stated - I do not nor will I ever believe that bush could have possibly won the popular vote.
WRH: Ne neither. Americans are NOT a people that support the use of torture, or a President who lies us into a war. This whole election was a hoax second only to 9-11 itself.

READER: Ariel Sharon was re-elected as head of the ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government). His slimy footprints were seen across ZOG during the Stealing of the Presidency 2004. The fruits of his manservant Karl Rove came in full bloom as John F. Kerry was blocked from the Presidency, a post that he ,no doubt, had been elected to serve. While E-Voting was the main weapon that destroyed President - Elect Kerry , the plan was executed by a group of Mossad -linked conspirators that had invaded his camp and most surely stabbed him -and the concept of popular sovereignty -in the back. Like 9/11 in many ways, this hijacking of our country raises so many questions. Questions that the traitorous, vile media dare not raise above a whisper -even in private coversation. 1) After the National Review Neocons began to bouts of bed wetting after reviewing the exits, why did the White House assure them that Ohio and Florida were in the bag? 2) Why were the exits so out of whack in the US Presidential race , yet so eerily accurate in Senate Races? Skewed data would apply to both the Senate and White Races,would it not? 3) Why did the Florida GOP Party release a fax last week ,demonstrating that a cabal of crude operative , slobs of the JDL/JDO variety, had penetrated the union busting gang of "liberals" operating under the name of ACORN. What connections exist between these cretins and the Florida Republican Party? 4) Why did the GOP Secretary of State of Colorado, Donetta Davidson, block efforts by her fellow Republicans to investigate alleged vote fraud by operatives of ACORN, reversing her stanceof three days prior in which she had demanded that a grand jury be empaneled to probe ACORN? 5) Did the AFL -CIA, allegedly big Kerry backers, do a 9/11 stand down? Why did AFL-CIA receive a government fee, a 3 million grant from the Neocon Coup Factory, (NED) and an exclusive franchise to organize workers in Iraq from the Bush administration? Who was the AFL-CIA working for when they staged a choreographed assault on Bush/Cheney 2004 headquarters around the country? It is a fact that AFL- CIA collaborated with the NED and Bush senior campaign advisor Otto Reich, a staunch neoconservative,in a failed attempt to remove the Chavez regime in Venezuela. 6) Does anyone find it passing strange that alleged Kerry backer , billionaire George Soros, was creating 527's to stimulate Democratic voter turnout while secretly collaborating with Bush to overthrow the Shevardnaudze government in the oil rich Republic of Georgia? Were members of his groups ( Move on.org, Americans Coming Together) unknowingly providing the Bush Campaign a blue print of counties in battleground states to target for Diebold fraud? I'm not impugning the integrity of the thousands of people who worked in these groups but did a few rotten apples provide Rove with a roadmap of pockets of Democratic strength - pockets of resistance to be crushed by Diebold. Would this explain the bizarre disparities between the exits and actual vote? 7) Sharon's next "Colin Powell" ,JINSA Warrior Ken Blackwell, clearly moved heaven and earth to insure a Bush victory . He refused to let cameras take shots of voters entering their E-Voting Pods and banned exit pollsters 100 feet from polling sites. How obvious can one get?

READER: Looking at the voting map this morning for the United States(Republican Red and Democratic Blue) I am struck at how a nation can back a man that has repeatedly lied and misrepresented the American people. This reminds me of the early immigrants to this nation, who moved into swarming ghettos and "donated" to local mafiosos for their own personal protection. Bush and the Republican Party have lied and cheated their way once again. They have intimidated Americans with unfounded threats of terrorism and a total media coverup of their disastrous policies.

Most Americans seem willing to look past the alleged corruption that Bush represents and embrace the Great Protector image that the Bush campaign fosters. When Americans lose the ability to think reasonably because of government intimidation, then we have what you call totalitarianism, not democracy. This election, like many before it, has been decided by fear, hate and ignorance of the American electorate. The elite powerful few that own the mainstream media in this nation are all Republican supporters because the elitist policies of George Bush take from the common man and give to the rich. Like a pied piper, the mainstream media has once again ignored all signs of voter fraud and irregularities that favor Bush and instead rolled out a red carpet for his eventual coronation.

The media has ignored the lies that got us involved in an illegal and immoral war against innocent civilians in Iraq. The media has covered up the corruptive nature of this administration. In short, the media has laid down stones in the pond of democracy for George Bush to step over without getting wet! True democracy seems abhorrent to this unelected tyrant, witness the many cases of election fraud and irregularities that have plagued this election from the start. If these irregularities were allegedly carried out by the Democratic Party do you think the Republicans would take it sitting down?

Election 2004, like many before it, was nothing more than a herding of sheep in my book. Enough Americans are mislead, misinformed and just plain scared to cast a vote for a President that thrives on these things in people. There is no appeal to reason anymore, only to the cowardly and weak traits that threaten to drive this nation to the category of wimps and cowards giving their government carte blanche to make the rich richer and the powerful even more powerful. With this President and his abhorrent and inhumane policies we are headed straight for a ship wreck of vast proportions. I always wondered how the Germans allowed Hitler to gain such power- now I know! America has been painted coward red by George Bush and Co.

WRH: I don't think this nation backed Bush. I think he stole the election, plain and simple, and the mainstream media are covering for him by concocting a bunch of lame excuses why the exit polls were "wrong". Bottom line: we live in a dictatorship.

READER: It's 8am, and I have a massive hangover after an all-night drinking binge where at times I considered just drinking until I never woke up.

Words cannot express the sense of hopelessness and anger I feel. For four mans this swaggering chimpanzee has flushed everything he could of this country down the drain - the economy in shambles, the erosion of Constitutional and civil rights, massive tax cuts for his rich friends while using his other hand to slap the poor, elderly and disabled. A man who has showed blatant scorn and disregard for the environment, education and the gay community. A Bible-waving lunatic who has escalated worldwide tensions, violence and hatred to plunder the world for himself and his rich pals.

And the man who is the most likely suspect in the "terrorist" attacks of three years ago.

I don't know what sickens me more right now - another "Florida" situation, brought to us by our good friends at Diebold? Or the fact we're facing four more years in hell at the hands of Bush and his Nazi-cons who have not only illegally taken over America, but intend to take over the rest of the world? Or the fact that (IF these numbers are accurate and not tainted) 51% of American voters went and voted for this insane thug?

Have the people become so blind that they geniunely believe Bush is here to protect them? Do they care so little about their jobs and health care and retirement that they are willing to put up with four more years of the man who's worked so hard to throw it all away for them? Are they so blind that they aren't bothered in the least that Bush has the blood of over 1,000 soldiers, 100,000 Iraqi civilians and perhaps even 3,000 American civilians on his hands? America took major steps toward becoming a humongous third-world country these last four years thanks to Bush, and instead of standing up and saying "We're not going to take it!", millions of people blindly walked into the polls and said "Four more years!"

Four more years of HELL.

And what sickens me is the number of religious and anti-gay voters who went and voted for Bush. And people wonder why I have no respect for organized religion? They preach love and peace and "God" out of one side of their mouths while cheering on Bush's hate, and mass murder out of the other side. I don't know what "God" they think they worship, but it sure as hell isn't the same one they try to preach toward "non-believers".

And the ones voting for Bush because "America will become a gay nation" under Kerry? I hope to hell they wake up one of these days to be told their child is gay or lesbian. I hope to hell they have to face the gay community up close and personal. Maybe then they just MIGHT get a taste of the grief, the fear and the pain we've lived with under the last four years with Bush's open hostility toward the gay community.

The last four years, living with a president who sees liberals as "enemies of the state", who expresses open disdain for homosexuals, who thinks he is THE voice of God, have been the four most depressing and terrifying years of my life. It's been a nightmare so bad it makes Freddy Krueger seem warm and fuzzy. And just like the famous horror series, I fear this nightmare will never end. It's felt like living every day with a loaded gun in your face, except the one with the gun is your own government.

Because I've suspected for some time that if Bush is re-elected, he and his thugs will do everything possible to try to keep it from ending in 2008. Remove the term limits? Orchestrate another terrorist so Bush "must stay in power for the good of the nation"? Or just carry out his agenda to officially make himself the American dictator and refuse to leave office for the rest of his life?

I fear the nightmare is not only nowhere near being over, but truly about to begin... The American dream is dead.

Thank you to Diebold, the Rethuglican party and their dirty tactics, and the fools who actually went out and voted for Bush. Since you love Bush so much, I hope you're willing to be the first to send your kids to die for oil in the Middle East, the first to give up your health care, the first to offer to pay more taxes so Bush can lead his neverending war. They're the ones who want the crap so bad, they can pay for it.

I for one am tired of being dragged along in their journey along the highway to hell.

READER: "My biggest thanks go to Diebold": Bush


Conclusion: Incumbents never make surges from their last horse race number. Currently Deiboldya ,as mentioned, is stuck on 48%. Examples: 1956 Eisenhower's final horserace projection 59.5% , his actual vote total 57.8% 1964: Johnson's final horse race projection 64% , his actual share of the vote 61.3% In 1972 Nixon's final horse race projection tally 62% , his actual vote total 61.8% In 1976 Ford's final horse race projection number 49% ,his % share of the vote 48.1% In 1980, Carter's final horse projection numer 44% , his real % of the vote 41%. In 1984 Reagan final horse race projection tally 59% , his real share of the popular vote 59.2% In 1996 Clinton's final horse race number 52% , his actual share of the vote ,49.2% The alleged miracle comeback of incumbent Harry Truman can not be included in this study because Gallup issued it's "final" result 2 weeks before the election.

http://www.cpod.ubc.ca/polls/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewItem&itemID=4721 ABC/Washington Post U.S. Poll: Bush 51%, Kerry 45%

Well screw me, Bush performed the impossible. Even though Kerry had the backing of a mass of celebrities and newspapers he was no match for the almighty and all-adored Bush - I guess his "supporters" swung it.


Coming soon on CNN & Fox News: George Bush walks on water (but no mention of Diebold).

Bring on 9/11 Part II. Bring on PATRIOT Act II. Then bring on Iran, Syria and anyone else Ariel suggests. It all makes for jolly exciting news footage - casualties are irrelevant.


WRH: Anyone with more than two brain cells knows this election was a total fraud.

READER: At 11:00 European time CNN changed their "Status" for New Mexico, going from "too close to call" to unknown after Bushes lead jumped by some enormous sum. They also said that the Whitehouse was putting pressure on them to call New Mexico for Bush. They said the enormous jump came from Accociated Press. It seems that all sorts of amazing things have happened in this election, ALL in favour of the Republicans. America suddenly fell in love with the most hated administration in all american history in a matter of a few hours. TRULY AMAZING!!!!!

READER: Did the voting machines trump exit polls? There’s a way to find out.

To register for an absentee ballot, you need NO proof of citizenship, just your social security number, and in most states just the last 4 digits of the social security number.... you need no proof of residence at all, though presumably the residence itslef must exist.

Since you get a social security number with a green cards, and THOUSANDS of Israelis who are NOT US citizens have green cards, so they simply voted in Florida.... this was an organized effort, in which they gave addresses of friends, relatives, or friends or relatives of other people, and made sure that what the Israeli papers have been saying all along, they would be the deciding factor in the election. (I heard this rumor from an Israeli with a green card but no citizenship.... it worked the other way when Americans with dual citizenship living in the US voted for Sharon without even being in Israel, by sending their friends their id's).

I voted as an absentee, I filled out a registration form, NOWHERE does it ask for proof of US citizenship!!! or proof of residence!!!

READER: Check out Michael Moores Site.......looks like some voters didn't get a fair shake in Florida again.


WRH: Could not get through. Site either very busy or under DOS attack.

READER: You could not have been more correct about the lap-dog American press being in on the electioneering this time around.

Watching the network coverage last night, I heard over and over again how exit polls were suggesting that Kerry would win. When the returns started coming in it appeared as if Bush would win. This caused nearly every one of these network blathering imbeciles to state that the exit polls must be flawed. Well then, riddle me this...if these exit polls are so flawed, why are the networks using these same polls to break down the demographics of who voted and what their "issues" were? If the exit polls are wrong, they're wrong. Are we to believe that the people polled right after they voted could remember WHY they voted, but not for WHOM? This is implausible. Either the poll is flawed, or it isn't.

The answer is quite simple. The exit polls are NOT flawed. I live in Florida and despite many of my countrymen, my memory still goes back further than September 2001. The exit polls said Al Gore won.I'm sure you (and my fellow WRH readers) will recall that well after the Supremes selected Dubya, numerous organizations performed full recounts on the Florida vote. They ALL showed that Gore DID win, and thus the exit polls were correct.

Maybe you could "Flashback" about this.

WRH: This is the same mainstream media that helped Bush tell you all that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. So, truth is not something you should expect.

READER: 4 years on trillions in deficit thousands dead terror looming over everywhere and bush still leads explains the state of true affairs. good. Armageddon
WRH: I disagree. I think this election was stolen, plain and simple.

READER: If the people of America are unjust to such an extent that they will re-elect a war criminal George W. Bush, who has illegally commanded the invasion of a sovereign nation (Iraq) and slaughtered thousands of it's population and caused chaos in our world for years to come, then the American population are indeed in a VERY sorry state.

No doubt his 'brother in war crimes', it would be a shame to say 'brother in arms', Tony Blair, may feel that he ought to hold a 'snap' election now and ride on the prevailing wave of immorality and gross injustice of the people or our times.

Maybe we Brits would vote Tony Blair into the dustbin of history, as he rightly deserves, but somehow I doubt it.

The leaders we choose to stay over us reflect clearly what WE are.

God help us all.

WRH: You are assuming the election was honest, and I think the preponderence of evidence suggests that it was not.

READER: Dear Mike, I had a fear struck feeling in my gut after Howard here was re-elected by our dumbed down poopulation,that feeling of disempowerment,knowing that criminals and their stooges have control of your country and your future and your children's. Elections are controlled by spin and media,and a nonthinking population plays into this. Goebbels and Orwell have said it all before. Already big business expects a tax drop, abortion is on the to-cut off funds menu,the Pharmaceuticals from the free trade agreement want the changes nixed,the Universities are targeted for control,selling our gov assets previously blocked,and talk of new "international arrangements" locally-read isolating Malaysia sandwiched between Thailand and indonesia,the latter both neocon stooge leaderships, like Australia.

Your wonderful country will not /cannot have time to oppose the election result.The danger is great to have uncertain leadership at present. Of course I think Bush will cheat a win,look at Fox spouting huge margins-who are they trying to convince?- and all the electronic voting fallibility that hasnt been fixed.The population will need to be quelled back to slave-as -usual status rapidly to avoid questioning too deeply the whole process. How?? Take care .It would need to be a disaster,emergency or attack. -Iran , a well and maybe nuclear- armed country, means any attack woudl need to be a rapid heavy wipeout and how to justify such viloence against another nation after the present debarcle in Iraq? A big home soil attack would justify it,with a video clip too no doubt. China however has some satellite action to check.

NK allegedly hitting Japan would remove a creditor nation at the same time as justifying a big bang. Georgia is massing on Abhkezia's border now,just to piss off Putin further,knowing whose soldier's are stationed in Georgia-Your's, the USA. What would happen if they were hit by "Putin"?

Locally in the US so many nuclear reactors or bases have been visited by Israelis with trucks that sent sniffer dogs mad that it would be something to consider as a nasty possibilty. So easy just to put a deadly bug in the water and blame it on--ahh hmm maybe Cuba or Chavez that I dont understand the Israeli's clumsiness in getting caught around these installations....then again,they are the "untouchable" as we know after the Spy investigation was shut down.

Perhaps some big anti-Bush money/assets will be targeted-hey what is Soros' money in? Not Menetep and Yukos.

Or More Boeing disasters to be blamed upon "pilot error" and boost airbus sales?

Or ,and this is really tricky, remove the blackmailing country-big boom,..get the wanted armageddon hallelujah and blame it all on the next target Iran or Syria, . wouldnt that simplifiy things for Bush and his Saudi friends. And much of the world in fact.

What is really scary is that if the most likely 911 theory is true,and if the Iraq war really was planned and all the lies told deliberately to fool the population into supporting it is true as we now know is apparently so according to Wolfowitz himself, then none of the above is beyond their ruthlessness and ammorality. Eyes wide open ,and heads down ,all thinking people.I think a storm is coming.

Thanks Mike for all your hard work in fighting the good fight. Truth and justice and our freedom is worth standing up for or what do we have for ourselves or our children? A life half lived. I was in Russia briefly in the bleak days of the 1980s and I hope we never have a country as grey,corrupt and oppressive as that was.

READER: Something tells me there's corruption in the air again. I can't see how a guy who is being burned in effigy around the world and even in the U.S. hasn't had a corrupt election.

I was watching the numbers last nite. MSNBC had claimed Bush having 175 to Kerry 133 while Fox had him at 166 to 133 and later I got on line and at MSN.Com they had 207 for Bush and 199 for Kerry, while the networks didn't even show those numbers,.

I feel that the media is pushing for concession on Kerry. I don't think Kerry is going to back down until all 10,000 attorneys re-evaluate any vote corruption. Bush is trying to sneak in the back door again.

This Media hype is an intimidation tactic. The country is in deep shit. I still think Kerry will win even though at this point it looks like he has lost. There are provisional ballots in Ohio and Florida that were tossed in the beginning. With the Electoral voting process it's difficult to understand why our popular vote even matters. I think he has a possibility to rise from the ashes.

WRH: I wish that were so, but a President able to lie to start a war is able to do ANYTHING to hang onto power. This election is rigged and they are not even bothering to hide that fact. And if we do not have honest elections in this country, then the time when the system could be changed by peaceful means is past.

READER: On CBS overnight, Ed Bradley was adamant in saying that the most influential factor in the election was the issue of "moral values." He named abortion, gay marriage, "under God" in the pledge, and school vouchers as more important to voters than the economy or the war.

READER: CNN's Jeff Greenfield "Until 6 O'Clock this evening the entire political establishment were convinced Kerry was going to win this election". Yeah, I wonder what happened,
WRH: Diebold happened. Analysis clearely shows that in state with audit trails, the vote results match the exit polls. IN states with paperless electronic voting machines, the vote results did NOT match the exit polls, and Bush had unexplained leads.

READER: Just my two cents:

I think we should put pressure on whoever we can to ensure that Kerry doesn't cave within the next day before all ballots are counted. He should fight it!!

READER: I have one major disappointment in this year's election: what the hell happened to the 18-24 year old vote? After all the hoopla, all the voters' registration drives aimed at the young voters, all the MTV "Rock the Vote" hype, and yes, even after the Boss (that's Bruce Springsteen, for those of you who are totally clueless) showed up at several Kerry campaign stops, the percentage of 18-24 year olds who voted was exactly the same as in the 2000 election. My God, you people need to wake up! After bitching about George W. Bush for years, apparently most of you stayed in your dorm rooms and fired up the bong instead of voting. This is the truth: YOU COULD HAVE CHANGED THE OUTCOME OF THIS ELECTION!

READER: OH and FL stolen.

hard to escape that conclusion. if Kerry doesn't grow a backbone and fight, I think the Dem Party is history... but even if he wins, what chance does he have with a Repub Congress and no popular mandate, only a bare (if that) majority?

a Canadian friend of mine -- a level-headed, calm, reasonable, patient and ordinary guy -- recently dropped my jaw with an email he sent. he said (wtte) "we in the frozen North always say that we don't have a problem with the Americans, we only have a problem with their government. But lately I'm beginning to think this is kind of like saying, We don't have a problem with the Germans, we only have a problem with Hitler. If the Americans elect Bush again, we have to conclude that they agree with him and his policies. And then we have a problem with the Americans."

this is not a guy who violates Godwin's Law at the drop of a hat. he's more likely to get excited about a bad weld than bad politics. he speaks temperately and thinks carefully. if a guy like this is thinking in such incendiary terms from his position of relative safety, what in gawdsname is the rest of the world thinking? the Arab street? what is going to happen in Iraq tomorrow if the Americans (seem to) elect Bush? I have a baaaad feeling about this.

WRH: Not to mention every other Arab nation on Israel's hate-list.

READER: The United States is getting Fallujahcized tonight.

READER: Please repost any links that you've carried that will help viewers reflect on the lies that the Bush administration has perpetrated on the American people. Though it seems that Bush will win, there are four more years, or less if he is impeached, that you can remind everyone that visits your site of his lies and mistakes.

This is his last term, save a constitutional amendment, but everyone needs to know that going to the extreme right isn't where the American people should be. No more Christian fundamentalism. Just straight policy that helps the majority of the public.

Repost, repost, repost...

READER: What the hell just happened, Michael? Is it any wonder they wanted to disband the VNS?

I keep thinking, this is just a bad dream. There is no way Bush won. People do not stand in line for hours on end to vote for an incumbent. People do not register in droves to support the incumbent. I live in Texas and there were more Kerry bumper stickers and signs than Bush signs paraphernalia. Last spring, I attended a chili cook-off for oil traders. Among the silent auction items was an autographed picture of H.W. After an hour, no one had bid on it, thought there were lots of bids for the wine. While doggy baskets fetched $250 for about $20 worth of dog treats, the former President's picture garnered three pity votes, selling for $125 or $150, as I recall. Texas used to be a Democratic state. How is it that this screwball can garner such support? Diebold.

I assign equal blame to the Democrats, the same folks who decided not to solve the problem that cost Gore the Presidency. Four years and now it's even worse.

When the numbness subsides, I am putting my house on the market and leaving Iranamerica. I will not financially and emotionally enslave myself to a population that allows this to happen. If Americans want to strike, refuse to pay taxes, or retake their country from the oppressor, I will stand alongside them. If they want to bitch and moan themselves to FEMA camps, I will not follow. My life is too important to allow some whacked out zealot to determine how I shall live my life.

Thanks for letting me vent.

READER: Should Bush eke out a win, the passage quoted below from an NYT article may provide the smoking gun as to a vote fix (ie Diebold, et al).

"Almost 15 percent of those questioned said they had not voted in the equally contentious election of 2000, and more than 60 percent of them reported having chosen Mr. Kerry this year. On the other hand, Mr. Bush held onto 90 percent of the voters who said they had backed him four years ago, and Mr. Kerry won 90 percent of the voters who said they had supported Al Gore, the Democratic nominee in 2000."


If Bush held 90% of his 2000 vote, and Kerry held 90% of Gore's 2000 vote (remember Gore won the popular vote), and yet Kerry gained 60% of the NEW voters, how can Kerry have a 3 million vote deficit to Bush? Kerry should be well ahead in the popular vote given these facts.

I think it's time we all looked hard in the mirror to decide whether we can continue to allow our government to make a charade of the democratic process. If they have thrown it by the wayside, then so shall we the people.

WRH: There are numerous statistical indicators proving that there is fraud in this election. I don't think Bush even cares if you know he stole the election any more.

READER: Dear Michael: Please be the voice of reason during these dark hours. The election was stolen before the election. How are we going to manage another 4 years of this prick.

READER: choose: 1. rebellion; 2. civil war; 3. submission
WRH: 1 and 2 are kind of the same thing.

READER: Jim Lehrer, Mark Shields and David Brooks were discussing the Bush Florida win and the jist of the comments were this: The pre-election polls favored Bush. The exit polls favored Kerry. Therefore the Florida election results match the polls.

Extrapolated, this means the corrupt media insists upon selecting Bush.

Thanks to WRH and other reputable, uncorrupt media, the US has some credibility and integrity left -- perhaps we can enlist international support to help us throw the bum out.

WRH: You're talking a new World War there, buddy. Which I think is what Bush wants anyway.

READER: type the following into google's search field

how the fuck could bush win

and click on the feel lucky button. your answer will appear, and it is true

READER: Just a coincidence... but the History channel has the Hitler rise to power...and the comment about individual thought did not matter only the mass.

Wrh.... I am scared.....

WRH: Me too. There are no limits on Bush now.

READER: I was not surprised at all by the results of the election. I got my education through your fabulous site. You were right: you have been warning the US about the faulty machines ever since it came to light, and nothing was done about it. You said that Kerry could have raised more points in the debates. Why did he keep quiet about some very important issues. He appeared not to be trying too hard to win the debates. You knew that these Noe-cons would not relinquish control of the power they had attained,if they had to lie, steal and cheat to do it.

I was astounded that both Bush and Kerry had spent over $1 billion on their campaigns.How many people could ever afford to run for president. You pointed out that both parties get their money from the same source, so they are both indebted to the same people. Makes no sense to me.

Having a madman at the helm for the next 4 years is frightening. As a Canadian, it is too close for comfort.

Why would anyone want to go and vote when it was publcily known that those Diebold machines were built for fraud.

You also told us that the media had Bush and Kerry going neck and neck so as to make it easier to cause less suspicion. This was a no-win situation.

People in the US need to be better educated, maybe Ralph Nader could come up with some ideas how to do that so in 4 yrs time he maybe have a chance himself of being accepted. As you rightly said both parties are the same except for their names.

I am grateful to you for your insight and your perceptions. You have opened the eyes of many people.

Something I don't understand is if people knew those diebold machines were flwed why did they bother to go and vote. Just a thought.

They refused to allow the Danish observers do their job. Some places would not let reporters within 100 ft of the voters. All those actions spell FRAUD. Will they get away with this.

At this point in time I wish we did not live on your doorstep.

You are a force to be reckoned with. wish there were many more like you.

READER: As with one of the letters I agree -WHR and Jon Stewart.

I was watching Stewart and then decided to e-mail a few friends about my election concerns- as a Canadian and then check WRH

The first letter re black hole and fear expresses how I am sure many of us feel.

As a Canadian my fear is that now we will be dragged into unjust wars.

Religion as part of an election process reeks.

WRH: Theocracies are inevitably worse than the cruelest civil dictatorship-, because the secular dictator must be responsive to his civil population to some degree, whereas theorcratic rule can justify any evil, even against their own people, as the "will of the gods", as demonstrated by the Holy Inquisitions, the Holy Crusades, and the Salem Witch Trials.

READER: This is sickening my stomach. All I am hearing on BBC World and CNN is "how could the exit polls be so wrong". Easy. When people vote they tell who they voted for, and the pollsters believe them. But the electronic voting machines don't give a shit what the voter wanted. They have to do what Wally O' Dell wants!

READER: just heard ome talking head explain, that the voters leaving the polls must be lying about who they voted for. mmm ok.
WRH: And if you believe that one, I have some of Saddam's 'nookular' weapons to sell you.

READER: That election in Iraq could be a real snap for Allawi if Brother Jeb heads on over with his diabolical diebold machines.
WRH: The ones they used in Afghanistan are closer.

READER: Long ago I resigned myself to believing, one way or another, bush would remain in the white house.

How I wish I could have been wrong. But I liquidated what little I have and moved to Middle Earth.

I have not turned my back on America. America has turned its back on me.

WRH: I am getting a lot of email from people saying they are thinking of leaving the US now.

READER: I have never written to WRH before, although I visit and read the articles on this site daily and I have for several years. But tonight I must write that I too have a deep sense of foreboding as the election results are posted on the internet. It looks like "the regime" will again steal the election from the citizenry of this country. I knew they wouldn't be able to win the presidency honestly. They don't have our support. The majority of Americans are not in agreement with their "policies" and they know this. We were set-up, the left and the right and everyone in-between, for a "close race" right from the start. It was the mantra framework that was repeated over and over and over again until the "majority" believed it. The close-race rational was super imposed on the American people from every venue. Even so-called liberals repeated it adnauseum. The horse-race, neck and neck, photo-finish presidential race! And even still I held on to hope. Not for major change, just some kind of change. A "maybe". A "drip" of hope for change. Tonight I have a huge lump in my throat (I mean this in the literal sense), imagining what we will face in the coming four years. I would like to offer some encouragement, some optimism, to your other readers tonight...but I think I just need to be quiet and cry for awhile.
WRH: Don't cry. Get angry. Angry can work.

READER: Well, they are moaning and groaning on CNN about how the exit polls were misleading the people, and its a shame they got out on the internet.

You know, exit polls used to be incredibly reliable. They stopped being reliable right around the time the Diebold machines came into the game.

That little rat nest in Florida, run by brother Jeb: that thing has got to be cleaned up.

READER: Politics has corrupted everything about America. The rest of the world just wants the United States to get its house in order.
WRH: Waiting for a corrupted nation to get its house in order by themselves was Neville Chamberlain's big mistake.

READER: What is making this election so hard to deal with are those damned diebold machines. This had better be the last election with those machines.

There is simply a helpless feeling of voting and not knowing if your vote was recorded accurately or changed later, or even counted at all. The whole experience leaves one with the feeling of being cheated or played for a fool. We already know that Bush stole the last election, and like stupid suckers we find ourselves in exactly the same situation again.

This leaves strong doubts about whether Bush is really winning or we are just being played again. How in the hell do they expect the people to unite behind the "winner" under these circumstances? How do we know if he won or was crooked?

When the paper ballots were marked with an "X" and put in sealed boxes, both parties were able to keep an eye on things, and recounts were accurate. Yes, a ballot box could (without thousands of lawyers watching) be "stuffed" on occasion--but things never felt out of control like they do when your vote goes off out there into the air-- with nothing tangible left to verify your vote.

This may be why the feeling was so grim at the polls. The diebold system has already been abused and we went through four years of hell already because of that damned system.

WRH: If a government cannot prove the honesty and accuracy of the election by which they claim authority, then the people are neither legally nor morally obligated to obey its dictates or to pay its bills. The burden of proof is on Bush to demonstrate that he holds legal authority. And, of course, he cannot do it. The precincts in which he unexpectedly won used the electronic voting machines which are already known to be defective and easy to tamper with, and in one case, were manufactured by a man who publicly declared his intention to put Bush back into the White House. This election was discredited before it even began. We are a nation without a lawful government.

READER: As I sit here watching Herr Bush stealing the election right in front of our faces, I can hardly wait for his acceptance speech. I dearly love that little smirk of his, and I'm sure we will see a lot of it tonight.

Doesn't this fine "democratic" election look just like the one we just saw in Australia?

Both parties knew those diebold machines were fraudulent, and they went ahead with them anyways. For a while there I honestly thought that the Democrats had control of the situation. It will be interesting to see if they even raise so much as a pinky finger in objection to what is going on.

When I think of four more years of the insanity of Bush-Cheney---well, I know I can't take it. Something has got to give. Let's see...Canada or revolution: those appear to be the choices.

READER: Do you find it eerie that somehow Bush has had a consistant lead in the popular vote of around 2 million votes ahead of Kerry? Are people in this country really that stupid or is there something afoul here?
WRH: I would vote "foul" but I don't trust this Diebold machine in front of me.

READER: Fox News skews the news

It is 11:25pm EST out here in NYC and Fox News is still reporting Kerry with 144 electoral votes when every other news outlet has him at 199.

READER: If Kerry folds or concedes without a fight, then we will know that he was indeed a puppet, planted in our system to ensure George Bush the win. That means that our election was a fraud throughout.

What happened to the belief that a large turnout would give the election to Kerry? We had the large turnout, so why isn't the result that the pundits all described, there?

Last night, as the election began, I looked at that CNN crew, and I immediately knew that there was going to be trouble: it was written all over their faces. I think, based on the huge turnout of voters, that even they knew the American people aren't stupid enough to believe the results they were being fed.

READER: I did that touch screen electronic vote eating machine yesterday.

At 6:25pm, you could hear crickets chirp at the precinct. It was dark, maybe 5 cars in the lot.

No line to enter the polls. I was asked if I had a cell phone upon entering. I said no. I went to the verification station, they asked for ID, Drivers license, matched the ID with the same exact voter's registration address. Then they asked if I still lived at that address. I said yes. I continued to the poll, no line, the assistor cleared the machine with a box device and then told me I can vote. He asked if I knew how to use it, I said yes. After my placing what I felt was correct to vote for, I hit the red blinking "Vote," button. I turned around, looked at the assistor, and said, "That's it?" "Just push the button?" He said yes. I said, "You don't have to do anything else?" He said, "No, it is done, it is now going downtown." I said, "OHHH, via way that hackers or someone can make my vote something else?" "Hee hee?"

The assistor responded, "Well, how ever it goes.."

Upon exiting, I was handed a new type of sticker than usual, with an eagle on it that said, "I voted in the Presidential Election."

I feel I may have been preyed upon by a scam. I am not happy with the voter's touch screen choice system. I would like to revoke my signature from the voter's registration on belief I have been frauded.

READER: It was Fox news that declared Bush the winner of the last election, and I can only conclude that Murdoch (who owns Fox news) moved to America from Australia just to partake in this latest fiasco of an election. Oh yes Mr. Murdoch--you are a media wizard: why our election results replicate the results we just saw in Australia!

READER: Since this nation is so evenly divided, and the Republicans feel that we must now come together for the sake of the nation, then let Bush make a gesture of friendship to the Democrats he stole the election from: let him announce that all troops for his wars will be drawn only from the families of registered Republicans.

READER: I do not buy Bush getting mostly numbers keeping him neck & neck with Kerry.

Here there are 2 Bush worshipping Morons, ( I know personally) that I know voted for that Nazi. Other than that I have watched people move away from Bush if they were for him once upon a time.

I think Bush has maybe 20% of america blindly supporting & following him into the hell. Or 25% tops. Can't win with 20-25%. It sure ain't 48 or 49 or 50. F*cking LIES. Soooo Sick of BS!!!!!!!!!

The MAJORITY of Americans are against him. The Majority KNOW HE IS THE WORST EXCUSE OF A PRESIDENT TO EVER INFLICT ITSELF UPON THIS NATION. He did not even win the last election.

Neck & neck??? BIG GIANT BS. I hope the Media Whores enjoy the Hell. ( Not the one they helped create here) But the actual hell they have condemned themselves to. Cause they serve only evil. They sold their souls & Judased their own nation for a paltry sum.

My local news says Bush is planning to give his Victory speech.


I wish he'd get hit by lightning & spare America & the World 4 more years of Bushes Misery Inc.

READER: I do not accept the results of this election. I will not stand behind this "president". I will not pay any more taxes until this matter is resolved. In the name of democracy and in the name of America, I demand a new election.

READER: I don't think the Diebold machines allow for a fair recount. The American people must DEMAND A NEW ELECTION--without those machines.

The decent people who voted against Bush and against his atrocities cannot afford to be "decent" right now. Don't be bullied by Republican bullshit like 'don't be a sore loser' or 'we must unite behind the President now for the good of the country' etc. You were NOT terrorist sympathizers when you marched in protest against those wars.This is NOT a situation where 'you are with us or you are with the terrorists'. This is America, and you KNOW that election was stolen. Its not by chance that Bush had a five point advantage in every region that had those machines.

This election was fraud. It was stolen. It is criminal. You must act--- now is the time. And every person involved in this fraud must be charged with treason. Because that is what it is.

WRH: The Diebld machines (and most of the other e-Vote systems) by design do not allow a recount.

READER: I voted from Europe, and helped register people, and just sort of accepted the process even though first time voters were always amazed that they didn't need a passport or other ID to register.....

But when someone called me this morning and told me he'd heard from Israelis that it was easy to beat the system with just a social security number (which students have, non alien residents, temp workers, etc) and some kind of address, i began thinking about it and realized how easily the system is abused.

When Dade County for example, gets 4000 applications for absentee ballots, do they check each and every social security number? and IF THEY DO, do they even SEE if it belongs to a us citizen or not? The address can be random, out of a phone, it just has to exist.... what can also be done - as the israelis, who were all gung ho for Bush, probably figured out - is to use a Florida address even if your ss number is legit, and use any address in florida to register and vote.... after all, NOTHING gets mailed to the address in the town, and you need to show no proof that you live there, now or ever.....the BALLOT goes to your address abroad.... do you see what I mean?

and if you register in the US, do you have to give your ss number or just proof of residence? and do they know at the polls if two people are using the same ss number to vote?? one in Florida, one in Tel Avid??

Is it possible for you to call some town clerks and find out how they check on the eligibility of absentee voters???

WRH: According to some readers who wrote in, abesntee ballots were being issued without any requirement for proof of citizenship.

READER: Hi Mike, Do you know what kind of voting machines PA used since the Kerry Bush was 60-40-I am wondering. I voted on a touch screen here in Ohio, which of course did not lead to confidence in my vote. I hate what these people have done to this country-we can witness when the truth finds them out-it shouldn’t take much longer.

READER: I am one of the Ohioans who stood in the rain for 3 hours and 10 minutes to vote.

I clicked on Kerry/Edwards, then went down the other choices. Just before pressing the green "vote" button, I double-checked my votes and President was blinking again as if I hadn't selected. I pressed K/E again and then "vote". I hope it went through.

One amusing thing: directly in front of the polling station was an old yellow Chevy with custom license plate reading "W LIED". I don't know if no one noticed it, or just didn't say anything, but it sat there all day.

READER: Mike at the moment I feel that unless I see blood on the streets, then this election represents the choice of the American people. I live in a tourist town here in Australia and I can't even stand to hear an American accent anymore. When they stop me to ask directions or whatever I just glare at them, bite my tongue and walk away. I never used to feel like this, but at the moment I am hanging out for some proof of systematic and massive vote fraud because the alternative is pretty awful to contemplate.

READER: "Bush Camp Claims Victory"

"Andrew Card assures faithful that President Bush will win."

This is how the Foxies are getting the story on foxnews.com.

That's really all it takes, isn't it?

"Claim" the victory.
"Assure" the "faithful."

Fox called the last one for Bush and it stuck. Now they'll be calling this one for Bush and it will stick.

So, four more wars it is.

And when they conscript my little sister into "universal service," I'm going to every person I know that voted for Bush (including her dad and her sister) and will personally sock them in their noses for helping these idiot assholes stay in power.

How's the job market in New Zealand? I'm ready to get as far away from this shit as possible.

WRH: I am hearing that froma lot of people. Like Germany under Hitler, the US is starting tosuffer a "brain-drain" as the smart people split for new homes.

READER: Outraged that given Bush's record he was voted* back into office, asterik due to the unreported by major media intimidation and fraud. Outraged that as the dollar continues to lose ground, oil prices rise the majority of people fail to see wtf is going on...No one I spoke with saw the timing of the Osama Bin Bush tape as coincidence even after Cheney said it was a gift. What is it going to take a freaking mushroom cloud in NYC before people wake up....??!?!?!

See you in the bread lines...

READER: I go to bed at 2:30 a.m. and it is Bush with 269 electoral votes and Kerry with 211.

This morning, it is Bush with 254 and Kerry with 252. Surprise, surprise, we do not have a victor yet. But this is not what leaves me dumbfounded.

What leaves me dumbfounded is, if the vote tallies are legit, how this large portion of America could honestly believe that Bush needs to be elected, and went out to vote for him.

This speaks volumes about the mentality of the American public. Apparently it does not matter that

- We are in the largest debt and deficit ever, with our debt ceiling raised numerous times by Bush so we can get more and more into debt.

- His Patriot Act has robbed us of many of our inherent civil liberties.

- He blatantly lied about the supposedly dire circumstances in order to get this country into an unnecessary war.

- There are no WMD.

- Iraq had no part in 9/11.

- He was not elected in the first place back in 2000.

The American public is like a battered wife: keeps coming back for more because while the batterer is terrible, it's familiar. And hey, it just might get better.

Where do we go from here?

WRH: If the elections are no longer honest, then the time when the system can be changed by peaceful means is over.


READER: You are da man! You predicted it again. "Kerry is taking a dive." I'm listening to Air America right now. They mostly are doing mea culpa's about the Democratic party not being able to address the needs of the South, the disenfranchised and the rural communities. In reality, they did not concentrate on the real issues and they had every opportunity to do it. They adopted wrapped themselves in the flag and went off to war. As one person said, "How dare the Democrats not come out against the war! How dare they!" Bush gave them every opportunity every day to take him down. Lies just spewed forth every day and they never grabbed one and turned it on them. They are two sides of the same coin. We need some new political parties. Let's face it: the average American voter is a fucking idiot. He/she cannot think through an issue. He/she is homophobic, racist and a member of the U.S. Christian Taliban. This country is the home of redneck chic, which has developed over the last 30 years. This isn't a thinking person's country. And the right wing radicals have taken advantage and even promoted this environment. Fine, I'll be laughing when these same people will be crying over the death of their loved ones when their children are drafted and come back from Iraq in boxes. Or when the battle comes here. When I saw Fahrenheit 9-11, I could not feel too much sympathy for the lady who lost her son in Iraq because she pushed him into it. Wrapped in her stupid flag buttons with her mind on neutral, she sent her kid off to war and then wonders why he gets killed. Go back to watching the Simpsons because social justice is just a cartoon. Doh!

READER: Guliani is on TV telling us that the people voted for Bush because he is such a great leader. What a slimy whore that man has become.

The numbers were so high in the turnout of voters, that I suspect that in spite of the numbers for Kerry,the Bush Cabal went ahead with the voter fraud anyways. And that will be their downfall: they couldn't adjust the numbers in a fashion that was easily hidden--they had to make adjustments to the numbers in bulk to offset the Kerry turnout.

We know that with the diebold machines they were planning fraud going into this thing--but I'm willing to bet that the fraud can be uncovered, due to the large numbers they were forced to come up with.

WRH: The fraud is already uncovered. It's too obvious to ignore. But the system that profits from vote fraud will not fix it, and relies on the people being too afraid to take matters into their own hands. And frankly, given the silence that greeted the US Government's admission that there were no WMDs in Iraq after all, I suspect they are correct.
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