"Trust arrives on foot but leaves on horseback." -- Johan Thorbecke

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The latest round of ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas in Doha has collapsed and ended in anger and finger-pointing, with the the Israeli delegation reportedly packing up and leaving in haste. This point marks several rounds of failed talks.

Biden doesn’t seem to care that the Supreme Court told him he couldn’t do this. He is a lawless president.

FOX News reports:

Biden vows to forge ahead with student loan handouts, has 4 words for all his critics


President Biden is vowing to forge ahead with his plan to forgive billions of dollars in student loans, just months ahead of his expected 2024 presidential election rematch with Donald Trump.

The Russian population has handed to the Kremlin total carte blanche to exercise brutal, maximum punishment – whatever and wherever it takes

Let’s start with the possible chain of events that may have led to the Crocus terror attack. This is as explosive as it gets. Intel sources in Moscow discreetly confirm this is one of the FSB’s prime lines of investigation.

Russia on Tuesday sought to shift blame for the Moscow concert hall attack onto Ukraine and its Western backers, despite the Islamic State group claiming responsibility for the killings of at least 139 people.

The Kremlin’s security services have been scrambling to explain how gunmen on Friday managed to carry out the worst attack in Russia in over two decades.

President Vladimir Putin has acknowledged that ‘radical Islamists’ conducted the bloody assault, but suggested they were linked to Ukraine, two years into the Kremlin’s offensive on the country.

Nine babies from Gaza without a name or a family

Twenty-four newborns were evacuated to Egypt during the Israeli army’s assault. Three have died and nine of them have nowhere to go

Image removed.A doctor and a nurse from the neonatal unit of the New Administrative Capital hospital care for unaccompanied premature babies.Marc Español

In US, Israel’s Defense Minister Says There’s No ‘Moral Right’ to End Gaza Slaughter

n by Dave DeCamp 

During a visit to Washington on Monday, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant responded to the UN Security Council passing a resolution that called for a Ramadan ceasefire in Gaza, saying Israel had “no moral right” to stop its brutal military operations.

CBS’ “60 Minutes” failed to disclose that a prominent “misinformation” researcher it featured on its Sunday program received funding and collaborated with President Joe Biden’s administration.