Ron Brown's dealings with Vietnam

Evidence Of A Cover up

Rep Burton 980512 - Excerpt 12 of 19 Rep Dan Burton (R-IN) "QUESTION OF PERSONAL PRIVILEGE", Congressional Record, May 12, 1998, pp. H3056 Since January of last year, I have been seeking information from the Justice Department about its investigations into allegations that the Government of Vietnam may have attempted to bribe Commerce Secretary Ron Brown to influence policy on the normalization of relations with Vietnam, even though we had not had complete reporting on the 2,300 or 2,400 POWs and MIAs left behind. The New York Times reported that the Justice Department had received evidence of international wire transfers related to the case, that there was money transferred from Hanoi to another bank. There was information in the papers about that. Despite the fact that the Justice Department had closed the case, they were resisting providing any information to my committee. On Tuesday, July 8, because the Justice Department would not give me the information, I sent a subpoena to the Attorney General and the Justice Department demanding this information. Now, get this: 3 days later, after I sent a subpoena to the Attorney General, on Friday, July 11, my campaign had an FBI agent walk in and give us a subpoena for 5 years of my campaign records. Although Mr. Siegel had made his allegations against me in March, there had been no signs of any investigative activity within the Justice Department until I sent a subpoena to the Attorney General about Mr. Brown and that FBI report. Was this a case of retaliation? That is a question the American people have a right to have answered, and I think I do, too. -- if you were reading this on, you could fax your reply to Rep. Burton

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