According to a CNN report Tuesday, Israel is being tight-lipped with U.S. officials about Iran's accusations that Israel may be involved in many ''targeted killings and other gray-zone operations'' in the nation in recent months.

The Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday blamed the US for Lithuania’s decision to enforce EU sanctions on goods traveling through its territory bound for Kaliningrad, the Russian enclave sandwiched between Lithuania and Poland.

“The so-called ‘collective West’, with the explicit instruction of the White House, imposed a ban on rail transit of a wide range of goods through the Kaliningrad region,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

KAYLEIGH MCENANY: I keep going back to the beginning of this administration. You have President Joe Biden coming in. He meets with a historian. He talks about how he wants to be the next FDR, and then he lights the country on fire. He’s like a toddler in a glass shop that can’t stop flailing his arms and breaking everything. So now it’s just quick fixes.

Biden’s “Build Back Better” efforts have been a phenomenal failure so far, but maybe that’s because Americans just don’t understand a good thing when they see it?

The Biden administration has agreed to eliminate the federal student loan debts of approximately 200,000 borrowers who claimed their college defrauded them but who haven't had a response from the Department of Education regarding their applications for years.

The federal government has been ferrying illegal immigrants seized at the southern border throughout the nation, using a secret itinerary dependent on chartered flights and small regional airports, a Daily Wire investigation has shown.

Even as the number of illegal immigrants met at the border has got to record levels topping 200,000 every month, the Biden administration has been secretive regarding where those allowed to stay are sent. Word has typically trickled out from states where uninvited flights land and immigrants disperse.

Joe Biden has accidentally revealed a cheat sheet giving him basic commands about where to sit and what to do during a meeting with wind industry executives at the White House.

The President mistakenly showed photographers the list of instructions that said 'take YOUR seat', 'YOU give brief comments' and 'YOU depart'.

The 79-year-old was also instructed to speak to specific attendees, ask them questions and thank them before leaving

It looks like sports is not the Biden Administration's strong suit - last week, the US president fell of a bike at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. And now, his second-in-command tried to show everyone she's hip.

Kamala Harris has presented herself as a basketball fan with some skills - according to a video posted by her aide Opal Vadhan. In a short clip, the Vice President sinks a shot right into the hoop, as she attends an event marking the 50th anniversary of Title IX at the American University sports center.