Bill Clinton's Taste In Women Explained!

Ever notice that Bill Clinton seems to prefer a very specific type of woman? Darker hair. Large mouth. "Trailer Park Trash".

Ever wonder why?

Look at photos of the women in question at the time of their "alleged" involvement with Clinton. Examine the following and draw your own conclusion...

Dolly Kyle Browning
Was told to remain silent, or have media "destroy" her.
Dolly Kyle Browning

Judy Gibbs
Penthouse model & call girl, burned to death in her house after agreeing to help in an investigation into Arkansas drug dealing. According to her family, Bill was a regular customer at Judy's bordello, and according to Barry Spivey, a Clinton bodyguard, Bill displayed Judy's Penthouse photos on the gubernatorial plane as it flew over the burned ruin that had been her home.
Judy Gibbs

Gennifer Flowers
Her alleged 12-year affair with Clinton began in 1977. He first denied it, but later admitted to having been involved with her.

Kathleen Willey
She claimed on 60 Minutes that in 1993 Clinton kissed her, touched her breast and put her hand on his erection.

Deborah Mathis
Named by Larry Nichols in his lawsuit as one of Clinton's lovers, Deborah's career started with a job with the White House press corps.

Cristy Zercher

One of the Clinton Stewerdesses, Zercher claims that Clinotn fondled her breats while Hillary slept just a few feet away.

Elizabeth Ward
Reported to have been date-raped by Bill Clinton, this former Miss America and TV actress has left the country to avoid being subpeonaed by Kenneth Starr.

Paula Corbin Jones
She filed a civil lawsuit against Clinton, claiming that he exposed himself to her and asked her for oral sex in 1991.

Monica Lewinsky
A former White House intern who claims to have engaged in oral sex with the President in the Oval Office.

Now check out mom!

Virginia Kelley
Dear old mom when she was young and vivacious. Doesn't she look eerily familiar??? Big dark hair, full lips...

Bill's turning out to be a "complex" kind of guy (not to mention a real momma's boy!)

NEW!Bill's latest "friend".

Bill has been spending time with former "Wonder Woman" star, contact lens salesperson and rumored actress Lynda Carter.

What does this mean?

Freudian issues aside, more than a few people have commented on the eerie similarity between Bill Clinton's early upbringing and that of Adoph Hitler. Both had strong domineering mothers, fathers who were absent at an early age, both became sociopaths with severe sexual problems, and both had lovers who died under questionable circumstances.

Looking back at the Clinton feminist agenda, with it's endless male bashing, and the abuses of various agencies in removing the fathers from the home, one sees at least a subconscious effort to recreate every American home in the image of Bill Clinton's own upbringing of strong mother, and absent father.

What will be the character of a nation of children raised in the same manner as Hitler and Clinton?

The original of this is at Los Angeles radio station KFI 640.. I re-edited it in order to include Deborah Mathis and Elizabeth Ward's photos, whih did not appear at the KFI original. Anyone with a photo of Paula Grober, Clinton's deaf signer during the 1992 campaign (killed in a single car accident) please

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