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Kenneth Starr's actual report on Vincent Foster has been withheld from the public to allow time for "other parties" to include clarifications and facts, in accodance with the IC laws.

One such "party" is John H. Clarke, attorney for Patrick Knowlton in his lawsuit against the FBI for harassment.

The following letter is Clarke's filing, in which he has requested that the report of Dr. Donald Haut, the M.E. who confirmed the existence of a bullet wound on Foster's neck, also be included with the release of Kenneth Starr's final report on Foster. (It should be noted that there are no legal grounds for refusal to include such materials).

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"Don't believe a word you hear. It was not suicide. It couldn't have been." -Assistant Attorney General Webster Hubbell, 7/20/93, cited in Esquire, 11/93.

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