The Death Of Vincent Foster

Inconsistancies in the official records

Interesting timings: mysterious delays

On page 36 of the Fiske Report, Fiske claims that Foster's body was just being placed in the body bag at the cannon at 8:45 PM.


On page 1107 of the Senate Hearings, Foster's body had arrived at Fairfax Hospital at 8:45 PM.

On page 2124 and 2127 of the Senate Hearings report, Rola and Braun have finished at Fort Marcy Park and are leaving. On page 2122 of the Senate Hearings report, Franz Ferstl notes that Rolla and Braun are finished and leaving at 8:45 PM.


Cheryl Braun's report on page 2189 of the Senate Hearings report has her just starting to search Foster's pockets for his keys at 8:45 PM. (The keys were not there; they turned up later at the morgue).


On page 2506 of the Senate Hearings report, USPP Hodakievic reported the scene cleared at 8:45 PM.

The official times do not correlate.

Officer John C. Rolla's testified, before the United States Senate, that he searched Foster's car, front seat, back seat, and trunk. He said he found and searched Foster's wallet. He said he handed contents of the wallet to Officer Cheryl Braun, while he searched the car.

Officer Cheryl Braun testified, before the United States Senate, that she searched the car and found Foster's wallet. She described how she searched the contents of the car and trunk. When asked if other Park Police searched the car she said, "NO" When asked if any other Park Police touched the car or its contents she answered, "NO, NOT AT THE SCENE."

They both cannot be telling the truth.

Rolla searched the car after Dr. Haut the medical examiner finished and the body was being removed. Braun was finishing searching the car when Dr. Haut arrived at the scene. Both Rolla and Braun deny the other one searched the car.

On Page 435 (hearings) Rolla walked back to the parking lot, "with Investigator Abt, myself and the ambulance people walking the body out." and when asked if the car had been opened when he returned to the parking lot, Rolla answered, "I think it might have been opened with Simonello taking the photographs. No one had gone in and retrieved anything."

On page 505 (hearings) Braun was asked: " So then after the coroner, actually the medical examiner got there, what did the medical examiner do? Did you see the medical examiner with the body? She answered, "No. Because I was still going through --when he got there, I was like finishing up with the car. I think I was in the trunk at that point.

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