Conclusion of US House Report on Robert Fiske's Report on Vincent Foster:

House Congressional Record, August 2, 1994 pg. H6624

"The bottom line is the Fiske report is inaccurate, the Fiske report has glaring holes in it, the Fiske report as it is presently constituted, is not worth the paper it is written on."

"They [4 Fiske forensic experts] based their findings on the coroner's [M.E.] report 9 months earlier and the coroner [Dr. Beyer] has been proven on two separate occasions to be incompetent as far as autopsies are concerned."

"The man who found the body [CW] said the hands were moved. He swears before God that the hands were moved in a court report [sic]. He swears the head was moved. There were no fingerprints on the gun. There were no fingerprints on the suicide note."

"The counsel, Mr. Fiske, never checked the carpet samples from his office [Foster's Office] to see if those were the same ones on his clothes [Foster]. He did not check his house [Foster's D.C. home] to see if the carpet samples were off his home."

Note that the above quote, dated 8/2/94 is one year before the 1995 CBS "60 Minutes" report by Mike Wallace on Vincent Foster's murder in which it is wrongly claimed that the blue carpet fibers from Mr. Foster's clothing matched Mr. Foster's D.C. home carpet. This was a blatant lie on the part of Mr. Wallace and "60 Minutes".

Congressman Burton: "For any intelligent person ... to read this report [Fiske Foster report] and to conclude that this is accurate, they just must have their eyes closed. I just do not know how they can believe that [Veracity of Fiske Foster report]."

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