Overview Of Weapons Development in the Long Island area.

A check of any road map of Long Island will show that the Brookhaven National Labs had a ringside seat to the crash of Flight 800, centered on Long Island itself. Right next door to Brookhaven is a Naval Weapons Test center. (see map below).

[Weapons Labs]Click for full size diagram.(14.4K)

Also in the immediate area is the U.S. Navy's ammo depot at Tinton Falls, New Jersey, and Lakehurst Naval Air Station (bordering Fort Dix).

Only slightly further out one finds the Patuxent Naval Air Test Center, and the Naval Ship Research & Development Center, both in Maryland, and the U.S. Naval Weapons Lab just south of D.C.

Dozens of installations belonging to the other branches of the military dot the coastline, including Langley A.F.B., Aberdeen Proving Grounds (Being pummeled by allegations of sexual improprieties since the flight 800 crash), and NASA's Wallops Island facility (which scared a passenger plane with a launching just a week after the TWA 800 incident). Aegis-CEC maintains a development facility on Wallops Island as well.

Where one finds weapons development, one finds weapons development companies, usually in profusion, lowest bids in hand, and many with their own airfields (such as the Sikorsky airport in Connecticut).

Where there are weapons development centers, there will be weapons tests.

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