Thought for the day

"I should have been a meteorologist. It's the only job (outside of politics) where you can be that wrong that  often and still get a paycheck!" -- Michael Rivero


Imagine a government official that joined the Biden administration earlier this year stealing luggage from the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport’s baggage claim area and then lying about it? It could happen.

It did happen on September 16 when a senior Department of Energy (DOE) official Sam Brinton allegedly snatched a Vera Bradley suitcase from the luggage carousel.

The New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected an appeal by the Biden administration to reinstate its debt relief program.

President Biden is giving three native tribes $75 million to relocate their communities from Alaska and Washington shorelines to higher ground due to rising sea levels as part of a $135 million commitment for tribal relocation. 

'As all of you know, there are tribal communities at risk of being washed away, washed away by Superstorm, rising sea levels, and wildfires raging,' Biden said during remarks at the Interior Department's Tribal Nations Summit.

The Biden administration on Tuesday vowed to provide Ukraine with $53 million to help the war-torn nation acquire critical electric grid equipment amid repeated missile attacks from Russian forces.

The US government has authorized a flurry of arms sales to European allies in recent weeks, including more than $850 million in advanced missiles and rockets to Finland, which is currently seeking to join the NATO military alliance.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Wednesday insisted that President Biden has been to the U.S.-Mexico border, despite no record of him having been there – even as Vice President. 

The comments came in response to an inquiry from Fox News' Peter Doocy on whether the president had RSVP’d Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s invite to the border. 

The House of Representatives has passed a legislation that will force rail unions to accept the terms offered to help them by the Biden administration.

On Wednesday, in a 290-137 vote, House lawmakers voted to pass the legislation. 

Those in favor of the legislation say that Congress had to act in order to prevent a strike and give workers what they are asking for. Those against the bill argued that it is not Congress’ place and that they were only voting on it because Joe Biden failed at the negotiation table.

 few months ago there was discussion in the USA about supplying the Ukraine with the ATACMS missiles for the HIMARS missile launchers, which have a range of up to 300 kilometers and could therefore also reach targets deep in the Russian hinterland. At the time, this was rejected, at least officially, because of the danger that the US could be drawn into the war with the delivery of weapons that can reach the Russian rear. Russia sees such attacks on its rear as one of its red lines.

The Biden Administration is in full meltdown mode as they approach a deadline by which House Republicans will begin to audit where all Ukraine aid money is going.

Fox News reports that House Republicans say that one of the first pieces of business they will take up is auditing where all of the money earmarked for Ukraine has truly been going. The next likely Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, says his party will not continue to fund a blank check to Ukraine to support their war effort.