Michael Rivero

By now it should be clear that the United States, already hopelessly mired in military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, etc., et. al. and having failed to win support for an invasion of Iran despite the failed coup attempt of 2009, has decided to provoke war with China via the proxy of South Korea. The US has many reasons to want this new war.

First, in the wake of the G20 meeting in Seoul, South Korea, it became obvious that China was refusing to harm their own economy in order to accommodate the United States' desire for debt reduction, in particular a reduction of the trade imbalance between the two nations. Of course, from the point of view of Wall Street, refusal to starve the people to fatten the bankers is tantamount to an act of war and the China bashing started before the Seoul G20 even finished. Somehow, the US financial stresses were all China's fault, ignoring the fact that nobody forced the US to grant tax exemptions to large US corporations to offshore manufacturing, nor did anyone force the US to continue borrowing money from China past the point of prudence.

The harsh reality is that under the present set of international rules of economics, the United States Government is too deep in debt to ever pay it all off, either to China or even to the privately owned Federal Reserve. History tells us the next step for the United States. In order to deal with the financial crash of 1907, the United States entered World War 1. To deal with the great Depression caused by the crash of 1929, the United States entered World War 2 and in that one at least, provably used lies and deceptions to trick the American people into supporting that war.

Today we are in the throes of the crash of 2007, exacerbated by the massive Wall Street financial frauds. Unable to extract significantly more taxes from a population whose jobs were sent to other nations, The United States Government finds itself with only two possible courses of action. Either go out of business, or start a new World War and murder everyone the government owes money to.

It would seem that the choice of action has been made.

This is not without precedent. The French King Philip the Fourth tried to exterminate the Knights Templar to evade the debts he owed these earliest of international bankers.

But in selling a new war to an already war-weary population, Obama needs this to be a "clean" war. That is, Obama needs the illusion of a war with a simple sense of moral right and wrong. The present wars are known to have been started with lies and deceptions. Obama needs the illusion of a war whose purpose and objective are crystal clear, beyond question, and most importantly able to mask the primarily financial motive. In short, Obama needs to make it look like North Korea, and by extension China are unequivocally in the wrong by appearing to attack the United States. Hence the "Gulf of Tonkin" style tactic of putting US ships in close proximity to the enemy in hopes the enemy will oblige with a strike, or failing that, contriving such an attack upon oneself to justify the war. Hitler did exactly that at Gleiwitz, and it should be obvious that the US is following Hitler's playbook very closely, down to the scapegoat ethnic group and the use of confessions extracted under torture.

Obama also needs a war with North Korea because he needs a war with anyone not obviously an enemy of Israel, because all the wars the US is currently engaged in are with Israel's enemies, a serious impediment when trying to sell the desired war with Iran. But once North Korea and China are attacked, the US can proceed with Iran and dismiss criticism that Iran is just another war for Israel.

In short, given the lack of traction the North Korea and China bashing are getting to date, I expect the US to try a repeat of the USS Maine or USS Maddox or Pearl Harbor hoaxes, to manufacture an illusion of an "unjustified" attack on the United States, and the UNited States morally obligated to wage unrestricted warfare on North Korea and China.

This is, of course, a really bad idea. The United States won World War 1 and 2 primarily because the USA was a manufacturing powerhouse. Sadly, that is no longer true. The mighty steelworks and factories that provided the material support for the allied armies are rusted ghosts of their former glory, not easy to resurrect. For that reason and the current economic reality that no nation will loan the US Government more money to fight a losing war, I forecast, I warn, that the United States will lose the next World War it will create. Before the final surrender, the US will use their nuclear arsenal.

If the US starts a war with China, nuclear weapons are inevitable. China has a huge army, but no way to transport it across the Pacific to physically invade the US mainland. The US has ships and transport aircraft, but nowhere near enough manpower to physically invade the Chinese mainland. You can see where such a war must go when the conventional forces amount to a blind mongoose striking at a paralyzed cobra. Sooner or later nuclear weapons must be used, and again, if the US can make it appear that North Korea or China have attacked the US with a nuclear weapon, then the US has political cover to employ its nuclear arsenal in "retaliation."

These are very dark times. We are hostage to a government that views its own survival as the highest national priority, politically corndered, economically ruined, and armed with nuclear weapons. "; print theme('page', $out ); drupal_page_footer(); ?>