The Hidden Presence.

Owing to the intentional deception by the United States Navy regarding the presence of submarines near the crash site of flight 800, attention has lately focused on the possibility that a submarine of some type was a key player in the events of that fateful night.

Hence the data on this page.

Known to be near flight 800 at the time of the crash.

The USS ALBUQUERQUE, SSN 706, a Los Angeles class (type 688) nuclear fast attack submarine.

The USS WYOMING, SSBN 742, the latest vessel of the Ohio class Ballistic Missile submarines.

The USS TREPANG, SSN 674, a Sturgeon Class nuclear fast attack submarine. Older than the Los Angeles class boats, the Sturgeon does not have vertical launch tubes but can deploy missiles through her 21 inch diameter torpedo tubes using the cannister launch system.

Suspected to be near flight 800 at the time of the crash.

The USS AUGUSTA, SSN 710, a Los Angeles class (type 688) has been recently been confirmed to have been in the area of the crash of TWA 800 on that fateful night. This is NOT one of the three subs the Navy officially admits to being present. Note the long area in front of the sail, an indication that this sub has vertical launch tubes.

The USS PITTSBURGH, SSN 720, a Los Angeles class (type 688) nuclear fast attack submarine. Originally thought to have been present in the area, it turns out USS Pittsburgh was in the Mediterrainian that night.

The Type 688 Los Angeles Class.

Of three three types of submarines now known to have been under the flight path of TWA Flight 800, the Los Angeles Class USS ALBUQUERQUE (or the USS PITTSBURGH) is to me the most likely to have been involved with the accidental shoot-down of the 747.

A total of 62 Los Angeles (SSN-688) class attack submarines (commonly called "688s") were funded from FY1970 through FY1990. As of the end of June 1996, 61 had entered service, and 4 had been decommissioned. The final 688 will enter service by the end of 1996.

688s have a submerged displacement of 6,950 tons, a cruise speed of 25+ knots, and can carry 26 torpedoes or cruise missiles.

688s funded from FY1978 onward (the final 31 boats) are equipped with a vertical launch system (VLS) in their bows for 12 additional Tomahawk cruise missiles. As the earlier boats rotate in for refits, Vertical Launch tubes are being retrofitted to them in a hull extension forward of the sail.

688s funded from FY1983 onward (the final 23 boats) include a number of other major classified improvements and are referred to as Improved Los Angeles-class submarines, or 688Is. The Navy has stated that the 688I design has about twice as much overall capability across a range of SSN missions as the original 688 design.

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