The Death Of John Kennedy

Why Nixon resigned instead of facing impeachment.


Nixon resigned over an obstruction of justice charge (with some of the legal groundwork prepared by a young Hillary Rodham). Nixon resigned gracefully, the media declared the incident over and Gerald Ford declared that it was time to "put the whole affair behind us and move forward". This was done because the last thing anyone wanted in Washington D.C. was an impeachment trial. Even Nixon's worst enemies dared not allow it. The reason was simple. Sooner or later, someone would ask the following question: "Why, when Nixon's re-election was a study in foregone conclusions, was it necessary to break into the DNC headquarters at the Watergate?"

The answer to that question, never asked by politician, never asked by a servile media, was THE dark secret that could not be revealed; the secret that would have brought down the entire government!

Years later, it did come out what had been the motive for the break-in. It was connected to what Nixon called "Hanky Panky", "That Cuban Thing", and "That Bay of Pigs Mess", on the White House tapes.

The DNC had gotten copies of the photographs taken of the three tramps in Dealey Plaza, and identified two of them as long time Nixon henchmen E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis. The Democrats were using the photos to blackmail Nixon into calling off his campaign of sabotage in the final weeks before the GOP convention. There was no real need to wiretap the phones that justified the risks of the break-ins as Nixon's re-election was already a foregone conclusion. This is why E. Howard Hunt lead the break-in; it was his own ass he was trying to save.

The photos resurfaced as part of a news story, and E. Howard Hunt sued the publisher, Liberty Lobby. He lost. Attorney Mark Lane provided witnesses that placed E. Howard Hunt in Dealey Plaza at the time that John F. Kennedy was killed.

The photos.

The tramps in Dealey Plaza. The enlargements of E. Howard Hunt is from the third frame down. The enlargement of Frank Sturgis is from the bottom frame.


Sturgis as a tramp.


Sturgis as a Watergate burglar

E. Howard Hunt as a tramp

E. Howard Hunt as a Watergate burglar.


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