The Course Track.

Was it really a P-3?

[The Course Track]Click to download full size chart (88K).

This is a course track created by overlaying four of the radar frames. The numbers by each position key into which radar frame the position was derived from.

  • 1. 00 h 30 min 17 s:

  • 2. 00 h 30 min 35 s:

  • 3. 00 h 30 min 40 s:

  • 4. 00 h 30 min 44 s:

    Four targets are indicated.

    The target with the data block is flight 800, flying at 370 knots, and just commencing a climb,according to the radar data block.

    The red circled non-id target is the US Air flight slowing and descending into Rhode Island. It is because of this traffic that Flight 800 delayed it's climb. It's estimated airspeed between waypoints 3 and 4 is 385 knots.

    The object in the green circle, appearing for only two of the radar sweeps, remains unknown.

    The object in the yellow circle is the target that the FBI has announced is an Orion P-3 without a working transponder. This targets estimated speed between waypoints 3 and 4 works out to over 550 knots.

    Needless to say, the Orion P-3 isn't capable of flight at this speed. Therefore, the object in the yellow circle is some other kind of craft.

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