The Secret Service agent transferred to Waco

> March 18, 1993
> Clinton  salutes slain former  body guard
> Byline: By Thomas Ferraro
> Dateline: Washington
> President  Clinton  saluted the four federal lawmen killed in the Feb. 28
> shootout in  Waco,  Texas, Thursday, one of whom served as a  body guard 
> for him during last year's campaign.
> ''My prayers, and I'm sure yours, are still with the families of all four
> of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents,''  Clinton  said in a speech
> at the Treasury Department.
> ATF  Agent Robert Williams, of  Clinton's  hometown of Little Rock, Ark. ,
> was among the lawmen slain in the gun battle with members of David
> Koresh's cult.
> During the 1992 campaign, Williams was assigned to a  Clinton ''jump
> team'' that provided  Clinton  security on rotating 28-day shifts, said 
> ATF spokesman Jack Killorin.
> The three other  ATF  agents killed in  Waco  were Todd McKeehan and
> Conway LeBleu, both of New Orleans, and Steve Willis of Houston.
> Killorin said four other  ATF  agents who served on  Clinton  ''jump
> teams'' were among 16 agents wounded in  Waco:  Rolland Ballesteros and
> John Risenhoover, both of Houston, and Steven Steele and Sam Cohen, both
> of Dallas.
> Clinton  mentioned the four slain agents by name during his speech at the
> Treasury Department that primarily focused on plans to remedy the economy.
> The president said that three of the four ''were assigned to my security
> during the course of the primary or the general election.''
> But Killorin said that only Williams had been a member of a ''jump team.''
> He said, however, virtually all  ATF  agents assisted with security when
> Clinton  visited their respective towns.
> ATF  is part of the Treasury Department, as is the Secret Service, the
> primary agency in charge of protecting presidents and candidates. During
> campaign years, the  ATF  helps supplement Secret Service protection.
> Clinton  said in his remarks: ''I think that we should all once again
> honor the plaque on the fourth floor of this building that notes more than
> 160 Treasury agents who have been killed in the line of duty in our
> nation's history.''
> ''From the Secret Service agents who protect our the
> Customs agents who wage war on drugs, to the agents of the Bureau of
> Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.''
> Clinton  expressed special gratitude for the  ATF  agents who helped
> evacuate New York's World Trade Center after the Feb. 26 bombing and who
> helped find evidence that led to the first arrest.

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