"When the speech condemns a free press, you are hearing the words of a tyrant!" -- Thomas Jefferson

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On Wednesday, Dr. Kevin O'Connor, the presidential physician, disclosed the outcomes of Joe Biden's annual physical examination, affirming the absence of any new health issues.

Dr. O'Connor determined that Biden is "capable of performing his duties" and possesses the physical capacity to fulfill his role as the leader of the United States.

Russia will not discuss strategic stability issues with the US unless its national interests are taken into account, President Vladimir Putin said in his annual State of the Nation Address to both houses of the Federal Assembly, the Russian parliament.

The West intends to do to Russia what it has done to Ukraine and many other nations – turn it into a dying, failed state, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed in a keynote speech on Thursday.

”The West, which has colonial habits and is used to igniting national conflicts all over the world, has intentions that go beyond stalling our development,” the Russian leader told the Federal Assembly, a gathering of leading Russian officials and public figures.

The plight of the Western political class is sometimes sad, often hilarious, and, on occasion, sinister.

Soap opera clowns, completely uninterested in genuine public service, control the lives of millions of unfortunates, including the soldiers they send to a certain death.

A group of clueless freaks, the latest iteration of their fascist forebearers, sit in the Reichstag. They demand that long-range missiles be sent to their neo-Nazi offspring, thereby inviting even longer-range missiles to fall on their heads.

Claims that Russia is planning to deploy nuclear weapons in space are merely an attempt by Washington to push Moscow into negotiations on terms set by the US, President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday.   

Delivering his annual address to the Federal Assembly, Russia’s national legislature, Putin insisted that statements by American officials about their supposed willingness to reach an agreement with Moscow on nuclear weapons controls are nothing but “demagogy” ahead of the US presidential election. 

Western officials indulging in escalatory rhetoric should realize that they are effectively invoking the specter of an all-out nuclear war, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned in a speech to legislators in Moscow on Thursday. He also once again accused the West of instigating the Ukraine conflict.

Putin addressed the topic in the opening minutes of his annual state-of-the-nation speech, a key event in which the president declares his plans and priorities in a televised address to both houses of the Federal Assembly of Russia, the national legislature.

The disastrous actions of American intelligence in Ukraine have been a fact known by analysts since the beginning of the conflict. However, now the Americans themselves are admitting this. Being deceived by Russian pranksters, US mercenaries commented on the CIA’s tactical errors in Ukraine and how mistakes made by Washington’s intelligence and special forces are leading to Ukrainian citizens dying on the battlefield.

The border crisis has been raging since the start of the Biden administration. Yet for a long time, Democrats have seemingly ignored it. In fact, top Biden officials have claimed there was no crisis. The president himself seemed unconcerned for years.

Only as the problem’s reached a breaking point, have Democrats suddenly started talking about it. Even then, Democrats in Congress only tried to use the situation to get more money… for Ukraine.