The Death Of Vincent Foster

Vincent Foster's wounds were not as reported!



Courtesy of Reed Irvine and Accuracy In Media comes the following scans of an official FBI memo, dated AFTER the portion of the official autopsy report which describes an exit wound out the back of Foster's head, which confirms that originally, Dr. James C. Beyer reported NO EXIT WOUND in Vincent Foster.

Note the underlined portion on page 3.

[FBI Memo Page 1]PAGE 1: Click to download full size image.(27K)

[FBI Memo Page 2]PAGE 2: Click to download full size image.(20K)

[FBI Memo Page 3]PAGE 3: Click to download full size image.(20K)


In the official autopsy report on Vincent Foster the wounds list records only the gunshot wound through the head.

Immediately following Kenneth Starr's conclusion that Foster's death was a suicide, new evidence has surfaced proving that the autopsy was at best totally incompetent, at worst part of a deliberate deception.


Indications of an additional wound in Vincent Foster's neck had surfaced in statements by EMS Technician Arthur, who along with EMS Sergeant Gonzalez and EMS Technician Hall attended Foster's body at Fort Marcy Park.

In EMS Technician Arthur's deposition, we see the following dialogue:

Q: "Where was the blood coming from?"

A: To me it looked like there as a bullet hole right here."

Q: "In the neck?"

A: "Yes, right around the jaw line."

Q: The neck and jaw line underneath the right ear?"

A: "Somewhere there. I would have to see a picture to point it out exactly where [irony?] but there was a little bit of blood coming out of the mouth, too, and a little out of the nose but the main was right here. I didn't see any on the left side. I didn't see any on the chest or anything [883]."

Q: "With respect to the bullet wound you think you saw in the -- at the scene could you describe in some detail exactly what you thought you saw?"

A: "I saw what appeared to be a bullet hole, which was right around the jaw line on the right side of the neck."

Q: "About how big?"

A: "It looked like a small-caliber entrance wound, something with -- I don't want to say a .22 or whatever, but it was a small caliber. It appeared to be a smaller caliber than the gun I saw." . .

Q: "How close to the body were you when you saw this?"

A: "2, 3 feet [903-904]."


Ambrose Evens-Pritchard, in one of the last articles he wrote as Washington correspondent for the London Telegraph, reported being shown a photograph of the above wound. Allan Favish, an attorney in Southern California, has been trying to obtain a copy of the photos taken of Foster's body while at Fort Marcy Park via the Freedom of Information Act. The government, following Starr's closing of the case, has fallen back on a position of claiming that the release of the photos violates the family's privacy.


Long before the surfacing of the Dr. Haut report, there were signs that something was being hidden.

[FBI handwritten notes from the Rolla interview]Click to download full size image.(38.4K)

The above is a page from the handwritten notes generated during the FBI interview of Park Police Sgt. John Rolla. These notes, like those of the FBI's interview of Lisa Foster, were pried loose by Chris Ruddy's FOIA lawsuit.

In the above notes, at the point where Rolla describes what was seen when Dr. Donald Haut turned Vincent Foster's body over, the FBI has "redacted" (FBI-ese for blacked out) just what Rolla says he saw.

[FBIFD-302a from the Rolla interview]Click to download full size image.(35.5K)

From the Senate Whitewater Hearings, the above are the pages in John Rolla's FBI fd-302a form. This is the final typed form of the interview. At the very bottom of page 1602, which corresponds with the blacked-out portion of the handwritten notes, there is 3/4 of an inch of type that has been whited out.


Dr. Beyer, who wrote the autopsy report on Vincent Foster, was not the first doctor to see Vincent Foster's body. There was a Medical Examiner at the scene named Dr. Haut.

On at least one prior proven occasion, Dr. Haut's statements have been changed by Robert Fiske. As reported in Hugh Sprunt's CIR:

"When Dr. Haut examined the back of VWF's head at the body site, he told the FBI that the volume of blood at the back of the head was "small" and that the blood was matted and had clotted [1659]."

"This contrasts with the Fiske Report statement about what Dr. Haut saw [211] "Haut observed a large exit wound in the back of the skull." There was a "large pool of blood" under the head [211]. Compared to the statement of the only medical doctor at the scene, the blood volume per the Fiske Report is significantly greater and the blood is liquid, not matted and clotted. Why the divergence? Why is there no explanation in the Fiske Report attempting to reconcile the doctor's statement with the words in the Fiske Report?"

"The Fiske Report quote above concerning what Dr. Haut said thus contrasts strongly with what Dr. Haut himself told the FBI.

Dr. Haut's Report FOUND!

On Saturday, July 19th, 1997, Hugh Sprunt and Patrick Knowlton, working at the National Archives, unearthed a copy of Dr. Haut's actual report.

The following two scans are of Dr. Haut's actual report from the scene where Vincent Fosters body was found in Fort Marcy Park. Note the reference to a wound on Foster's neck; a wound never mentioned by Beyer, Fiske, or Starr!

[Haut Report Page 1]Click to download full size image.(95K)

The above is page one of the Haut Report. Signed by Dr. Haut, note that in the "Cause Of Death" box there are signs of an alteration (detailed below). Dr. Haut's signature is the scrawl above the type, "Signature Of Medical Examiner" and Dr. Beyer signed above the type, "Assistant Chief Medical Examiner" at the very bottom of the page.

[Haut Report Page 2]Click to download full size image.(46K)

This is page two of the Haut Report. Whoever removed the word "NECK" on page one missed where it was repeated on page two (underlined in red). Notice the expression "mouth to neck" suggesting that the neck wound is an exit.


[Haut Report Page 1 Detail]Click to download full size image.(18K)

This is an enlargement of the "Cause Of Death" box on page one of the Haut Report. Notice the black dots indicating where a word was incompletely whited out. Given that "neck" appears on page two of this report, and the likelihood that the final letter of the four that have been whited is a "K", it seems more than likely that this word was also, "NECK".

[Haut Report Page 1 Detail 2]Click to download full size image.(18K)

In this version of the previous scan (all colored artifacts are added for illustrative purposes only) note that the word "HEAD" is slightly higher on the page that the word that was incompletely whited out.

Note that except for the word "HEAD" typed in next to the incompletely whited out word, there is no reference at all to a bullet wound through the skull anywhere in this report!


This report established the following facts.

1. There was a neck wound.

2. Dr. Beyer was aware there was a neck wound.

3. Someone altered the file trying to hide the existence of the neck wound.

This report implies the following.

1. The Fiske Report lied.

2. Kenneth Starr lied.

3. Whoever inflicted the headshot to Foster to manufacture the impression of a suicide botched the job, shooting a hole in the side of Foster's neck. The most likely possibility is that a small caliber low powered bullet (possibly a .22) was used that failed to penetrate the hard bone of the skull and rebounded out through the neck.

4. The wound track out the back of the skull was manufactured during the autopsy, OR there were two gunshot wounds. In either case, the suicide claim is discredited.

  Dr. Haut's report describes the wound track as mouth to neck. A local
pathologist I showed the report to informs me that the wording is very
specific and does indicate that the neck wound is an exit, not an entrance.
EMS Technician Arthur's deposition places the wound as just under the
jaw line under the right ear.

  When word of the neck wound first surfaced, I had my doubts because a neck
wound that's an entry is usable for a fake suicide. I could not understand why
it had to be concealed.

  But if it's an exit wound, that makes much more sense.

  Now, given that nobody is going to mis-aim a gun so badly as to blow a hole
under the jaw line from inside the mouth, I started with EMS Technician
Arthur's observation that the hole appeared to be from a .22 caliber bullet
and asked my pathologist if a .22 fired into the rear of the mouth would
penetrate the brain case.

  His reply was that fired upwards to the front, it would likely lodge in the
sinus cavities but not prove fatal.  Aimed further back, it would strike the
hard dense bone and rebound _downward_ into the neck, and could easily exit
under the jaw line as long as it did not hit the lower mandible. Again, this
would NOT be a fatal wound.

  What Dr. Haut's report and EMS Technician Arthur's deposition together
suggest is a small caliber bullet fired into Foster's mouth to simulate a
suicide, but the bullet, instead of penetrating the brain case, bounces
off of the bone and exits under the jaw line.

  It's important to note that Dr. Haut's report never mentions a wound to the
head except for the one word "HEAD" which appears to have been added later,
when the word to the left was whited out incompletely (page 1). Certainly
in the more verbose description on page 2, Dr. Haut describes Foster's
wound solely in terms of a mouth to neck wound track.
wound solely in terms of a mouth to neck wound track.

  So, given that the bullet that entered Foster's mouth appeared to Dr. Haut
to have exited the neck, this raises a question of just what wound existed
to the back of Foster's skull while he lay at Fort Marcy Park. Was there
actually a wound, and was it a true perforation or some other kind of injury?

  If the injury to the back of Foster's skull is an entry wound, where's the
bullet. Dr. Beyer claimed that the (now vanished) X-rays showed no bullet
fragments inside Foster's skull.

  If the injury to the back of Foster's skull is an exit wound, where is
the corresponding entrance wound?

  One thing is clear. There is no way to resolve the report by Dr. Haut with
the report by Dr. Beyer.

  Dr. Beyer, a man with a prior record of misdiagnosing a homicide as a
suicide (admitting his error only when the murderer confessed) not only had
Dr. Haut's report, but Foster's actual body to examine, and went to the
extraordinary step of removing Foster's tongue and soft palette prior to allowing
other investigators to view the body, claiming that said removal was necessary
to the proper exploration of the wound track.


Beyer's past history isn't the most reassuring. Indeed he seems to be the Virginia version of the infamous Dr. Fahmy Malek, the Arkansas M.E. under Bill Clinton who ignored clear evidence of homicide in the deaths of Don Henry and Kevin Ives and in one case ruled that a man who had been beheaded was dead of natural causes.

Beyer himself, in the case of Tommy Burkett, ignored a broken jaw in order to rule that Burkett had killed himself with a gun. Despite having shown the autopsy photos to Burkett's father, Beyer later claimed (as he did with the Foster X-rays) that they had never really existed. Despite a second autopsy giving clear indications of a homicide, the case has never been re-opened. The cover-up of this homicide reached clear to the United States Justice Department.

Likewise, in 1989 there was an autopsy on establishing the death of a man named Tim Easley. Mr. Beyer, the coroner, ruled that Easley killed himself by stabbing himself in the chest. He failed to notice a defensive wound on the man's hand. The case was reopened, and, after an outside expert reviewed the case, Easley's girlfriend confessed to murdering him.

In short, Dr. Beyer's consistent performance (indeed his "specialty") appears to be the cover-up of murder by declaration of suicide!

Beyer testified before the Senate Banking Committee Whitewater Hearings on July 29, 1994. Dr. Beyer specifically stated there was an absence of trauma to the jaw. Beyer is therefore guilty of perjury in front of the United States Senate!



JULY 20, 1997
By Hugh Patrick
For immediate release 

Washington, D.C.- For the past four years the United States Government and
the mainstream media have staked their entire reputations on a transparent
lie about the assassination of Deputy White House Counsel Vincent W. Foster.
 Today is the fourth anniversary of Vincent Foster's death July 20, 1993.

The "Report of Investigation by Medical Examiner" authored by Dr. Donald Haut
and available at the National Archives confirms that the Fiske Report was
wrong and paramedic Richard Arthur was indeed right when he said under oath
that there was a bullet wound to Vincent Foster's neck.  This neck wound was
absent from the official autopsy report.  Dr. James C. Beyer's "Report of
Autopsy" states that Mr. Foster shot himself in the mouth and that the bullet
exited from the back of Foster's head.  The bullet has never been found.

Paramedic Richard Arthur stated under oath that "...there was a bullet hole
right here [in the neck]...right around the jaw line."  The first Whitewater
Counsel Robert B. Fiske in his report dismissed Arthur's testimony saying
that "Arthur believed he saw a bullet wound in the right side of Foster's
neck.  These wounds did not exist.  The autopsy results, the photographs
taken at the scene...conclusively show these wounds did not exist."  Much of
the evidence however, is inexplicably missing.  Park Police officers stated
under oath that many of the body site Polaroid photos vanished and all the
35mm pictures taken of the body were underexposed.  The autopsy doctor James
C. Beyer claimed his x-ray machine did not work even though his report shows
x-rays were taken.

Dr. Donald Haut wrote in his report (page 2), "gunshot wound mouth to neck ."

Kenneth Starr announced July 15 that he agrees with the Fiske Report which
falsely concluded, "On the afternoon of July 20, 1993 in Fort Marcy Park,
Fairfax County, Virginia, Vincent W. Foster Jr. committed suicide bring a
bullet from a .38 caliber revolver into his mouth...the evidence
overwhelmingly supports this conclusion, and there is no evidence to the

The truth is Vincent W. Foster did not die as the American People have been
told by the mainstream media and government officials at every level in
Washington D.C.  For the past four years the American press has simply
repeated the official government version of Mr. Foster's death and ignored
inconsistencies pointed out by critics calling them "conspiracy theorists"
and "kooks".  Hugh Sprunt, one such critic, recently discovered Dr. Haut's
report while examining other Foster documents at the National Archives.

Mr. Sprunt discovered the document along with Patrick Knowlton, a key witness
in the death investigation.  Mr. Knowlton was at Fort Marcy Park on the
afternoon of Vincent Foster's death, but he did not see Mr. Foster's Honda in
the parking lot shortly before the body was discovered.  The authorities
claim Foster parked his Honda in the lot, walked 758 feet into the park and
killed himself.  Patrick Knowlton is suing FBI agents assigned to Kenneth
Starr for violating his civil rights, alleging witness intimidation and
obstruction of justice in the death investigation of Mr. Foster. 

With the press on their side, government officials are confident that the
American public will never know the truth about Vincent Foster's
assassination and the cover-up that included witness intimidation by FBI


"Don't believe a word you hear. It was not suicide. It couldn't have been." -Assistant Attorney General Webster Hubbell, 7/20/93, cited in Esquire, 11/93.

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