Timeline of Chaos

The Ottawa Citizen
September 11, 2001

8:45 a.m. An aircraft believed to be a small "Cessna-type" aircraft crashed into the north side tower of the World Trade Centre, setting off a huge explosion and fire. One witness reported that the aircraft made a 'kamikaze" move as it crashed into the building.

9:03. A second plane appearing to approach from the north side of the building crashed into the second tower, setting off a large explosion and fire. A witness reported that it was a commercial aircraft.

9:28 CNN quotes AP as saying a U. S. official believes the attacks are believed to have been carried out by terrorists.

9:30 U.S. President Bush in Florida, appears on television and makes the first official confirmation the two attacks were carried out by terrorists. Two aircrafts crashed into the World Trade Centre, he said, in an "apparent terrorist attack." He said the U.S. will hunt down those responsible. CNN reports the New York Stock Exchange is closed.

9:32 Reports that an American Airline Boeing 767 that took off from Boston had been hijacked. The plane is believed to have been involved in the second attack on the WTC.

9:35 All New York-area airports are closed. Reports of the situation being "extraordinarily chaotic" on the west side of New York City.

9:37 CNN reports that 1,000 people had been injured.

9:43 White House evacuated because of credible threat of terrorist attack. Security officers patrol the precinct.

9:41 Senator Kennedy appears on television with First Lady Laura Bush to say that the "business of America" will not be postponed because of terrorism. A scheduled meeting on education will go on, he said.

9:42 Reports of an attack on Pentagon. Huge plume of smoke billowing out of the vast complex. Reports of a huge explosion. Pentagon being evacuated.

9:43 White House being evacuated after receiving a "credible terrorist threat." President Bush safe in Florida.

9.45 Fire reported on the Washington Mall.

9:46 CNN reports from National Airport in Washington of hearing a noise at the Pentagon before a "terrific fire" broke out.

9:47 First report on CNN that an aircraft had crashed into the Pentagon.

9:48 A witness tells CNN that a U. S. military helicopter had circled the Pentagon building, disappeared behind a building and shortly after there was a big explosion.

9:50 Bridges and tunnels into New York City closed.

9:51 All airports across the United States closed.

9:53. Confirmation on CNN that an aircraft of some kind hit the Pentagon.

9:54 Reports of people running out of the White House. Reports of a jet circling the White House but it disappeared. It is unclear if the the Vice President Dick Cheney is still in the building.

9:57 White House, Pentagon, Treasury and Capitol being evacuated.

9:58 Several witnesses report a huge explosion at the Pentagon just before fire enveloped the complex.

9:59 a.m. Reports of confusion at the Pentagon. Thick black smoke enveloping the area. CNN says 24,000 people work at the Pentagon.

9:59 a.m. Reports of another huge explosion, the third at the WTC. A "cascade of fire and sparks" as one of the towers collapses and disappears from the skyline.

10 a.m. Reports of fire at the State Department.

10:02 a.m. Sears Tower in Chicago evacuated. No report of attack.

10:05 a.m. Reports of people jumping from windows of the WTC.

10:07 a.m. Secret Service agents at the White House appear with automatic weapons drawn. Still no word on the whereabouts of the VP Cheney. Calls into the White House not answered.

10:12 CNN reports explosion at Capitol Hill. Capitol evacuated.

10:14 Evacuation extended to United Nations Building.

10:20 Witness saw commercial aircraft crash into Pentagon.

10:22 Justice Department evacuated.

10:24 CNN says there was no explosion at Capitol Hill.

10:25 Reports that all international flights to New York and Washington being diverted to Canada.

10:30. Confirmation that both WTC towers have collapsed. 50,000 people work at the WTC.

10:33 Reports of a car bomb at the State Department.

10: 37 Reports of a 747 down near Pittsburg. Downed plane later said to be a 757.

10:47 Second hijacked plane said to be heading for Pentagon. An F 16 jet scrambled to deal with situation.

11:05 New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani in press conference urges people to remain calm and remain at home or in their place of business, and urges all those who work or live south of Canal Street to walk directly north in an orderly fashion. National Guard on alert to relieve police officers. U.S. federal government to help with urban search and rescue team. "We need the streets open so we can get people in and out of the south part of Manhattan ... the only thing to do now is to remain calm ... and let's pray ..."

11:10 Reports of a second plane only a few minutes away from the Pentagon have not materialized.

11:12 Ambulance arrive in New York from as far away as Long Island and firefighters arriving by pickup truck. The streets are deserted.

11:15 Report that the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania in Somerset county near Pittsburgh was from Chicago.

11:16 Agence France Presse report says a group with the word Palestine in the name claims responsibility.

11:20 Taliban news conference announced

11:23 American Airlines confirms that it lost two airliners, both bound for Los Angeles -- one from Washington and the other from Boston. United Airlines confirms that one of its jets crashed in Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh, Flight 93 from Newark to San Franscico. However, it is uncertain if this is the same aircraft reported earlier as crashing near Pittsburgh. Report of another aircraft down near Camp David. No confirmation.

11:25 Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta is preparing bioterrorism teams. It's a precautionary, say officials and there is no evidence of bio-terrorism, they say.

11:30 General Wesley Clark, former supreme commander of NATO says, "This is clearly a co-ordinated effort. It hasn't been announced that its over. We don't know how it will conclude. There is likely to be more trouble before this concludes. We've got to protect the American people. We're hearing still reports of aircraft that are out there. There is no way of knowing when all of the possible incidents have taken place or been aborted by whoever is behind this. We have to be ready for whatever will happen next. Only one group has this kind of ability and that is Osama bin Laden's."

11:45 All scheduled international flights are cancelled out of Pearson International Airport. Travellers are asked not to fly or go to the airport.

11: 50 Boston's Logan Airport urges people not to come to the airport. Flights have now been diverted to Canada. Two planes that hit World Trade Centre both took off from Boston, says a report. One is American Airlines, flight 11 with 92 people aboard. Another is United Airlines flight 175.

12:00 No flights have landed yet at Pearson Airport. There is a report that an aircraft under some kind of distress is on its way to Toronto. There is no confirmation.

12:05 NBC reports there may be as many as 20,000 people in the World Trade Centre.

Canada Red Cross is mobilizing teams to airports to help stranded Americans and trying to get Canadians connected with missing friends and relatives.

The downed flights are indentified as: American Airlines Flight 11 from Boston to Los Angeles; American Airlines Flight 77 from Dulles to Los Angeles; United Airlines Flight 93 from Newark to San Francisco; United Airlines Flight 175 from Boston to Los Angeles.

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