The Passengers of Flight 800

This list was posted to the internet, but the version I have does not identify the researcher's name, which is why its not properly credited.

Official 230 passenger list.   2.7

Note: Four people have no information included
apart from their name and many people have no
background information included, mostly foreigners.

List is now being split up into different countries.  This is
a bit inaccurate right now.

Group            #     Notes
Note.............09....anything interesting here?..............
Unnamed..........06....only one left unknown...................
France...........42....under Construction......................
Sweden...........01............................................ a few in other sections............
United States....11....not much known here.....................
US Singles.......26....citizens with more information.known....
Italian..........08....bumped flight...........................
Family & Couples.17....To be merged with above.................
French Club......21............................................
TWA 800 Crew.....19....17 Crew.................................
TWA off-duty.....17....Alternate.Crew..........................
                 230 listed

Four people were listed on some news wires beyond this
230 person total, not including obvious spelling errors and
the like, and are listed at the end of this document.


01- Notes, Gadi, 29, senior associate at investment banking division
    of Donaldson, Lufkin &Jenrette,Inc., Israeli citizen
    (Merchant Bank represented is (new).  Broker of deal.

02- Charles H. "Hank" Gray, 47, Memphis, president and chief
    operating officer of Midland Financial Group, Inc.
    (Has many ties to Arkansas) (Gray III, Little Rock)

03- Story, William R., president and chief executive officer of
    National American Insurance Co. of California.

04- Rhein, Kirk Jr., 42, president and chief executive of the
    Danielson Holding Corp., an insurance company, and a partner
    in the investment firm Whitman, Heffernan, Rhein & Co., of
    Darien, Conn.

Ed Note: There is a lot of interest here.


05- Beatty, Charles, 50, senior systems engineer with the Naval
    Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, Va.; of Spotsylvania, Va.

The Dahlgren Division is a Navy Research and Development Center
located 50 miles east of Washington DC.  The work mainly involves
the development of requirements and software to support the AEGIS US
Naval ships.  The Weapon System computer program generates commands for
the control of Standard Missiles, Harpoon missiles, 5' guns,
interceptor aircraft, ASW aircraft, and helicopters and to furnish
designation data for the 20mm Phalanx and 5" gun weapon systems.  The
FCS directs illumination on the target for missile homing.

Ed Note: Espionage scenario.  Check out Aegis missile system.


06- Merieux, Rodolphe, 27, son of the president of the pharmaceutical
    company Merieux Laboratories in Lyons, France

Ed Note: This company is the primary researcher in aids vaccines.
Method: genetic engineering variations.  Several people have caught
aids after taking their vaccines.  A flap little reported earlier
this year was the desire to test on non-consensual human subjects
in the military...


07- Jack O'Hara, 39, of Irv., N.Y., executive producer at ABC Sports;
08  Janet O'Hara, wife
09  Caitlin O'Hara, 13, daughter

From: Newsday

And producer Jack O'Hara had a pink slip in hand, en route to
covering the finale of the Tour de France bicycle race for the
last time as an ABC Sports executive producer. O'Hara hated
flying and traveled by car or train whenever possible. His wife,
Jane, and daughter, Caitlin, took the flight with him.


01- Mr Mohammad Ferrat
    *Did business with Ron Brown on the Ivy Coast.
02- Creamades, Daniel
03- Galland, Jean Paul
04- Zara, Jean ****(Still unknown)


Note: These unnamed passengers may be people on free
tickets or underage children.  See the Gasqs as example.

01- Gasq, Clair, France
02-*[Gasq, Francis ("Frenchy") , Palm Harbor, Fla. Retired TWA Flight Service Manager]

03- Ostachiewicz, Elsie, New York
04- Unnamed passenger flying with Elsie Ostachiewicz

05- Nelson, Alecia, New York
06-*[Nelson, Twyla, New York]

Others, France

01-34  Unknown
35-40  Known
41-44  Citizens?
45-49  Unknown

[Name of one passenger withheld in AP wires]

01- Alex, Christian, France, ID
02- Berthe, Line, Belleville, France
03- Berthe, Maurice, Belleville, France
04- Bouhs, Leonie, France, ID
05- Caillaud, Anthony, Cerizay, France, ID
06- Caillaud, Daniel, Deux Sevres, France
07- Cayrol, Jacques, Montpellier, France, ID, bro Marc Cayrol a biologist
08- Chaillou, Jenny, France
09- Darley, Francois, Grenoble, France
10- Deboisredon, Cybele, Bordeaux, France.
11- D'Humieres, Dominiques, LePlessis, France
12- Dupont, Guy, France
13- Estival, Alexandre, France, ID
14- Foulon, Didier, France
15- Furlano, Rosaria Pares, France
16- Hochard, Jean Pierre, France, ID [Also Hocharo, Jeanpierre]
17- Jacquemot, Benoit, France, ID
18- Lacailledesse, Antoine, France, ID
19- LaForge, Alain, Hermelinghen, France, ID
20- Lamour, Yvon, France, ID
21- Maresq, Etienne, Planquary, France
22- Maresq, Nicholas, France, (missing in some early lists)
23-*Michel, Pascal, Montpellier, France
24- Paquet, Huguette, France
25- Paquet, Ingrid, France
26- Puichard, Elizabeth, France
27- Remy, Jacqueline, France
28- Richter, Annelyse, France
29- Richter, Noemie, Brousse, France
30- Rio, Celine, with photo (foreign), France(?), ID.
31- Straus, Carine, France, ID  [Straus, Carin]
32- Teang, Lydie, France
33- Teang, Rachama-Chan, France
34- Thiery, Josette, France

35- Breistroff, Michel, 25, French hockey player who graduated
    Harvard in 1995.
36- Chanson, Ludovic, 12, exchange student returning to family,
    of Garancieres, France.
37- Dadi, Marcel, 46, French musician who helped spread Chet Atkins'
    style of guitar-playing across Europe and was returning home after
    being honored at Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tenn.
38- Delange, Sylvain, painter and art professor, Tourcoing, France
39  See: Rudolph Meruix
40  See: Clair Gasq


41- Bellazoug, Myriam, 30, architect,  New York City.  [Paris]
42- Dwyer, Larkyn, 11, of New River, Ariz.
    [was en route alone to visit relatives in Paris.]
43- Foster, Rod, 61, corporate pilot for Dassault Falcon Jet Co.,
    of Sherman, Conn.
44- Hogan, David, Paris, (Virginia-born composer who studied at
    the Peabody Institute in Baltimore.)
    [Lafayette, Ca]

45  ? See: Francis Gasq
46  ? See: Mr. Ferret
47  ? Unknown
48  ? Unknown
49  ? Unknown

Norway, 2

01- Amlund, Svein, Norway
02- Hansen, Lars, Groenbakken, Norway

Spain, 1

01- Lohan, Britta, Barcelona, Spain

Sweden, 1

01- Skojold, Kristina, Sweden (Also spelled Skjold)

Israel, 1

01- Meshulam, Avishai, Tel Aviv, Israel ******

Others, United States

01- Bluestone, Nicolas, Pound Ridge (New York Area?)
02- Chemtob, Monique, Los Angeles
03- Ellison, Marie, Mount Vernon, N.Y.
04- Greene, Renee, North Woodmere, N.Y.  (with photo)
05- Gustin, Anne, Tampa, Fla.
06-*Harris, Lawrence, New York
    Theodore Harris, who lost his son in the crash, said the families
07- Manchuelle, Francois, New York, N.Y.
08- Miller, Joan, Fairfield, Conn.
09- Murta, Angela, New York City
10- Pares, Serges, New Haven. Conn. (***)
11-*Romagna, Barbara, Sun City, Fla, husband Len Romagna

United States, Singles, 24

01- Matt Alexander, 20, Florence, S.C.
    (student at Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, N.C.,
     traveling to Dijon, France, to study.)
02- Bossuyt, Luc, employee of Bristol-Myers, of Bridgeport, Conn.
    Luc Bossuyt, 52, the director of international technology in the
    medicines division for Bristol-Myers Squibb, was traveling on
    business.  (Trumbull, Conn)
03- Crandell, Pamela, 28, a first-grade teacher, Anne Arundel County, Md.
    Crandell, Pamela, Tracy Landing, Md.
04- Delouvrier, Judith, 47, Manhattan, philanthropist
    [a trustee of her family's Philadelphia-based Connelly
    Foundation, of Manhattan.
    [DeLouvriere, Judith]
05- Gabor, Dan, 27, of Fayetteville, Ark., and Walnut Creek, Calif.
    ran middle-distances for University of Arkansas, of Fayetteville, Ark.
    and Walnut Creek, Calif.
06- Graham, Steven, 38, a marketing director for the long-distance
    phone company Ameritel, of Napa, Calif.
07- Griffith, Donna, 40+, Alcohol Counseling Head, Westhampton, N.Y.
    (on way to visit birthplace) (just completed social work degree)
08- Grivet, Cyril, senior lab technician at Carnegie Institution lab
    at Stanford University, Stanford, Calif.  (Menlo Park)
09- Hill, Susan, police detective in Portland, Ore.
10- Hurd, James III, manager of a family automotive shop, Glen Burnie, Md.
11- Jensen, Susanne, 31, associate at G.E. Capital, of Greenwich, Conn.
12- Johns, Courtney, 18, recent graduate of Marian High School
    in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., who planned to attend Villanova
    University in the fall, of Clarkston, Mich.
13- Jed Johnson, New York, interior designer.
    (lover was former lover of Andy Warhol)
14- Jones, Ramona, 61, retired hospital employee; West Hartford, Conn.
15- Krikhan, Margot, 51, teacher at the Montessori School in Washington,
    Conn., of Brookfield, Conn.
16- Krukar, Andrew, 40, engineer, Torrington Co. in Watertown, Conn.,
    (Bridgewater, Conn.  was planning on propossing in Paris)
17- Labys, Jane, 51, a real estate agent from Morgantown, W.Va.
    Husband works for United Nations.
18- Loo, Patricia, 55, retired researcher for the pharmacological firm
    Ciba-Geigy, of New Jersey
19- Orman, Alan J., 50,  social studies teacher, New Hyde Park, N.Y.
20- Penzer, Judy, 49, artist and muralist, Pittsburgh
    (Penzer, Judy, Lawrence, N.Y.)
21- Percy, Marion, Tuckahoe, New York, Retiree
    [Percy, Marion, Hastings-on-Hudson. N.Y.]
22- Puhlmann, Rico, 62, fashion photographer, of New York City and Berlin
    [Pohlman, Rico]
23- Rojany, Yon, 19, headed to Rome to try out for European basketball
    team, of Los Angeles  (Studio City, California)
24- Van Epps, Lois, mid-50s, English teacher at Edgemont Junior and
    Senior High School in Scarsdale, N.Y., of New York City
25- Yee, Judith, 53, former personnel executive with Bristol-Myers Corp.,
    New York City
26- Watson, Jill, 30s, Pittsburgh,
    daughter of ThermoKing president James F. Watson
    (father was not on the flight; he is from Twin Cities, Minn.)


01- Mirko Buttaroni, 26, worked at bank, Fano, Italy.
02  Monica Omiccioli, 23, seamstress Fano, Italy.
    [Just returned from honeymoon in the U.S.]

03- D'Iorio, Pietro, waiter, of Prato, Italy
04- D'Iorio, Christine Bailey, wife, mother of four, waitress,
    [Had been planning their two week visit for ages]

05- Giuseppe Mercurio, 29, produce and jewlry, Palo del Colle, Italy
06  Anna D'Alessandro, 25, Palo del Colle, Italy  (Colle Bar)
    [Just married]

07- Salvatore Mazzola, 36, unemployed factory worker (*), Sicily, Italy.
08- Tofani, Mauro, 46, a cloth merchant, of Prato, Italy.
    *(In export business in New York)


01- Allen, Otis Lamar, of Marietta, Ga. (father of Ashton Allen).
02- Allen, Ashton, 15, of Marietta, Ga.

03- Anderson, Jay Edward, 49, financial planner for Allmerica
    [managing partner of Allmerica in St. Louis]
04- Anderson, Patricia, 42, wife, Warson Woods, Mo.
    (going to meet anouther couple in Italy for vacation)
    [Anderson, Jule, Warson Woods, Mo.]

05- Brooks, Edwin, 81, former executive vice president of Taco
    Industries, Edgartown, Mass.
06- Brooks, Ruth, 79, wife, Edgartown, Mass.

07- Carven, Paula, off-duty TWA flight attendant, Bel Air, Md.
    (& part-time real-estate agent)
08- Carven, Jay, 9, son, Bel Air, Md.
    (On vacation according to one AP report)

09- Coiner, Constance, 48, associate professor of English and
    literature at State University of New York at Binghamton,
    of Binghamton, N.Y.
10- Coiner, Anna Duarte, daughter, 12, of Binghamton, N.Y.

11- Ersoz, Clara, 59, anesthesiologist, of Pittsburgh, Pa
12- Ersoz, Namik, husband, anesthesiologist, of Pittsburgh, Pa
13- David Babb, 13, nephew, Volant, Pa.

14- Feeney, Vera, mother, New Hyde Park, NY, U.S. resident
15- Feeney, Deidre, daughter, New Hyde Park, NY, U.S. resident
    (They were visiting family in Kilmore, Ireland)
       Feeney, Diedre, New Hyde Park, N.Y.
       Feeney, Kathleen, New Hyde Park, N.Y.

16- Gaetke, Dan, Kansas City, Mo.
17- Gaetke, Stephanie, wife, Kansas City, Mo.
18- Siebert, Brenna, 25, veterinary clinic worker in Jefferson City,
    Mo., of Holts Summit, Mo.
19- Siebert, Chrisha, 28, sister, taught theater at Rockhurst College,
    Kansas City, Mo. (or is it Jefferson City, Mo.)
    [On Vacation together]
    (Sieberts are Stephanie's cousines)

20- Gough, Capt. Donald, off-duty TWA pilot, of Mill Valley, Ca.
    (AND Incline Village, Nevada)
21- Gough, Analei Ralli, wife, off-duty TWA attendant, Mill Valley, Ca.

22- Hasanni, Dr. Ghassan, of Grosse Point Shores, Mich.
23- Hasanni, Nina, wife (NOT ON TWA LIST) of Grosse Point Shores, Mich.

24- Tracy Hammer, graduate student in microbiology and
    veterinary medicine at Michigan State University, of Long Island
25- Beverly Hammer, mother, Long Island, N.Y.

26- Lychner, Pam, 37, Houston, Texas
    (prominent Texas crime victims rights advocate)
27- Lychner, Shannon, 10, daughter, Houston
28- Lychner, Katie, 8, daughter, Houston

29- Miller, Kyle, 29 Andreas, Pas
30- Miller, Amy C., wife, 29, Andreas, Pa.
    [taking trip to Paris to celebrate fifth wedding anniversary]
    (Tamaqua, Pa)

31- Miller, Robert, 62, Tenafly Borough Town Admin, of Tenafly, N.J.
32- Miller, Elizabeth, 50s, wife, Tenafly, N.J.

33- Privette, Glenda, 46, recently resigned as personnel manager at
    Beaulieu Carpet Plant in Bridgeport, Ala., of Stevenson, Ala.
34- Thomas Weatherby, 13, son, Boy Scout, Stevenson, Ala.
35- Scott, Michael, 44, physicist, of Stevenson, Ala.
36- Scott, Barbara, 39, wife, registered nurse, of Stevenson, Ala.
37- Scott, Joseph, 13, son, Boy Scout, Stevenson, Ala.
    (All Planned trip together)

38- Price, Dennis, investment manager, Englewood, Colo.
39- Price, Peggy, 49, wife, United Airlines attendant, Englewood, Colo.

40- Silverman, Eugene, 54, a Bel-Air, Calif., tax attorney
41- Silverman, Etta, 53, wife
42- Silverman, Jamie, 15, daughter
43- Silverman, Candace, 22, daughter
    (Rabbi Allen I. Freehling of University Synagogue in
     Brentwood, Calif.)
     Also from LA.  Marietta?? Silverman

44- Shorter, Anna Maria, Los Angeles, wife of
    saxophone player Wayne Shorter
45- Lucien, Dalila, niece (body found)

Families and Couples, 17

01- Benjamin, Arthur, high school computer science teacher, Philadelphia.
02- Benjamin, Joan, wife

03- Hazelton, Sandra, a high school French teacher taking her
    daughter, Katrina M. Rose, to Paris as a college graduation
    gift; of Beachwood, Ohio.
04- Rose, Katrina M., 26, of Cleveland Heights, Ohio.
    [daughter of Sandra Hazelton]

05- Holst, Eric, 32, dentist, Manorville, N.Y.
06- Holst, Virginia, 31, merchandise distributor, Manorville, N.Y.
      married six years, and eager to attend the wedding of Eric's
      brother Troy in France.

07- Johnson, Leonard, 53, mechanical engineer, of Springfield, Va.
    Engineer at Ft Belvoir, on work and business, Republican politics
08- Johnson, Eleanor, 50, wife, retired vice president of editing
    firm, of Springfield, Va.

09- Kwiat, Patricia, 21, student at Notre Dame University,
     of Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.
10- Kwiat, Kimberly, 26, sister, of Briarcliff, N.Y.

11- Olsen, Rebecca Jane, 20, junior history major at
    University of Georgia, of Macon, Ga.
12- Becker, Michelle, 19, a student at Georgia State U.,
    St. Petersburg, Fl.
    [were traveling together]

13- Richey, Brent, was to be married to Anderson, Seana
14- Anderson, Seana, was to be married to Brent, bumped from Rome flight

15- Windmiller, Ruben, 66, New Rochelle, N.Y
    [Was traveling with girlfriend, unknown, on business]

16- Wolters, Bonnie, 44, Brooklyn, bond trader
    [engaged to be married to a NJ State Supreme Court
    Justice Michael Pesce.]
17- Martin, Betty Ruth, 69, mother, of Belleville, Ill.

French Club

01- Dickey, Debbie, a French teacher, Montoursville, Pa.
02- Dickey, Doug, husband, Montoursville, Pa.
03-*Fry, Carol, former school board member, Montoursville, Pa.
04- Rupert, Judith, high school secretary, Montoursville, Pa.
05- Wolfson, Eleanor, chaperone of Montoursville, Pa., group
     (mother of Wendy Wolfson)

06  Aikey, Jessica, 17, Montoursville, Pa.
07- Baszczewski, Daniel, student from Montoursville, Pa.
08- Bohlin, Michelle, student from Montoursville, Pa.
09- Bower, Jordan, student from Montoursville, Pa.
10- Cox, Monica, student from Montoursville, Pa.
11- Gallagher, Claire, student from Montoursville, Pa.
12- Grimm, Julia, student from Montoursville, Pa.
13- Hettler, Rance, student from Montoursville, Pa.
14- Karschner, Amanda, Montoursville, Pa.
15- Loudenslager, Jodi, Montoursville, Pa.
16- Nibert, Cheryl, 16, junior-student from Montoursville, Pa.
17- Rogers, Kimberly, 17, senior-student from Montoursville, Pa.
18- Uzupis, Larissa, 16, junior-student from Montoursville, Pa.
19- Watson, Jacqueline, 18, graduated from Montoursville, Pa., High School.
20- Weaver, Monica, 16, senior-student from Montoursville, Pa.
21- Wolfson, Wendy, 16, senior-student from Montoursville, Pa.
     (daughter of Eleanor Wolfson)

TWA Crew

01- Flight Engineer Richard Campbell, 63, Ridgefield, Con.,  800 cockpit
02- Co-Capt. Ralph Kevorkian, 58, Garden Grove, Calif., Flight 800 cockpit
03- Flight Engineer Oliver Krick, 25, St. Louis., TWA Flight 800 cockpit
04- Capt. Steve Snyder, 57, Stratford, Conn., Flight 800 cockpit

05- Callas, Dan J., 22, TWA Flight 800 crew, of Philadelphia.
06- Charbonnier, Jacques, 66, TWA flight 800 crew, Huntington Station, NY.
    [Northport, N.Y.]
07- Charbonnier, Constance, 49, wife, TWA flight 800 crew, Huntington, NY.
08- Christopher, Janet, 48(47), TWA flight 800 crew, Stamford Heights, Pa.
    [Brodheadsville, Pa.]
    [husband Charles Christopher is FBI agent on investigation]
09-*DiLuccio, Debra Collins, 47, TWA flight 800 crew, of Agropoli, Italy.
10- Johnsen, Arlene E., 60, Flight 800 flight attndt., Grand Junction, Co.
    (owned a bed-and-breakfast)
11- Lang, Ray, 51, TWA flight 800 crew, North Massapequa, N.Y.
    [Tafton Pa]
12- Lockhart, Maureen, 49, TWA flight 800 crew, Kansas City, Mo.
    [Merriam, Kan]
13- Melotin, Grace, 48, TWA Flight 800 crew, Corona, N.Y.
14- Meade, Sandra, 42, TWA Flight 800 crew, Camano Island, Wash.
15- Rhoads, Marit E., 48, TWA Flight 800 Crew, Belleville, Wash.
16- Rhoads, Scott, 48, husband, schoolteacher, Bellevue, Wash.
    [Scott also Harry]
17- Schuldt, Mike, 51, TWA Flight 800 Crew, Safety Harbor, Fla.
18- Torche, Melinda, 47, TWA Flight 800, Irvine, Calif.
    (or Mission Viejo, Calif)
19- Ziemkiewicz, Jill, 24 [23], TWA Flight 800 crew, Rutherford, N.J.
    (had worked as flight attendent for less then 2 months)

18 employees, 1 husband

TWA off-duty

01- Aikens-Bellamy, Sandra, 49, off-duty TWA employee, of St. Albans, N.Y.
02- Braman, Rosie, 47, off-duty TWA employee, of Hoboken, N.J.
03- Dodge, Warren, 50, off-duty TWA employee, of Brentwood, N.H.
    (Ashland, Mass)
04- Edwards, Daryl, 41, off-duty TWA service supervisor, Jersey City, N.J.
    (homosexual partner of 14 years on TV)
05-*Eshleman, Dougas A., 35, off-duty TWA flight engineer, of Aurora, Colo.
06- Griffith, Joanne, 39, off-duty TWA employee, of Brooklyn, N.Y.
07- Harkness, Eric, 23, off-duty TWA employee, Birchwood, Ohio.
08- Hull, James, 48, off-duty TWA employee, Southampton, Penn.
09- Ingenhuett, Lonnie, 43, off-duty TWA employee, Scottsdale, Ariz.
10- Kwan, Barbara, 40, off-duty TWA employee, of Scottsdale, Ariz.,
    (mother of Alec, 7) [A couple]
11- Loffredo, Elaine, 50, off-duty TWA employee, of Glastonbury, Conn.
12- Luevano, Elias, 42, off-duty TWA employee, of Albuquerque, N.M.
13- McPherson, Pamela Cobb, 45, off-duty TWA employee, of Atlanta, Ga.
    [New York City]
14-*Miller, Gideon, 57, off-duty TWA pilot, of Sarasota, Fla.
    (formerly from Bird-In-Hand, Pa.)
15- Simmons, Olivia, 50, off-duty TWA employee, Orange, N.J.
    (also schoolteacher)
16- Verhaeghe, Rick L., off-duty TWA flight officer, 48, Goldsboro, N.C.
    *article says pilot.
17-!Warren, Lani, 48, off-duty TWA employee, Sherman Oaks, Calif.
    (also.. San Diego, ON-duty, a TWA flight service manager.)


Joseph Cohen, 29, Flatbush, from first lists [Unknown]
Alberto Fermin, Manhattan, from first lists [NOT on plane]

**Harris, Chelsea, New York, N.Y.
  Doesn't match up with rest of Harris.
**Von Hedrich, Joseph, Bel Air, Md. (NOT LISTED)
  from last lists, but doesn't match up anywhere

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