Thought for the day

"Conspiracy is usually a better explanation and closer to the truth than incompetence and fraud in most human activity." -- Mark Twain

A multi-million dollar Australian app used to track Covid contacts has been decommissioned and branded "a failure" after identifying only two unique infections.

Health Minister Mark Butler urged people to delete the app, calling it a "colossal waste" of taxpayer's money.

COVIDsafe was previously touted "as essential as putting on sunscreen" by former Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

But experts had questioned the efficacy of the Bluetooth-based tracking method.

Australian company EPE has announced a partnership with US unmanned systems developer Shield AI to market the latter’s Nova 2 drone in Australia and New Zealand.

Australia’s central bank has unveiled plans to examine the potential economic benefits of introducing a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) said in a statement on Tuesday it would carry out a year-long pilot project to explore “innovative use cases and business models” for a CBDC and gain a better understanding of technological, legal and regulatory considerations.

The United States' closest regional partner and member of the "Five Eyes" intelligence-sharing relationship Australia on Friday condemned China's "destabilizing" actions in holding live fire drills surrounding Taiwan, most importantly the launching of ballistic missiles over the island.

Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts on Wednesday slammed the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s “Great Reset” plans, arguing they would drag Australians into economic “slavery,” and in fact are already being carried out.

Thinktanks across Australia, tanked with cash from US sources and keen to think in furious agreement, are all showing how delighted they are with the AUKUS security pact and what potential it has for local, if subordinated industry.  The United States Studies Centre, a loudspeaker for Washington’s opinions based at the University of Sydney, has added its bit to the militarising fun with a report on what AUKUS will be able to do.

Kennedy, 64, who is the daughter of assassinated President John F. Kennedy, landed in Sydney on Friday morning to take up her role as US ambassador to Australia - and wasted no time in hosting her first press conference with local journalists.