"Militarily Insignificant"


By Robert S. Finnegan

Managing Editor

Southeast Asia News

As the body bags continue to make their sad way home to America from the quagmire that is now "liberated" Iraq, I am compelled to ponder a recent statement made by a highly placed Bushite and quoted in Time Magazine: that the casualties following the war that America "won" in Iraq are "militarily insignificant." Hmm. Tell that to the families and loved ones that have paid the ultimate price for unflinchingly honoring their military commitment in the so-called war on terror. Tell that to the victims and families of the recent bombing of the UN headquarters in Baghdad.

"Bring 'em on" crows our Idiot-in-Chief. It would now appear that "the terrorists" are doing exactly that. Is this terrorism, or simply patriotism on the part of the Iraqis? Only they can answer this question. One would think however, that Americans would react much in the same way if their country were invaded.

Consummate cowards, Bush and his band of schoolyard bullies and junkyard dogs now hold our nation hostage with the Patriot Act and threats. "If you aren't with us, you are against us . . . " spouts Bush. How presidential, right out of the Hitler dialogues. What about North Korea Mr. President? Perhaps Kim Il Sung, unlike Saddam, has more bite than bark? My uncle Robert J. Finnegan gave his life in that long-ago war at Chosin Reservoir, a Purple Heart warrior with the United States Marine Corps. How long have American servicemen and women been in Korea now? Here we go again.

Better to stick with the soft targets like Iraq, Mr. President, right? Not nearly as messy and besides, North Korea has no oil reserves and as far as weapons of mass destruction go Uncle Kim has Saddam beaten hands-down, by his own admission. North Korea is far to dangerous a proposition for your administration.

I have news for you, Mr. President. It is not you and your staff, or their families for that matter that are doing the dying in this war in Iraq. The heroes that are being blown away on an almost daily basis I am sure do not appreciate your braggadocio and judging from recent interviews I have conducted with both retired and active duty military personnel neither do their fellow servicemen and women in the line of fire, who are now increasingly questioning the purpose behind this farce. As a former Marine, I know only too well that even the military has its limits, and your appearance in a military uniform on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier recently was an insult to all those who serve honorably in our armed forces. Bill Clinton Act II. Despite the current spin on the record of your military service, we know and keep the score. Apparently your Dad could not erase that one. You would do well to remember that these are the individuals that keep you in power regardless of your obvious contempt for the lives of American military personnel. Be advised that we are not fooled easily. You need to think about that - long and hard. It's a tough job, that thinking business, but this is one issue that needs every little brain cell of your attention, however few they may be.

It has not been forgotten in military circles that had your Dad let General Schwartzkopf do his job in the last Iraq war our military would in all probability not be there now. The arrogance of the present administration is breathtaking. Re: Rumsfeld in a recent interview - "that is not for you to know" in response to a question posed by a journalist. Condescension at its best and utter contempt for the 4th Estate, a known pillar of democracy. So much for your so-called commitment to our constitution, the First Amendment and our democracy Mr. President.

Perhaps you should at this time also personally conduct all casualty calls from here on out Mr. President, explaining in person and in detail to the families of the dead why their loved ones have sacrificed their lives for this so-called "war". Do yourself a favor and drop the freedom and democracy crap, most of us by now in the military know the score. In any event, with casualties being labeled "militarily insignificant" by your people you should have the time. Explain to the survivors, the wives, husbands, parents, siblings and children why their dead servicemen and women are "insignificant."

Your administration, Mr. President is now looking more and more like the Nazi party as they attempt to gut the Constitution of the United States and pillage our country and the world. The sheep that inhabit the majority of the American electorates will ultimately pay the same price that the Germans did following WWII for burying their heads in the sand as their leaders lead them down the path to destruction and world condemnation. So much for Nixon's "silent majority." And in addition, to think that you, our "Commander-in-Chief," an Alfred E. Newman clone that has his hand on the button of the largest nuclear arsenal in the world is frightening indeed. You may even wind up like Hitler in the end. Hopefully Laura is prepared for that.

Rather than "liberating Iraq," you, Mr. President and your contingent of rouges have created a new terrorist state. Regardless of the professed statements by traitors such as Powell, Rice and Rumsfeld to the contrary, this is also a covert war on Islam. Lies on top of lies. How's that for justifying the invasion of a sovereign nation - especially in light of the casualties our armed forces continue to sustain and in the absence of evidence of weapons of mass destruction, the supposed reason for the pre-emptive attack in the first place?

Is Saddam Hussein a dirt bag? You bet. A toothless dirt bag, with massive oil reserves. Easy pickings for America and Haliburton.

The propaganda machine of the White House, Mr. President is presently churning out lies at record levels. Bad lies at that. Where is the outrage? How long can you expect to maintain this farce? Why have Americans not demanded a renewal of our representative government? Are there actually that many mindless rednecks holding sway over our country? Or have Americans become so soft that they are willing to die on their knees rather than their feet? Beer and pornography? What a way out. You, Mr. President put the Roman Emperor Caligula to shame. Horses for Senators? More like horses-asses. More like sheep and at least Caligula had an IQ that was supposedly above bath water temperature.

How many of our servicemen and women need die on the patch of sand that is now modern-day Iraq to become "militarily significant" in your estimation? Can you spell Vietnam? This is a classic case of history repeating itself - in spades, with one notable exception: you, Mr. President make former President Richard Nixon look like a choirboy.

Just recently, Mr. President, your top NSA advisor Condoleeza Rice defended your request for an unprecedented 87 Billion dollars to support the continuing war in Iraq, citing the age old refrain that Afreedom is priceless. Tell that to the American military veterans, the elderly and the homeless who the United States Government continues to screw in the name of "freedom". The freedom to starve, freeze and die on the streets of the richest nation in the world and in the decrepit VA hospitals that are charnel houses straight out of some middle-age nightmare. You seem to forget, Mr. President, that this is OUR MONEY.

In the meantime the American version of Heinrich Himmler, U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft would have Americans who dare speak out against this atrocity labeled as terrorists. This is a man who has sworn to uphold the constitution, our employee. Those that scoff at the prospect of concentration camps for patriots who dare to challenge the present administration had better envision razor wire and the possibility of having their citizenship revoked at the whim of the Justice Department - for any reason. Take a good hard squint at Patriot Act II, America. Should it pass journalists such as myself will probably top the list of those to be labeled and carted off immediately, and with us goes your last hope for salvation. We realize that most of you do not have the guts to speak out... All we ask is that you get out of our way. Feeling like cowards? You are.

What fun, being interrogated by my brother Marines at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba while living in a wire cage. I do however, subscribe to the orange jumpsuits, they appear to be in fashion these days in "democratic America". The patriotic "color of the day". It cannot be any worse than boot camp in 1975, at least I am prepared for it. Name, rank and serial number Mr. President. Geneva Convention.. Or have we by now abrogated this too? The code of conduct, something you would know nothing about.

So come and get me John, and pack a lunch. I'm waiting.

Southeast Asia News Managing Editor Robert S. Finnegan is a former Senior Editor of The Jakarta Post, Jakarta Indonesia and the lead investigator of the Bali bombing for the paper. His published reports may be accessed through an online search: keyword=s Finnegan+Robert+Bali. E-mail seanews1@yahoo.com.

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