Possible Missile Track.

These are frames from an FAA radar tape obtained by Paris Match and published at their website and in the March 20th issue of their magazine.

The claim was made by Paris Match that these images show an object appearing in mid ocean that then streaks towards flight 800.

Here is a series of frames and an animation from the radar tape which show an object appearing in mid ocean and then closing on both the unidentified non-transponder target (claimed to be a Navy P-3) and flight 800.

It is immediately following this point that the data block on flight 800 shows the loss of transponder return.

[Radar Frame 1]Click to download.

00 h 29 min 50 s: (Ian appears to have misread the time stamp on the radar screen)

The target marked 2237 is the US Air flight descending into Rhode Island at an altitude of 24,000 feet and a speed of 470 knots.

The target marked P-3 is the object claimed by the FBI to be a non-transpondered P-3 flying at 20,000 feet (far too high to be dropping sonobouys BTW). It is important to note that several individuals have run a course track on this object and have determined its speed to exceed the known maximum of the P-3, as well as the speeds of the commercial jets.

The target marked TWA 800 is, of course, the 747 bound for Paris. The datablock has been overwritten by the label, but checking with the raw frames shows a datablock that indicates an altitude of 12,900 feet and a speed of 370 knots.

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00 h 30 min 35 s:

This graphic shows the three previous targets as well as the first sweep of the unknown object, with a yellow mark above it. In the raw frames , thi subject is marked with a green circle.

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00 h 30 min 42 s:

The following sweep. The mystery object has moved to the south. All the other targets proceed on their expected courses, although a careful measurement of the object claimed to be the P-3 (the diagonal line at the right) between this frame and the previous one shows that its speed exceeds that of the two passenger jets.

[Radar Frame 1]Click to download.

00 h 31 min 16 s:

Final sweep. In the Paris Match article, the mystery object was in the middle of both the red circle for the US Air flight and the yellow circle for the object claimed to be a P-3, and so did not have a green circle draw around it. many people (including your's truly) missed it in the clutter, but an examination of the raw frames shows that there is indeed a target there.

The Animation

[Radar Frame 1]Click to download animated GIF.

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