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President Bush's 9/11 Visit
To Booker Elementary
The Full Story

When a wave of then-unfolding, well-coordinated terrorist assaults commandeered his attention in Sarasota on Tuesday morning, President George W. Bush made a quick decision.

He could and arguably should have left Emma E. Booker Elementary School immediately, gotten onto Air Force One and left Sarasota without a moment's delay.

He could have forgotten all about a school media center full of elementary school kids and teachers waiting to see him.

But he didn't.

The president walked into that crowded room, which was decorated with Cat in the Hat books and children's artwork, where he had planned to talk about literacy.

[Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL), Bush hears of attack while visiting Booker, September 12, 2001 Page: A21]

Why was Bush allowed to visit Booker Elementary on 9/11?

Bush was in his car on the way to Booker Elementary School when the first plane hit the World Trade Center. CIA Director George Tenet declared the impact a deliberate attack with "bin Laden's fingerprints all over it" moments after being informed by cell phone.

With Bush's location given out by the media the day before, an airport only four miles from the school he was visiting, and the CIA Director stating the impact was intentional, why did the Secret Service allow Bush's visit to go ahead?

Bush Caught in a Lie About the WTC Attacks

Bush was in his Presidential Limousine when the first plane hit WTC 1. He has twice remarked about how he saw the first impact on TV, but there was no live TV coverage of the impact. Also the Principal of Booker Elementary has stated that there was no TV in either the corridor Bush came through or anywhere near the classroom he visited. This means that one of two things:

  1. Bush is lying about how he learned of the first impact.

  2. There was a closed-circuit TV feed, not in the school, but in his Presidential Limousine on which he received a progress report.

Bush at Booker Elementary:
The Video that Proves 9/11 was not a Surprise

What damns the Bush administration is not what is in this video, but what SHOULD be in the video and is not. Ostensibly, Bush and Card are reacting to a surprise attack, but Bush does not act surprised, and Card does not act like a man delivering an unexpected piece of news but instead is merely delivering a progress report to which he already knows Bush will not have an immediate response.

Bush's 9/11 Booker Elementary Broadcast:
Bravery, Stupidity, or Setup?

Two planes had crashed into the WTC. Two more were flying around the country, destinations unknown. Airports surrounded Booker Elementary School, one of them only 4 miles away. How did the Secret Service KNOW it was safe for Bush to stay in Booker Elementary and make his scheduled broadcast to the nation at 9:30 a.m.?

The Secret Service at Booker Elementary:
The Dog That Did Not Bark

The Secret Service did nothing.

Quod Erat Demonstradum, the Bush Administration was part of the 9-11 plot.

"Bush Knew - Requiem for America"

Flash movie detailing the Booker Elementary timeline. Includes a split-screen of Bush reading about goats while the twin towers burn.

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