Response from Judge Russel to Heidelberg
David L. Russell, Chief Judge
United States District Court
Western District of Oklahoma
United States Courthouse
200 N.W. 4th Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102
October 24, 1995

Mr. Hoppy Heidelberg
Buffalo Creek Road
Route 6, Box 164
Blanchard, OK 73010

Re: U.S.A. v. Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols: Case No. CR-95-110-A; and U.S.A. v. Michael Fortier, Case No. CR-95-111-R, United States District Court-Western District of Oklahoma

Dear Mr. Heidelberg:

Effective immediately, you are dismissed from the grand jury. Your obligation of secrecy continues. Any disclosure of matters that occurred before the grand jury constitutes a contempt of court. Each violation of the obligation of secrecy may be punished cumulatively.


David L. Russell

United States District Judge

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