The Mile High Club


Cited under fair use to educate the voters. All items from the National Enquirer. Click here to jump to the National Enquirer's website.

The Mile High Club

During the 1992 campaign, even as long time Clinton suppoprters worked to contain the Bimbo Eruptions" and Don Hewitt was busy editing the "60 Minutes" segment on Gennifer Flowers to discredit her, Bill Clinton maintained his carnal ways at 35,000 feet, according to Shelia Swatzyna, who crewed on board "Longhorn One", the Clinton campeign jet.

The jet was chartered from Express One, a Dallas based charter carrier, and the crew of six stewerdesses were selected from 500 available women. All six were blond (one later dyed her hair red).


[Debra Shiff in snuggle mode.]

The lovely lady sharing a crew jumpseat with Bill Clinton is Debra Schiff, who followed Bill Clinton off of the airplane and into the White House, where she is now the White House receptionist.

[Debra Shiff as White House receptionist.]

[Cover art from the Enquirer.]

[Inside art from the Enquirer.]

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