John F. Kennedy Jr.

Evidence Of A Cover up

In the following article, Cindy Adams blows the lid off the fact that deliberate false information was being planted with the media before the wreckage of the airplane had veen been found.

C. David Heymann was Cindy's source for the early story that JFK was worried about landing at Martha's Vineyard, but reckless enough to try it.

If JFK Jr. call was phony, I fell for it

     Crime/Corruption Front Page News Keywords: JFK JR CRASH KENNEDY HEYMANN
     Source: New York Post
     Published: July 29, 1999 Author: Cindy Adams
     Posted on 07/29/1999 22:47:03 PDT by Plummz

PRESIDENT Kennedy took the blame for the Bay of Pigs. LaGuardia who was once
our mayor and before he was an airport said: "When I make a mistake it's a

Me, I don't myself 100 percent for a fact know whether I made a mistake or
not . . . but I don't want to wait until the last minute to find out. If in
case and just in case I did, I'm going to fix it.

The Monday after JFK Jr.'s plane went down, I did a story quoting C. David
Heymann. Heymann's written Kennedy books. On Jackie. And Bobby.
Unauthorized. The Kennedy family is not thrilled with this man. He has
enemies. But figure I have a few, too. Immediately you raise up from the
muck of mediocrity you make them. Anyway, I don't care one way or another
about Heymann's reputation except as it concerns me.

For years I've done interviews with him. Never had one problem with anything
he said. Others may have had. Me, I haven't. So, no reason to doubt what
he'd told me this time. This time he told me he'd had a chat with John in
what turned out to be the finalo period of this beautiful boy's life.

Under the instant horrendous circumstances, it being a weekend, verification
wasn't possible. Nobody answered Kennedy office phones Saturday or Sunday.
And news deadlines don't wait. Using my only exiosting yardstick, that of a
longtime track record with Heymann, I accepted his story.

My Kennedy insiders subsequently tell me they doubt this conversation he
reportedly had with John. They say his name's not down in any JFK log books,
and John's appointment secretary hasn't him in any listing.

My work is in the Kennedy library. I co-authored a book on Rose. I've broken
major headlines dealing with the family.

So, if in fact I got snookered on this piece, I'm laying this out in front
of everyone. If in fact anybody feels the thing needs more roiling and
broiling, let them take it to Heymann. Not me.

And if it's proved Heymann did give me a bum steer, I put it to you this
way. He ahs God to answer to. Worse, he has me. God, you see, may someday

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