John F. Kennedy Jr.

JFK Jr's Piper Saratoga N9253N.

Piper Saratoga II TC

Performance Specifications


Manufacturer: Lycoming
Model: IO-540-AHIA
Horsepower: 300 hp to 12,000 feet
Number of Cylinders: 6


Manufacturer: Hartzell
Number of Blades: 3
Type: Constant Speed


Standard Empty/Equipped Weight (*b,c): 2464 lbs/1118 kgs
Standard Useful Load (*a): 1151 lbs/522 kgs
Gross Weight: 3600 lbs/1633 kgs

Wing Area

Wing Area: 178.3 square feet/16.56 square meters


Wing Span: 36.2 feet/11.0 meters
Length: 27.9 feet/8.5 meters
Height: 8.5 feet/2.6 meters
Cabin Length: 124.25 inches/315.6 centimeters
Cabin Width: 48.75 inches/123.8 centimeters
Cabin Height: 42.0 inches/106.7 centimeters

Headroom (seat to ceiling):
Front Seats: 38 inches/96.5 centimeters
Middle Seats: 35.75 inches/90.8 centimeters Rear Seats: 34.5 inches/87.0 centimeters

Fuel Capacity

Usable Fuel: 102 gallons/386 litres

Oil Capacity

Oil Capacity:12 quarts/11.4 litres


Forward Compartment: 7 cubic feet/.2 cubic meters
Aft Compartment: 17.3 cubic feet/.49 cubic meters

Forward Compartment: 100 lbs/45.4 kgs
Aft Compartment: 100 lbs/45.4 kgs

Maximum Speed

TAS at gross Weight: 192 kts/356 kmh

Cruising Speeds

High Performance @ 8,000 feet: 174 kts/322 kmh
Cruise Speed @ 10,000 feet: 177 kts/328 kmh
Cruise Speed @ 15,000 feet: 186 kts/345 kmh

Stall Speed

Flaps Down Full 40 degrees: IAS 60 kts/IAS 111 kmh

Cruise Range

(*d) Cruise range includes 45-minute fuel reserve at cruise power plus allowance for fuel used during taxi, take-off, climb at MCP, cruise plus descent.

High Performance @ 8,000 feet: 788 nm/1460 km
Cruise Speed @ 10,000 feet: 797 nm/1477 km
Cruise Speed @ 15,000 feet: 822 nm/1523 km

Maximum Operating Altitude

Maximum Operating Altitude: 20,000 feet/6096 meters

Take-Off Distance

Ground Roll: 1200 feet/366 meters
Total over 50-foot obstacle: 1800 feet/549 meters

Landing Distance

Ground Roll: 640 feet/195 meters
Total over 50-foot obstacle: 1520 feet/463 meters

*a. Standard Useful load is ramp weight minus standard equipped weight.
*b. The standard empty weight and standard equipped weight are the same.
*c. Standard aircraft per marketing.
*d. Predicted performance based upon established analytical methods.

The New Piper Aircraft, Inc. reserves the right to make changes in specifications, materials, equipment or prices at any time without prior notice or to discontinue models as required. It is the responsibility of the pilot to conduct all operations in accordance with FAA approved Pilot's Operating Handbook, which is the only official source of data.

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Engine-Lycoming TIO-540-AH1A 300 HP At 2500 RPM, Turbocharged, Direct Drive, Six-Cylinder, Fuel-Injected
Dynafocal Engine Mounts with Internal Dampers
Three-Blade, Constant Speed Propeller
Polished Propeller Spinner
Geared Starter, 28 Volt
Air Filter
Full Flow Oil Coolers (Two) - w/Thermostatic Control
Dual Pressurized Magnetos
Alternate Induction Air with Manual Control
Oil Quick Drain
Engine Driven Vacuum Pump
Piper Truespeed Indicator
Magnetic Compass (Illuminated)
Turn Rate Indicator
Rate of Climb Indicator
Electric Clock DVR 300I-XT w/Voice Recorder
Overhead Switch Panel
  • Bar Guarded Push-to-Start
  • Battery Master
  • Alternator
  • Bar Guarded Electric Fuel Pump
  • Bar Guarded Magneto Switches, Two
  • Taxi Lights
  • Landing/Pulse Lights
  • Navigation Lights
  • Strobe Lights
Annunciator Panel with Push-to-Test and Day/Night Switch
  • Starter Engage
  • Low Bus Voltage
  • Alternator Inoperative
  • Oil Pressure Low
  • Gyro Vacuum Inoperative
  • Nose Baggage Door Ajar
  • Gear Warning
  • Flaps in Transit
  • Pitot Heat Inoperative/Off
  • Air Conditioning Door (Optional)
New Engine Instrument Indicators/Monitoring System
Digital Display Monitor Panel with
  • Percent Power
  • Fuel Management Including GPS Interface
  • Temperature Readings Including OAT
  • Electrical System Performance Indicators
  • Exceedence Monitoring and Recording
  • Manifold Pressure Indicator
  • RPM Indicator
  • Turbine Inlet Temperature and Fuel Flow Indicator
  • Oil Temperature & Oil Pressure Indicator
  • Cylinder Head Temperature & Vacuum Indicator
  • Fuel Quantity L/R Indicator
  • Engine Hour Recorder
  • Alternate Instrument Static Source
Hytrel Dual Control Wheels
Stainless Steel Control Cables
Flight Trim Controls
  • Rudder with Indicator
  • Stabilator with Indicator
Engine Controls - Pedestal with Friction Lock
  • Throttle
  • Propeller
  • Mixture (with Lock)
Alternate Induction Air
Stall Warning Horn
Steerable Nosewheel
Heavy Duty Brake System
  • Pilot's Toe Brakes
  • Copilot's Toe Brakes
  • Parking Brake
Landing Gear, Retractable-Electro Hydraulic
Landing Gear Warning Horn and Position Lights
Wing Flaps, Electrically Operated with Four Preselected Positions (0, 10, 25 and 40 Degrees)
Fuel Control Selectors w/OFF/LEFT/RIGHT
Emergency Gear Extension System
28 Volt, Alternator-90 Amp
24 Volt 10 amp Hour Battery
Master Switch Relay
Alternator Control Unit
Electric Vacuum Pump (Standby)
Heated AN Pitot Head
Resettable-Type Circuit Breakers in CB Panel
Back Lighted Rocker Switches, Conveniently Grouped on Pilot's Instrument Panel and Overhead Panel
Static Discharge Wicks
Automatic Emergency Locator Beacon (ELT)
Two Interconnected Fuel Tanks per Wing with 107 Gallons Total Capacity, 102 Gallons Usable
Engine Driven Fuel Pump
Electric Emergency Fuel Pump
Fuel Quantity Sight Gauge, Inboard Tanks, Two
Fuel Tank Quick Drains, Four
Fuel System Central Drain
Fuel Sampling Bottle
Flush Lockable Fuel Caps
Heater Muff, Provides Heat to Cabin Area, Regulated by Control on Panel with Six Floor Heat Outlets
Heat Regulating Levers-Located at Each Passenger Seat
Windshield Defrosters And Control
Cabin Air Exhaust Vents, Two
Cabin Fresh Air Vents, Six Individually Controlled, Overhead, and Four Individually Controlled, Floor Mounted
Ventilation Fan w/2 Speed Settings
Exterior Paint, DuPont Imron 6000 Base-Coat/Clear-Coat System
Full Chemical Corrosion Protection
12 Inch Shadowed or Outlined Registration Numbers
Cabin Doors, Two-Right Forward and Left Rear
Main Wheels, 6.00 X 6 w/H.D. Tires and Tubes, eight-Ply
Nose Wheel, 5.00 X 5 w/H.D. Tire and Tube, six-Ply
Stowable Towbar
Tie Down Rings, Three (Retractable On Wings)
Jack Pads
Fore and Aft Cabin And Nose Baggage Doors, Lockable
Utility Door for Rear Baggage Access and Cargo Loading
External Power Receptacle
Entrance Step
Keys with Piper Logo
Instrument Panel Lighting
Avionics Dimming
Map Lights
Cabin Reading Lights, Four
Forward Baggage Compartment Light
Cabin Door Lights, Two
Navigation Lights
Landing/Pulsating Recognition Lights In Wing Tips
Taxi/Landing Light on Nose Landing Gear
Wing Tip Comet Strobe Lights
Forward Cabin Door with Single-Lever Locking System
Six Seat Configuration in Club Seating
Choice of Four Interior Colors, which Includes: Leather Seats, Designer Side Panels, Wall-to-Wall Carpeting and Headliner
Pilot/Copilot Vertically Adjustable Seats with Inflatable Lumbar Support, Pilot/Copilot Folding Armrest, and Magazine Storage Pockets On Back of Each Seat with Headrests. Fore, Aft and Tilting Adjustment with Inertial Shoulder Reels and Safety Belts.
GARMIN Pilot/Copilot and Passenger Intercom System
Pilot and Copilot Stowable Armrests
Armrests-Crew Area, Two
Map Pockets, Two
Pilot's Vent Window
POH Holder
Color Coordinated Throttle Quadrant and Center Console
Scuff Pads, Pilot and Copilot
Tinted Windshield and Windows
Window Shades on Passenger Windows
Deluxe Six Seat Lounge Interior Group
Headrests for All Seats, Club Seating Arrangements with Shoulder Harness and Seat Belts, Rear Seats Incorporate Quick Release Feature For Easy Removal, Refreshment Console with Cup Holders, and Fold-Down Armrests on Crew and Rear Seats, Built-In Executive Writing Table.
Super Soundproofing, Quietized
Luggage Compartments with Security Straps
  • Rear Cabin and Hat Shelf Area, 17.3 cu ft.
  • Max Rear Baggage Area Load, 100 lbs.
  • Fuselage Nose, 7.0 cu ft. 100 lbs.
Compass Correction Card with Holder
Halon Fire Extinguisher
Manufacturer's Full Two-Year Limited Warranty
Initial Pilot Training Slot with ATTITUDES INTERNATIONAL, INC.
Pilot's Operating Handbook
Aircraft Log Book
Engine Log Book
Certificate of Airworthiness
Flight Bag
Piper Warranty/Inspection Form
Audio Panel with Marker Beacon and Intercom GMA-340
Nav/GS/GPS/Comm GNS-430
Nav/GS/GPS/Comm GNS-430
#2 Indicator (Loc and GS) GI-106
Transponder GTX-320
Autopilot S-TEC 55 Dual Axis Autopilot with automatic electric trim and turn indicator
ADI (Flight Director Bars) ST-361
HSI with Slaved Compass ST-180
Altitude Reporter
Ground Clearance System
Pilot/Copilot Wheel Mic Button
Avionics Master Switch
Microphone (Telex 100T)
Headset (Telex Airman 760)
Speaker w/Mic/Phone Jacks
Static Discharge Wicks
PS Engineering Headsets (4)

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